And Biden’s choice for VP will be . . .

8/11/20 UPDATE: Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris. Let the attack commercials begin.

A year ago, long before Basement Brigadier Biden emerged as The Candidate, I asked fellow Democrats if it were possible the top of the 2020 slate would be two white men.

Some of the ladies in Joe Biden’s life. (Graphic: BBC)

A very large majority answered, sometimes reluctantly, no, it is not possible for race-obsessed Democrats to nominate two white men, not even if one were gay (hello, Mayor Pete).

Joe Biden is supposed to name his vice presidential pick early next week, although it may leak to friendly news outlets (cough, cough, CNN, The New York Times) before then.

When Biden announced he would select a woman to be No. 2, he cut half of humanity from his pool of potentials, but it was not a precedent. For the two major parties, Democrats were first to nominate a woman — Geraldine Ferraro, running with sacrificial lamb Walter Mondale against Ronald Reagan in 1984. The Dems got crushed, as did the Republicans in 2008, when kamikaze pilot John McCain selected Sarah Palin to revive his moribund campaign against Barack Obama. That’s 0 for 2 for female veeps, but it’s wrong to blame them.

It also would be misleading to say the women’s race had anything to do with anything, but I ask my fellow Democrats: Can Biden’s choice be anything other than a Black woman?

My answer is no. And I will tell you which Black woman with my usual mix of astute observation, keen analysis, and inspired guesswork. I am certain, but that doesn’t mean I am right.

Why must it be a Black woman?

First, the last two (failed) female veep nominees were white, so clearly it is time to go in a different direction.

Second, Democrats say that Black women are their most devoted voting bloc. If they believe it, their fealty should be rewarded.

Third, it might boost the enthusiasm factor that Uncle Joe lacks.

So, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be popular among party progressives, she will not be the nominee because of her race. In other circumstances making a decision based on race would be racist, but here — the ticket must not be as white as Uncle Ben’s rice. D stands for Diversity, as well as Democrat. Not that there’s anything “wrong” with that.

It also eliminates Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. All are Wonder Bread white.

The other leading nonwhite contenders are Latina New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Illinois U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth, whose mother is Thai.

Reluctantly, I believe that nonwhite is a loser.

And that is one of the three torpedoes that will sink California U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, even though her name was on the top of a cheat sheet Biden carried into a news conference.

Her mother is Indian, her father is Jamaican, which makes her a person of color, but not an African-American. 

The second torpedo is her service as California’s attorney general. She put Black people in jail. That’s a no-no for Democrats.

Finally, in a presidential debate, Harris basically called Biden a racist because of his long-ago opposition to busing. Do you remember the look on Biden’s face when she slapped him with that?

Republicans would cut that moment into attack commercials that would make Biden look like a Klansman.

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is eloquent, and she is in a red state, but she lost her last race. Hate to say it, but she is borderline obese and that will weigh against her, pun intended.

Americans don’t go for fat presidents or veeps. From FDR forward, winners have all been slim, although LBJ had a paunch. If you are thinking Donald J. Trump is overweight, that is true, but Hillary Clinton looked like she had a higher BMI.

If Biden hopes to win Georgia, a better pick would be Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is attractive, and who gained national notice when she lashed out against rioters in her city. Her relative youth (50) is a plus, but her resume is light.

Another very attractive Black woman, Florida U.S. Rep Val Demings, is hampered by a resume — showing she was Orlando’s police chief. Democrats want to defund cops, not elect them.

California U.S. Rep Karen Bass has experience, she heads the Congressional Black Caucus, and has strong progressive cred. At 66, she won’t make Biden look like Grandpa when they are pictured together. And in four years, she would be 70, which we now know is not “too old” to be president as both Biden and Trump are closer to 80 than 70. She could have “it.”

But he will choose former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who was also ambassador to the U.N. She is youthful at 55, very attractive, and has foreign policy chops that Biden likes. She gets an enthusiastic kiss of approval from Obama, and Biden had a warm relationship with her when he was veep. He invests a lot in personal relationships. 

One possible drawback was how Rice got slaughtered when she parroted false talking points on the Sunday morning news shows after Benghazi. But that was a long time ago — and most people blame Hillary, who hid under her desk.

In all other ways, Rice checks all the boxes.

She’s Biden’s logical pick. 

49 thoughts on “And Biden’s choice for VP will be . . .”

  1. You got this one right.
    Did some unkind person suggest she might
    be more effective at the top of the ticket?

    1. No, I referenced a note pad Joe was carrying with Kamala’s name at the top. I don’t know how to insert image on this thing. I will email to you.

