Bye-bye Bernie

The real Democratic Party has said “nyet” to socialism, at least to the brand being peddled by Bernie Sanders — for now.

Bernie Sanders (left) and Joe Biden (Photo: New York Post)

By the “real Democratic Party,” I mean the one between the coastal elites, the one in flyover country, the one schooled in the factory and maybe the military. The one that believes in hard work, fair play and compassion, but not of endless giveaways.

For now. That might change in the future, but the future is not now.

Middle-of-the-road Democrats like me can’t vote for Donald Trump, won’t vote for Bernie Sanders, but will vote for Joe Biden — if he doesn’t go crazy. 

It is possible endless giveaways will be embraced by a future Democratic Party in a future America. But for now, Bernie’s vision of government handouts as a “uuman right” has been rejected by Democrats who love their country, honor their flag, oil their guns and treasure their Bibles.

Yeah, I am alluding to the caught-on-mic elitist remark by candidate Barack Obama (who I supported), who said about Americans: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Let’s break that down from the end to the start.

The “anti-trade sentiment” wasn’t that. It was anti-bad trade deals and today’s Democrats run screaming from NAFTA. In case you missed it, Donald Trump ran against NAFTA and rewrote it. Promise kept.

“Anti-immigrant sentiment” is actually anti-ILLEGAL immigrant sentiment and Trump swung that like an axe. Sanders vows to break up ICE, to  end deportations and give illegals free health care. That does not go down well with many, if not most, Democrats. 

Americans are increasingly less religious, but most Democrats still believe in God. Despite that, most Americans don’t see Democratic candidates as very religious. That has got to hurt a little.

Only 16% of Democrats own a gun, while 41% of Republicans do, but, importantly, 36% of independents do. The total of gun-owning Dems and Independents is 52%, a majority of Americans.

This is why being perceived as “gun grabbers” is not where Democrats want to be. They have to do a better job of explaining that “gun control” does not mean “gun confiscation,” which is a club Trump used to beat them with.

What is the lesson for Biden in all this? 

Go starboard. For non-navigators, that means turn right, back toward the center where most Democrats and Independents reside. If you try to appease the Berners by moving left, you lose votes in the general election. 

I know Bernie says he’s winning the battle of ideas. He will say that in Sunday’s debate. Your response: Winning the battle of votes is more important. 

Uncle Joe, never again mention Beto O’Rourke as your gun czar. 

When the lanky former Texas congressman said, “Hell, yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” that translated to “the gummint is gonna grab my gun.” That put the last nail in Beto’s political coffin. Pardon the expression, but don’t hand ammunition to your opponents. Find a well-known Democrat who is a shooter to explain how universal background checks and red flag laws protect innocent Americans. 

While most Americans don’t want illegals who have lived here a long time to be deported, they do not like Sanctuary Cities.  

Illegal is illegal and recognizing that is not racist. You have cover here because President Obama openly opposed illegal immigration:

It’s not hard for you to say you will enforce our borders and deport those who disrespect them.

Extend ObamaCare. That battle is already won. Do not force Americans to lose their health insurance. Like a doctor, first do no harm. 

Every American who wants it should receive affordable coverage and that will eliminate bankruptcy caused by medical bills. 

Free community  college is OK, wiping out student debt is not because everyone knows the debt is not cancelled, it is transferred from students who get the benefit of it to taxpayers who do not.

Americans are reasonable people with reasonable expectations. They’d be OK with allowing students to refinance their debt to make it manageable. Their debt.

Reparations are a loser. You want to increase black wealth? Have a fund that helps them buy a home, often the keystone of a family’s wealth. Make it a sort of GI Bill for blacks. That’s smarter than handing out cash. 

Donald Trump is the worst fraud of a president we have ever had. He owns the one-third of Americans who are Trumpicans. They are deadly loyal.

He won last time by attracting moderates and peeling off a sliver of working class Democrats. 

If you go left, he will snatch them again.

