Bump stock ban was a fool’s errand

Philadelphia never seems to tire of providing examples that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Mayor Parker committing insanity (Photo: Inquirer)

This time, it was the city’s law banning “bump stock” devices that turn regular firearms into machine guns.

They should be banned, in my opinion.

But the city has no authority to ban them.

That is not my opinion, that has been the repeated opinion of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In her reporting, Inquirer staff writer Anna Orso gets whipsawed between her private [progressive] beliefs and grim reality.

She writes that the ban “rekindles a decades-long debate about whether the city can enact its own gun regulations.”

There is no “debate.”

There is only the irrational wet dream by gun control nuts that they can write their own laws when the state Constitution forbids that. It is settled law. Settled many times.

Orso actually admits that a few paragraphs later: “Philadelphia has repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to pass its own gun legislation and overturn state law that prohibits the city from doing so. Those efforts have led to multiple court decisions blocking other local regulations.”

So much for the “debate.”

As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania’s Constitutional protection of gun-owner’s rights is stronger, more brief, and more clear  than the Second Amendment. Read it for yourself: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

No foggy language about “well-regulated militias,” just the right of a citizen to bear arms shall not be questioned.”

So why did Mayor Cherelle Parker feel moved to demonstrate insanity? Why keep going to this dry well?

I can’t say, as she is usually better-grounded than to run fool’s errands by virtue signaling. 

Let’s hope this is a one-off, and she returns to reality.

9 thoughts on “Bump stock ban was a fool’s errand”

  1. I have no time for politicians anymore. All that I know is that a Cop was shot last night. A man carrying a gun who should not have been shot him. We need to bring back stop and frisk, and give back the power to the Police. A 31 year old Officer is fighting for his life, because of bullshit politics in this city. It needs to stop now.

      1. According to whom? Stop and frisk has proven to be discriminatory and the courts have ruled on this.

  2. I am in agreement with you on bump stocks. Trump actually had this one right and it was recently overturned in the Supreme Court. Which proves one thing, laws should not be enacted by the Executive branch, but by the worthless body we call Congress. The Constitution still stands. What a strange world we live in when one of the three branches of our federal government sit on their hands, spout platitudes and fail to do their jobs. I’ve voting anti-incumbent, probably for the rest of my life,

  3. Rule #1 in Politics, “Money talks bullshit walks”. Congress will not rule against the gun lobby. The NRA contributes greatly to protect our right to bear arms for law abiding citizens. I believe in law abiding citizens having the constitutional right to possess hand guns for self defense and home protection. Rifles and shotguns for recreational hunting are good ideas. However reconstructed components to change weapons abilities to rapid fire have uncertain results. The federal and state gun regulations are adequate if enforced fairly and followed through by prosecutors. The City of Philadelphia has tried and failed to regulate gun laws. However they have been successful in passing the driving equity law which now supersedes the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code without abolition by the State of PA. So why not try changing other laws the city does not like. Oh, no lobbyists or money to complain about the driving equity law.

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