  2. Any other year, a VP candidate with no campaign experience would not get the shot…but this year is different and there will be no real campaigning, so he picks the person he is most comfortable with and best prepared to be President. And that could be Susan Rice. An impressive woman

    I don’t know all of the players. Stu is usually on top of things and can give an educated guess.
    I would have to say that money/power TRUMPS ( pun intended ) above all other. We all think that Biden will not finish the term. Therefore, in an effort to unite the party and really throw the republicans backwards and spinning, the choice of vice-president is more unusual and important than ever before !
    The down side: whoever runs against President Trump and Vice-President Pence will go under a microscope like you never saw before ! This is an all-out-war ! Save the country or welcome socialism !

      1. Or, as the proctologist said to the nurse after he reached for his pen and instead pulled out a rectal thermometer: “Dammit! This means some a**hole has my pen!”

  4. Stu,
    You neglected to mention Rice’s CYA memo of January 2017 after the “planning meeting” in the White House with B Hussein and Sleepy Joe that has drawn the attention of John Durham and his investigators. Ms. Rice may otherwise be pre-occupied when the Durham Report becomes public. Hard to fathom that Rice has any credibility after telling bald faced lies on 5 Sunday morning talk shows about the cause of American deaths in Benghazi.

  5. You forgot to mention that Harris’ former lover and mentor is non other than the infamous and slimy Willie Brown, former Speaker of the California House and one time mayor of SF. That is my biggest reason for being against. Its Biden’s election to lose.

      1. Don’t worry Stu. Soros is currently working on the VP for the party he owns. Ha Ha Ha

          1. How the heck do I know? Do you think I am his buddy?

            You probably have a higher opinion (not by much ) of me than Soros would have if he knew me. Ha Ha Ha

            If I was communicating with you when you sponsored the Candidates comedy night I would have run for an office just to appear at your event.I heard it was very funny.

  6. Need I say that I am totally depressed at all this absurdity. Old fashioned though I may be, I thought that the best candidate should fill the spot. And that goes from president on down. That has not happened in a long time anywhere in our political system.

    1. Wanda, my wife and I are with you on this one!! I think the operative term to use these days regarding picking a candidate is “merchandising.”

      1. President Trump has said many times,”if I only knew how bad it is……………”

  7. Sorry Stu, “the she” is not Biden’s to pick. The powers that be will do the picking and hand her to Biden. After all, “the she” will be running the show if by some weird quirk Biden gets elected. And more likely how will she look in ’24 when she heads the ticket.
    One question – why is it when Dems speak about diversity is it only about black and white. It is never about Hispanic-American or Asian-American or Native-American-American or . . . .

    1. The “powers will pick” is conservative SOP. Name a better choice.
      As to lacking diversity, they DO have Hispanic and Asian contenders. What they don’t have are political moderates (which Biden once was).

      1. Diane Feinstein. She would insure better relations with the Chinese Communist Party. After all her chauffer for 20-25 years was a spy for the CCP. How much money has Lady Di made dealing with the CCP?

        She can outsource more American jobs to China and have the CCP love us. They might even stop sending us more viruses.

      2. Stu,
        just as you ran down ( over ) your list of potential presidents, so does the money. Always has, always will.
        Pick the best person for the job that will get me my money back, is the common vernacular. After they’re in office, it’s payback time !
        This is a BIG reason as to why Donald Trump is not a popular President in the swamp. He got there without owing a political soul. He’s there for the people. GEE ! What a novel idea !

  8. 330,000,000 Americans to choose from and this is what we get? And why commit to a Black female? Blacks vote as a bloc 90% Democrat already, so what’s the advantage? It really doesn’t matter because whomever he names will be president in a year or less, after Joe kicks the bucket or is forcibly locked up in some loony bin (after he goes so far around the bend it will be undeniable that he is gonzo). I’m surprised Biden hasn’t considered a bisexual Native American dwarf with a disability.

      1. Is that what elections are supposed to be — rewards? The idiot Republicans nominated Bob Dull because (as the GOP said) “It’s his turn.” How did THAT ‘reward’ turn out? But you are right about one thing: there isn’t a Democrat I could vote for any more. They lost me when JFK was assassinated. That’s when I changed parties.

    1. Vince,
      Whew ! Thought you were coming after me for a minute !
      You ask, rhetorically I hope, why pick a black female for President ? In addition to my statements above, you being as old as I know full well that blacks, liberals and Jews historically vote dimocrat . If the money people ( Soros, et al ) can pll this off, the chosen few will be sitting pretty for a long time, while the rest of us get to enjoy socialism.

    my fellow bloggers,
    Here’s some homework for all of you. Read over the AFFH Act of 2015. Do it on an empty stomach. It’s part of HUD, Affordable Housing, etc.
    I ran into it several years ago. It’s a great way to ruin the ‘burgs. In plain english. the dimocrats get in power, they bring this AFFH back, and we’re on our way to socialism !