18 thoughts on “Bye-bye Bernie”

    you were right on until you took your famous shot at our President.
    Everyone deserves a hand up, not a hand out. ( sound familiar )
    Community colleges used to be affordable, back when you got a real education. If you want to make them work again, just like the gummit, ya gotta clean house.
    President Trump won in ’16 because he spoke the truth and spoke to America. Sure, he took shots at anybody who stood up against him. Everyday he’s proving how right he is on making life better for all Americans. He realized how bad D.C. is and said so. “I didn’t know that the swamp was this dirty” I think is a direct quote.
    If you have trouble with our President, and you do. Then how did you fare with John Street ? Donald Trump is not dirty. John Street was investigated by the Feds and found to be ?clean? Problem there, the people around him – not so clean. Pallie, nothing wrong with being an “old school” democrat. They actually cared for the United States of America as much as the “old school” republicans. Then, everything and everybody got greedy and dirty. No more statesmen, just rich politicians.
    My problem with people that “think” that they believe in socialism or any other ism (except Americanism), is that they “don’t know s**t” about what they speak. Capitalism works here in America because of our diversity. Everybody get a chance to grab the ring as you ride this merry-go-round !

    1. Tony – please don’t take what I am about to say as a reflection on you….

      The only nice thing you can say about Trump is that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Would I take Trump over Hillary at this point in time – or even back in 2016? You better believe it. But the man is an idiot, impulsive, self-centered hand-job, with no sense of decorum or self-worth. Not to mention making Joe Isuzu (you remember him?) look like a complete angel regarding lying. There are certain things he has done that I personally agree with, like taking on China, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. But the fact that he won’t listen at all to his advisors, won’t read reports, and has the attention span of gnat, is really not the person I really want to see with his hand near “The Button.” The US deserves better than him. And better than Biden. Our political system truly is broken.

      1. look who ran against him, not to mention that the time was right to back a senator, who could talk for hours and not say anything. Was he trying to be the president of the world ? open borders, welfare for everybody !

  2. Yo, Stu, you a Democrat? I could hardly have guessed! LoL. Seriously, you bring up excellent points that could/should apply to anyone of reasonable or sound mind regardless of their political affiliation. And you missed saying one thing about Comrade Bernie – when he finally did open his mouth over the last several weeks regarding how he was going to run the U.S., those weren’t socialist ideas, that was communism hard and fast. Glad he finally spoke real words for a change. And I think enough of the “right” people started to see through his thin veil, along with all the other items you mentioned above.

    Having said that, and, assuming Brother Joe doesn’t verbally gaff his way out of the nomination, Trump will still have him for dinner at every TV showdown (or will that actually be a “hoedown”?). Trump’s Art of the Political Deal is to directly insult and put his opponent on a very defensive stance that is hard to recover from. It’s his characteristic M.O. And the others fall right into his trap. Knowing Biden, I don’t expect any less fluster. So, unless the US goes under financially or medically in the next month or two, Trump will be around for another 4 years. That’s my prediction, anyway.

    On another note, I just read of your travails with The Saffron. I had no idea that had happened until yesterday (Mar 13). That was certainly not called for at that time, and I’m glad to see it was recorded. I would think that could only help you in your lawsuit. I hope you hurt them legally where it counts. With a new view on how you were treated, I certainly won’t be paying attention to any future articles from her.

    1. I am a disloyal Democrat and I agree totally with your note to Tony. Trump HAS done a couple of things right. Problem, he never shuts the F about them, and all the wrong thingshe thinks are right.
      The other day, per coronavirus: “I am not responsible.”
      The buck stops somewhere else.

  3. Rush Limbaugh once said that the only way Democrats win is by trying to sound like conservatives. You’re basically proving that.
    I hated Trump for 4 years, I was a Never Trumper. But once I opened my mind and began deeply researching him, going back to 1980, I jumped on the Trump Train my adult kids were already on.

    At this point I would crawl over broken glass to vote for him.

