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    Did Vince draw this for you/us ?
    I was just watching Jesse Walters. He interviewed a past (retired) CIA agent. The discussion was on, “what has the United States been doing to help the Ukraine ?”.
    Just how STUPID is this country ? Is this the new political weapon to be used on our enemies ? Tell them what we’ve been doing since 2014. Training the Ukraine army ! They know that the world tunes into our T.V., business, internet and probably our phones. The element of surprise is long gone, for this war and for all future incidents, skirmishes ………
    Military secrets never did last very long.

    1. C’mon Tony, it’s spelled WATTERS. And he’s a Philly boy😉 I always felt we had something to do with their success. I think they have a pretty good chance. I know many Ukrainians. My father-in-law was a tough, proud one and I just wonder what he’d be saying now.

      1. HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
        As do I, Tom. I know that Watters is a Philly boy. Forget where, but then I forget almost everything.
        When I was with PWD, I had three Jewish Ukes with me. The female was very orthodox. Came here as quick as she could. The two guys were not as religious. I always meant to ask them about being Jewish in a state that didn’t like religion. Didn’t like Jews. Didn’t like Russians. The one guy did open up quite a bit. You didn’t speak Ukraine outside the house, for fear that you would be turned in. I forget exactly where they were from. But yea, they would fight the Russians if they could.
        It’s just that all of europe is still screwed up. Every country was run over by just about everybody. Depending on the year, you were Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, whatever. Everybody but us. Were mongrels all and we are mongrels now. Mostly, we are all AMERICAN !
        stay well,

        1. Tony
          From your varied travels over the years you’ve provided us here with some interesting and whimsical stories despite some lost of memory. You continue in that way not to let us down. I for one look forward to your next.
          Thanks. Have a great weekend!

          PS To your point: I believe when my father-in-law left (1934) Ukraine was part of Poland. Still relatives there now near Lviv.

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