    1. Tony

      I asked Stu that yesterday when he called Trump an islamaphobe.

      Still waiting for an answer.

      I believe Trump repealed it. Biden said he will pass it again.

      1. Charles,
        The first part of your reply above confuses me at this late hour of the day. Islamaphobe ?
        Part 2. Yes. True. That’s why I’m saying to all liberals, dimocrats, republicans everybody. None voters as well .
        If you don’t want your suburbs to look like Philly, VOTE REPUBLICAN ! If you really are a nevertrumper, Trump hater or whatever, do not vote for Biden. Do a no vote for President !

        1. Yesterday Stu printed ” but I also think Trump is an Islamophobe.”

          So I replied

          Based on what? What actions has he taken?

          I think you are a TRUMPphobe.

          Tell me about all the presidents who started wars in the mideast. Not Trump.

          The Bushes went after Iraq. Clinton bombed Iraq in Dec 1998.Hillary and BO overthrew Ghadaffi. They would have overthrown Syria if Russia didn’t intervene. Clinton started a war in Kosovo. I know he protected Albanian muslims from milosovic. And you call Trump an islamaphobe. Are you being serious with me.

          Were you one of those who wanted more US troops in Syria?

          A year ago I told you Trump is following 4 presidents and 28 years of reckless US intervention in the ME.

          Can you look at Biden and think he is not suffering from onset dementia?It doesn’t matter.Soros owns your party lock stock and barrel.

          What do you think of the BO affh housing program?

          And where is the great majority of rioting and lootin taking place?

          D govs D mayors D DAs.

          But you can blame Portland on Kenney. He stole the OUTLAW from Portland.

          1. Charles,
            Did you take a deep breath during any of your ramblings ?
            Islamaphobe: I missed it. I went back over the blog and still missed it.
            Trumpphobe: What the hell is that ?!? If you have been following Stu for any amount of
            time, then you would not have to ask me what my position is with our
            President. To help you out, again. I believe that he’s doing what is best for
            the country. I know that Washington has been corrupt since the 1950s.
            As I said, The President owes absolutely no one ! He works for the people of
            the United States. Not politicians.
            In case you don’t know politics. The middle eastern wars were started to cover the screw ups of corrupt politicians. We were after the drugs just the same as Russia. We almost had our head handed to us several times. You don’t want to know what I know about our wonderful government. Why do you think we called it “Central Incompetence Agency” in the ’60s ?
            Islamaphobe II: see islamaphobe I
            Troops: I’m old school turn the middle east into a sheet of glass for all I care. The tribes
            have been fighting each other since Noah parked the ark ! The only time they
            stop fighting each other is when an infidel comes around selling bull. Then they
            fight them to extinction, then they pick up their war where they left off.
            BUT ! if we have to be there or anywhere in the world, then let our Marines be the
            policemen of the world. And make sure that we get paid or we pull out!
            Middle East: When did we start drilling for oil in the middle east ? Start your clock then.
            Biden: I majored in construction, not concussions or dementia. I know that he’s not
            that much different from 40 years ago. I also know that the dimocrats are setting us
            up for a big fall ! Whether or not Biden is acting is irrelevant. It’s the fight that we
            take to them. If we continue to play sophomore games with the big league dims, we
            are in trouble and out of Washington D.C. !
            AFFH: As I said. I was involved with it several years ago. If you want socialism, have at it
            ! You are very confused Charles. I am a Republican.
            Rioting: We already established what’s going on, and I believe that we established
            why it’s going on. I’m pretty sure that it will stop when OUR President is out of office !
            Outlaw: Your last comment was a cheap lousy failed joke. I have no use for Kenny,
            Outlaw, Krasner or Soros for that matter. I don’t get him. A jew from behind the
            iron curtain that threw away his heritage for a few billion bucks. I’ll keep my family,
            thank you.
            Regardless. The west coast has been screwed up since the 1950s. The fumes from
            the drugs kept blowing north. All the way through Washington and Oregon, but stopped
            at the border, as I recall.
            NOTE: I just found Stu’s Islamophobe comment . You were on a roll with Stu, now me. I
            don’t agree with Stu on this. Probably, half the time we disagree – but remain friends. I
            know that Mr Trump doesn’t like terrorists. He doesn’t like people that can come from
            ANY country that isn’t vetted by the USA. Why ? Because people phony everything up
            very easily in far away places. Take a look at our military bases that have been hit by
            Muslims from the middle east.
            I also think that somehow, you are filling in for another person . Someone that doesn’t offer anything positive but sarcasm.
            none the less,
            stay well,

          2. Tony, I am sorry to disappoint you but that rant by Charles was not me. I do not have the time to type in such a long winded post. Plus the fact that I would agree with Stu if he said tRUMP is a Islamaphobe.