    1. For the last 50 years, the Democrats have been the party of “Woe is Us!” That doesn’t win elections. At least Obama “got it,” and pushed his “Hope & Change” campaign. Smart move from his advisors at the time who also “got it.” Look at the group of Dummo idiots this time – especially the likes of Sanders, Warren, and couple of the others. Their Hyper-Hate of Trump led them to Most-Unfavored-Status. They didn’t “get it.” At least Biden has kept away from the “Woe” so far. But then again, maybe he just accidentally fumbled over it. LoL. And of course, for Trump, woe isn’t in his lexicon. Of course, there’s a lot more that’s not in his lexicon either, including being a decent human being. Just a deal-maker, of sorts, which is why he can’t figure out what to do in a real emergency situation at home.

  4. I was shocked and disappointed when Obama was reelected. Even down for a few days. I recall thinking this is America, we’ll make it. It had happened many times before where my choice lost. Many of The Donald haters (and it certainly is a deep hatred) can’t get passed that hate. Obama, paraphrasing about the economy, “the new norm, get used to it”…..thanks for the encouragement, Mr President. Trump “Make America great again.” And sir thanks for the extra cash in my pocket, I needed it. So did my family.
    Mr Obama is what Thomas Sowell would call one of ‘The Anointed.’
    Trump is our President and will be reelected! Get used to it!
    The coronavirus will pass, so will Trump.

  5. I spent too many years watching presidents being ‘presidential.’ Most of there were a mile wide and an inch deep. DJT is crude, rude, profane, pushy, arrogant, etc. In other words, he is a typical American. He is a president refusing to settle for the political bulls**t we’ve been handled by both parties. I wish once in a while he’d shut the hell up, but his verbosity is a small price to pay for what he has achieved, and will continue to achieve when he is re-elected. BTW, if you are fearful of DJT with his finger on the nuclear trigger, how would you feel if JB — who evinces signs of senility that are truly scary — has that task?

  6. The onset of dementia is saddening. One doesn’t have to be a physician to observe that Biden is exhibiting all the symptoms of diminishing mental acuity. Bernie, the bilious Bolshevik, again has been bushwhacked by his own party’s nobility. JFK believed in tax cuts and a strong military. Open borders and anti-Semitism define today’s Democrat Party. I’m an ex-Democrat who didn’t support Trump in the 2016 primaries. However, the 2020 Democrats are making it easy for this deplorable to cast his vote for Trump in November.

  7. still HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
    Golly Gee Dems ! Here we go again . I don’t live and breathe politics, so maybe I missed something.
    I really doubt that Biden is any more senile than I am. I’ve had one too many concussions, and let me tell you boys and girls, it’s a much different world that I live in now, compared to the intellectual world that I was part of. Joe always was the class clown. He played and made the right moves. How about you all standing in front of a crowd. Some for you, some against. Let’s see if you can hold your train of thought. Let’s see how long it takes for that train to run you over. When I was on my game, I didn’t rattle. Catch me off guard and that short fuse ( Hot headed Italian ) lit up and there I went. Still, I would vote third party before I gave Biden a nod.
    Speaking of dems. You are all amusing. I have to laugh rather than scream. Pallie never did like Donald Trump. Maybe it’s because Donald went to military school for a time, rather than Sister Mary’s nose powdering and other etiquette niceties. He’s doing more than any President before him. He has to blow his own horn because people like you dems and the third world fake news press wont say a favorable word. Quite the opposite. They lie like it’s the only thing that they know. The President doesn’t listen to his cabinet. C’mon Randy. Turn off cnn, etc, and listen to OAN, Newsy or Fox. The man, just like in business, surrounds himself with the best people. He weighs the facts, then makes a decision. No Stu, COVID 19 is not his fault. Again, he listened to the medical professional. They got most of it right the first time. Still better than what Obama or Biden did.
    You guys remind me of old “motor heads” talking about the car they built from pieces, back in the ’50s & ’60s. Oh, if it were only true. Most of these guys are like me. I can’t spell mechanic, let alone be one. Those cars did not last long unless you knew how to keep them repaired. Same with motor cycles back then. Guys didn’t break them down every winter because they were bored. I started on Indians. My brother started on Harleys. You never saw a bike on the road in the winter, except for a cop bike.
    I could keep going on, but my two fingers are tired. I am not a fool. I am a Republican who voted once for Donald Trump and will do it again. I don’t think it will be a run-a-way. Not because Biden is any good. HA! It’s because of the twisted lies and never Trumpers.
    Last one. The Hollywood elite was going to burn their collective bras and leave the country back in ’16. No WHOOSH ! Didn’t happen. How about this time, all of you never Trumpers, etc, donate that extra money in your pension or paycheck to a Veteran Organization. Help those injured Vets to have a life that they deserve.

