A gift idea that will make you, and me, happy

Here’s a gift idea for your favorite journalist, aspiring journalist, or anyone interested in a good yarn.

Those supply-chain problems you’ve been hearing about don’t affect me. My first novel, “Press Card,” was written and printed in the U.S.A. and I have a good supply on hand.

There aren’t many $25 gifts that give hours of pleasure.

Here are three reasons you might like it:

1- It is a fun read.

2- It is fast-paced, a sometimes bawdy story of the conflict between a hard-edged reporter and his editors, and others. It is filled with humor, colorful characters, sex, and suspense.

3- Its setting is a Philadelphia tabloid in the 1970s, when print was still king, before newspapers hit the skids. “Press Card” takes you behind the scenes, giving you the most revealing look at how newspapers really work, and how decisions are made, since “All the President’s Men.”

There’s a lot more information on the website where you can order the book as an ebook ($9.99), or as a softcover from Amazon ($20). Autographed and/or inscribed copies must be ordered directly through me ($20). You can do that by check, credit card or PayPal on the website. 

3 thoughts on “A gift idea that will make you, and me, happy”

    Did you get an offer for a movie yet ? Hollywood could have fun turning loose a screen writer on Press Card !


  2. Bought the autographed copy and it was, indeed, a good read. Won’t be on many school summer reading lists, but an interesting book with a Philadelphia flavor.

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