  10. on a lighter note !
    I keep suggesting that you folks take a look at the website, Babylon Bee and The Patriot Post. In today’s
    edition of the Bee, you will find some good humor, some slapstick humor and then, this one :
    Biden Selects Aunt Jemima As Running Mate


    1. Tony

      You are the confused one. I just reprinted what I said to Stu yesterday.That wasn’t a reply to you. I am sorry I confused you.If you would read more carefully you would have seen that my ramblings were in response to Stu calling Trump an Islamophobe.

      They had nothing to do with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should really calm down. I agree with you on most things.

      You don’t have to tell me about the poppy fields in Afghanastan.You don’t have to tell me about the heroin sent to US from the Iron Triangle i southeast Asis in the coffins of dead US troops. I really am not as dumb as you think I am.

      A friend of mine lost her son in Iraq.For what.Saddam use to be an ally who fought a 8 year war with Iran .

      And we had a very good president in the 50s. Ike was a great American.

      Since I upset you without adressing you i think it’s time to leave this forum. Just remember Biden is Soros boy.

      1. Charles,
        I’m not upset. Tired for sure. You copied your Stu comment to me.
        We all lost friends in the ALL of the WARS ! The drugs were flowing out of Vietnam and the golden triangle before we got there. The north wanted those drugs and they kicked out the French. We thought that we could go in and take over. ( HA ! ) We did for awhile. That was how we funded our operations in South America. We’ve been in the middle east for more than 30 years. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TODAY and that’s meant with a helluva lot of sarcasm ! Another drug wars gone bad. One things for sure. When the enemy thinks that they have god, buddah, allah or whoever on their side, you’ll never win. The want to go meet their maker. We fight to live.
        BTW Eisenhower started the Vietnam war.
        ( occasionally, I still talk to people where I used to work )
        Biden has lot of people – swamp dwellers included – in his back pocket. Money always did talk LOUD in this country !

        1. Ike had 100 advisors there.You don’t lose over 58,000, dead ,hundreds of thousand PTSD, tons wounded,and now cancer related deaths due to agent orange. if you only have 100 advisors there.Blaming Nam on Ike is totally ridiculous.

          And it was Truman who started the Cia,They have caused quite a bit of chaos. Were you a fan of Papa Bush?

          I copied that comment because you wanted to know where Islamophobe came from.

        2. Tony

          Didn’t Ho dsend a letter to Truman in 46 asking his help in getting the French to leave Indo China alone? truman refused.Did Truman start the war?

          I’m out of here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Tony, while I have attacked you, and what you have said, on a number of occasions I do not think I have ever done it with such contempt. If I have you have my deepest apology and my promise that I will attempt to not let it happen again. While I doubt we will agree on most things we have agreed about some, on occasion, and I think there will be more.

        1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
          The amusing point lost on Charles ( and a lot of folks ) is that Truman, Eisenhower, or any President did not go to any foreign country carrying a bouquet of flowers, seeking joy . How can people be so naive to think that we were looking for our gains.
          apology not required by heart fully accepted.
          Life’s too short to go around with a chip on your (any) shoulder. In a real dialogue, two people can have a discussion without losing control of your (mine) emotions. The hardest thing to do is to actually stay on the topic. The best thing to do any the discussion is “hug it out”.
          stay well

          1. Thank you Tony. While I agree with what you just posted about life being too short I guess one of the few other things we agree on is that we will not agree on most things from a political viewpoint. 🙂

            I hope you and yours have a great weekend and continue to stay safe and healthy!

          2. Tony, where did you get “hug it out” from? I heard it said as “don’t slug it out, hug it out” probably 50+ years ago but I cannot for the life of me remember where.

  11. Tony

    Go to Duckduckgo

    Look up Jericho Green youtube

    Salty language. But he is a very funny AA conservative.Entertaining.

    1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      ( one of these days, I’ll remember where I know the name Pitale )
      Jericho Green has a good gig going. I would much rather see and hear the Republican congressmen and women, rinos and hangers on “grow a pair”. Take some lessons from Jim Jordan and a few other young bulls.

  12. H.B.
    My apologies to you as well. No more cheap shots.
    Do you remember the “Worse joke of the day “awards some years back, on some radio station? I putting your name in for “honorable mensch” ! Don’t give up your day job.

  13. H.B.,
    Probably in my travels. One of my other say’n’s is “Peachy Keen”. Depending on what part of the south you’re from/in,some say, “Peachy”. Then there’s “fair to middl’n”. Colloquialisms . Where would be be without them !

    1. Thanks Tony. While I have heard people say “Peachy Keen” on a somewhat irregular basis I have not heard “hug it out”, in more years than I care to remember, until you said it.

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