Confessions of a disloyal Democrat

Indulge the ramblings of a disloyal Democrat today.

I am a disloyal Democrat because I never vote the straight D line. I cannot believe Democrats always have the best candidates and the jails are full of Democratic  politicians who prove my point.

Mount Rushmore (Photo: National Park Service)

Over the years I have voted for Republicans — such as Arlen Specter, Thacher Longstreth, Sam Katz, Melissa Murray Bailey. For president I have voted for Democrats, a Republican, the Natural Law candidate, and have written my mother’s name in several times when I disliked the awful choices forced on me. 

The choices are sometimes truly pathetic. We’ve got some doozies this time.

I don’t expect to see their likeness on Mount Rushmore. 

On the Republican side we have a thin-skinned, dull-witted, ill-informed, lying load who I cannot vote for in good conscience. Even when he agrees with positions I have held for decades — such as opposing illegal immigration (because it is illegal, duh) — he frames it in racist terms that are an embarrassment to me. The issue is legality,  not nationality.

I cannot vote for Trump, but that doesn’t mean the Democrat automatically gets my vote. I will not vote for a Democrat who endorses Sanctuary Cities, because they are illegal, or who endorses Open Borders, because unrestricted immigration will swamp us. Sanctuary Cities = Open Borders. If someone comes here illegally and you refuse to force them to leave, that is Open Borders. 

Some Democrats talk about any deportation as if it were a crime against humanity, when it is U.S. law. Some Democrats scorn ICE as if they were Nazis, when ICE enforces U.S. law. If you are against law enforcement, I am against you. 

(Since this forum of mine encourages response, I expect to get some along this line….”What about slavery — that was law.” Not national law, and I will not engage desperate arguments 150 years out of date.)

About a year ago, before a couple of dozen Democratic drones decided America needed them in the Oval Office, I asked friends: Is there any chance the Democratic presidential ticket will be two white men?

Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, the answer came.

There is NO  chance the ticket will be two white men.

I am neither applauding nor complaining. 

A few days ago, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said it aloud — the ticket would not be two white men. The next thing you know, in some corners of the Democratic Party, a Buttigieg/Kamala Harris ticket was being promoted.

Mayor Pete is walled off from 15-20% of the American public because he is gay. That number is dropping, but not everyone loves “Will and Grace” and Ellen DeGeneres. (For the record, I love her.)

Kamala is vulnerable because of her prior role as California’s attorney general. To mollify the hard Left, she must plead guilty to having employed mass incarceration. That’s like having to hack up a hairball, but I think she can do it. Harris sounds like she’s just finished either a joint or two glasses of wine.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are competing to see who can most heavily tax the super wealthy. 99.9% of us are OK with that, but taking away private health insurance is not popular. When Bernie said he wants a “moratorium” on deportations (in other words, Open Borders) and free health insurance and free college education for illegals, he became DOA. 

I can’t understand why Cory Booker has failed to ignite. He’s an effective public speaker, but seems to be shackled by his coziness to big business and  Wall Street. There’s also suspicion that his reputed girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson, is a beard. 

Julian Castro wants Open Borders. That is a sure loser, according to polling.

When not apologizing for his white privilege, supported by juvenile, narcissistic videos, Beto O’Rourke figuratively shot himself in the foot with his rash promise to confiscate certain kinds of weapons. Other Dems, such as Delaware’s Chris Coons, banged their heads against the wall as Beto played into the Republican narrative that all Dems are gun grabbers.

Andrew Yang is an appealing candidate and has kind of explained how giving every adult American $1,000 a month will zoom the economy. You don’t lose many votes when you promise free money. His father was an immigrant who arrived legally and Yang seems to endorse that.

Minnesota Nice Amy Klobuchar is a centrist in most things, but seems too soft to take on the rhinoceros that is Trump. (Is that true? Ask her staff, which she is accused of abusing.)

Joe Biden, the affable Gaffe Machine, is a Philly sports fan, so he deserves if not your support, then at least your sympathy. If he can avoid being pulled over the Far Left waterfall, he should be able to take Trump, even if he does not win in Iowa.

Let’s talk about Iowa. 

The  caucus primary there is dominated by the extreme wings of each party. It is particularly stunning that the Diversity Democrats invest so much time and treasure in one of the least diverse states in the nation.

If you are not a white Christian in Iowa, you are from out of state.

The candidate who has won the Iowa primary has won the presidency only three times since 1972 — Jimmy Carter in 1976, George W. Bush in 2000 and Barack Obama in 2008. This is a very poor track record, yet the cornfed yahoos have convinced the party pros they are important.

It is kind of a mystery that Democrats allow the tail to wag the dog.

But what do I know? I am a disloyal Democrat.

12 thoughts on “Confessions of a disloyal Democrat”

  1. No candidate is acceptable because at some time, in some way, it will come to light that they said or did something that will piss off the righteous Right or unforgiving Left. Blackface? Shoot Eddie Cantor. Dress in drag? Shoot Milton Berle. Cop a feel? Shoot everyone who went through puberty. Isn’t there another Harry Truman or Dwight Eisenhower somewhere out there?

  2. The evolution is progressing in a healthy direction.

    TDS persists, however, when adherence to Biden blindly persists, despite his duplicity with Hunter.

    It truly Is great sport to join The Donald as we watch the Dems drive up their own negatives.

  3. Your candidate-by-candidate summary downplays both their individual defects and their aggregate flawed positions; as you continue to observe the results of the circular firing squad that has been assembled.

  4. When all is said and done, we have to recall Tip O’Neill’s cogent saying: “All politics is local.” The president — no matter the party in power — really has less effect on our lives that the politicians in the towns we live in, or the state in which those towns are located. I’m less concerned with what Biden’s kid may or may not have done, or with Trump’s incessant tweeting than I am with Upper Providence Township’s commissioners’ attempts to break the covenant that forbids using Anderson Farm Park for anything but a park so they can build a firehouse — when there are already three firehouses withing a couple of miles.

  5. A political independent, I registered Democrat to vote for Herb Denenberg. On a national level, Jimmy (I’ll never lie to ya) Carter was the last Democrat who got my vote. I became a registered Republican after witnessing Gov. Bob Casey Sr. get treated as a leper at the ’92 Democrat convention.
    Many people complain about the general state of things but fail to participate in the election process. Showing up to vote on election day matters.
    L’Shanah Tovah

  6. At this point, a vote for Trump’s opponent is a vote against Trump, and that’s good enough for me. Regarding immigration, Trump keeps talking about meritocracy, but he has effectively halted LEGAL immigration with severe restrictions that now place the wait at 10 years for qualified, skilled, legal immigrants and he has restricted such applicants from bringing over spouses. Who wants to wait ten years to be with their wives or husbands and live in uncertainty all that time? Bad governance must stop.

  7. “Joe Biden, the affable Gaffe Machine, is a Philly sports fan, so he deserves if not your support, then at least your sympathy.” Genius-level wordsmithing. Bravo!

    What shocks me more than anything is the Dem’s insistence on quadrupling-down on policies that will not win the White House! The Trump election should have been the ultimate in teachable moments. Trump beat Hillary Clinton like she stole his wife. God help Lizzy Warren if she wins the primary.

    It will take a very special type of candidate to beat Fat Donny. If the DNC can find a way to physically combine Tom Hanks, The Rock, Oprah, and Malala into a single person … we will see a Dem in office in 2021. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen this cycle so, four more years it is!

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