    1. Tony – just so you know, I do mainly Fox Biz News. I KNOW what CNN & MSNBC do for news, and it obviously ain’t news – so let that thought of yours regarding me be cleared up. But one can’t ignore the prez’s foibles, which have been well documented over the years, and have very little to do with the current mainstream media. The man is not deserving of presidential status, and it’s obvious to most all, not just his haters, that he lacks the scruples and demeanor to run a presidential office. I, personally, am not a Trump hater. Presidentially speaking, I generally vote Repub most of the time. But I also recognize idiocy on a grand scale when it smacks me in the face. Like I said earlier – even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

      1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
        Do I have the right guy? Are you a P.E., Electric ?
        With your mindset, I hope that you never confuse your politics with the electrical code.
        This country, not wanting to be a part of Great Britain, would very much like our Washington D.C. politicians to act like aristocracy. The people that we put in office, or actually, the people that put themselves in office are not worthy of many things. You just choose to malign the President. I often say to people that want me to run for office the following.” You can’t sit up there on the diaz, or podium, or at the so called “bench” and tell people to go F**K themselves !” Obviously, OUR President didn’t get that memo that I never sent. You try to diss him, and he’ll be all over you like a mad dog after a piece of raw meat ! ( I had to keep that part clean )
        As a business man, I KNOW that you missed the mark when you’re talking about Trump’s foibles. His job was to make money for the share holders. He did what the law permitted. What Mr. Trump likes to do is get under the skin of all the nay-sayers like you and Stu. What ever comes out of his mouth, will be twisted, corrupted, shredded and a few more adjectives. Yea boys and girls, He really screwed up with COVID-19 . NOT ! I don’t believe that except for war time, this country was ever closed down as tight as President Trump has made it. I would even bet that Trump did a better job closing the country than Roosevelt or Truman . And try to keep this in context Randy. Almost everything that President Trump has done for this country, he pretty much did it by battling congress and the fake news.
        I do not swear allegiance to any party. I have voted democrat – Clinton. The timing was right. Congress screwed him and the American people by pushing through NAFTA the way it was written and approved. It was supposed to be in stages as the working class was being educated. ( can you say India )
        As for Mr.Trump’s demeanor. I first met him when he built his casino. I didn’t like him then. He was very stand-offish, rude, the whole 9 yards. He wasn’t like any other wealthy person that I knew. So I asked my associates. This was in the ’80s. There were not too many millionaires around. Fewer still that had 8 decimal places before the decimal point ( $10,000,000.) It turns out that these people are in a different time zone. Time is money. When you’re building a casino, time is a LOT of money, every minute. If indeed you are the P.E., then you know that. Shouldn’t say this, but, a union construction worker makes more than a DOLLAR a minute. This why the very wealthy appear to be stand-offish. Each time that I met him after that, we had a better relation. More than once I told him to go F**K himself.
        just say’n’

        1. Hey Tony,
          How many concussions does it take to become as smart as you? I think you said you’ve had two?
          Well, one more for me and we’re even! One caveat……I’ll need a disguise for breakfast!
          Keep firing!!

          1. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
            You, like so many others, misunderstood me. I don’t know how many concussions I have had in my short life time, I just know that I had one too many . In the medical profession, the brain may be the “last frontier”. The least understood muscle, empty space, dead air space, etc. I do know that, courtesy of the NFL Players Association, the brain received a lot of attention and ore studies are being done on concussions.
            You don’t need anymore concussions Tom. Play pretend that you have them. Guys have the mastered the conveniently deaf attitude around the house for years. This is the next logical step. I forgot, Where are we going, How do we get there, and to the better half, “Do I know you?”.

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