2 kinds of crab, 😊 for free

Here’s a two-fer freebie: Meet up with Stu (and real crabs) at a special open-to-the-public event on Wednesday, 7-9 p.m.

This is a Philadelphia Weekly deal at the not-yet-opened Fin Restaurant and bar at 1000 Frankford Avenue, in blooming Fishtown. Free munchies will be offered. Free parking in the Rivers casino lot right across the Delaware Avenue.

Stu (not sure why I am using the third person) will read a selection from his just-published novel β€œPress Card,” which will be available for sale, of course, ($20). He will discuss print journalism in the 1970’s, the era in which the book is set, versus today. He then will lead a Q & A session on the media, and you know him to be straight-talking and not an apologist.

If you’ve ever wondered why the press is the way it is, now is your chance to find out from a man who spent six decades at the keyboard.

2 thoughts on “2 kinds of crab, 😊 for free”

    Glad to see that you’re venturing out of doors.
    Fishtown. Sure ain’t the Fishtown from the early days. The neighborhood was strictly No Collar working class, predominately Irish. The men worked the docks, drove trucks and drank beer. The women raised the family. ( I always wondered. Did the brass knuckles belong to mom or dad ? )
    enjoy, sorry to say. I can’t make it.

  2. I do not have a passport that allows me into the city. Sorry to miss the event. Remember: NO FISTICUFFS.

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