Do WHAT to Joe Biden?

The “Fuck Joe Biden” chant, that began at some college football games, it was reported, has transitioned to the NFL, heard at the Titans-Jets game. Newsweek also reported the chant, adding it has been heard in bars and music venues.

Chant takes aim at President Joe Biden (Photo: Politico)

It’s also on YouTube.

Hmmm. Another problem for NFL honcho Roger Goodell, like the kneeling during the National Anthem.

I watch the Eagles, and some other teams, and what I notice is that the National Anthem is no longer being televised in most cases. In the few cases when it is, the cameras show players standing — some with hands over hearts, some trying to remember the words — plus shots of the singer, the musicians, the crowd — anything but kneeling players. If you go by the television coverage, you’d think the kneeling fad had stopped.

It hasn’t. But if it isn’t televised, did it happen?

As Ed Driscoll noted on, blame Goodell for politicizing football.

The “fuck Joe Biden” chants seem to be happening all over, and it’s fun to hear Democrats respond by demanding respect for the office, because they were so respectful of Donald J. Trump. <satire> But that was different, because it was Trump, and norms don’t apply to him.

“Many have observed that Joe Biden is essentially Obama’s third term, given the many retreads in his cabinet,” writes Driscoll. 

“And to be fair, the NFL is, in a sense, returning to its roots, given that Goodell allowed the politicization of the NFL to begin when he did nothing to stop Colin Kaepernick and other player protests during the tail end of the original Obama era, despite having the precedent of the NBA blocking similar protests in 1996.”

As Biden’s approval rating sinks, will viewers be treated to the sound of a growing chorus of “fuck Joe Biden” chants?

In the opinion of this former TV critic, no, you will not.

Although the NFL likes crowd noises behind the broadcasters covering the game, it is a simple matter to turn off the microphones so the obscene chants won’t be heard.

As the networks have blotted out the visuals of players kneeling. 

It is a business and with ratings rebounding this season, they don’t want to do anything to offend the audience. 

[Editor’s Note: I used the F-word because it was a direct quote, and we are all adults here.] 

8 thoughts on “Do WHAT to Joe Biden?”

    I am not proud of my foul mouth and I try ( terribly ) to keep it under control. I don’t approve of the chant. I am really saddened by the total lack of respect for the Office of the President of the United States. We were not raised this way. We attack Biden and company. Why should the rest of the world not do the same ?
    Hopefully, we will recover our saneness soon. The American taxpayer and voters have a say in this government. I think the time to voice our opinion at the polls is long overdue.

  2. The new cheer is now “Let’s go Brandon” to clean up a bit.
    As far as the anthem goes be the kneeling started the networks always cut away for commercials during the anthem almost to point of sometimes missing the kick. The first time Kaepernick knelt the networks it was found by ESPN during the following week. They then made a point of watching the following week and the following week. The commercials will kick back in the kneeling has become blasé and it’s too much mone for the NFL to give up.

    1. Our nation is sick — feverish with seething hatred.
      And the brutal PC culture war rages on. Sign on the door of the TD Bank branch in Royersford this morning: “Open Monday October 11 to celebrate INDIGENEOUS PEOPLE’S Day.”

        1. TD Bank speaks with forked tongue: it is Canadian but involving itself in American problems.

        2. You’re not funny.

          The highest % of ethnic soldiers in WW2 were Americans of Italian descent. My father and 2 uncles got free trips to France, They were part of a great Allied Army that liberated the concentration camps.and defeated Hitler .

          1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
            Lighten up !
            As usual, these blogs take on a life of their own. We started out in the basement and climbed up to the gutter. Most was said with some humor in mind. Vinnie mentions a Canadian Bank. Stu’s trying to make money on the exchange rate. Then they take a shot at my father’s people ( injun ) and you go way off with WW II.
            Charles, we all had family that served during the last big one. Some of us lost family. Some family came back physically injured and they all came back very changed. We salute them heroes, we never mock.

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