Hey! Remember when Dems opposed Open Borders?

Even if moderate Democrats won’t admit it — because they may not even know it — the facts speak loud and clear: the Democratic Party leadership wants Open Borders.

Fact: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ordered no enforcement against illegal immigrants who are not violent criminals, or deemed national security risks. If illegals are not to be removed, that is, in effect, an Open Borders policy. America becomes a Sanctuary Country. And there may be as many as 20 million in our country.

“There’s this much truth in what I am saying.” DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Fact: Mayorkas issued a policy to not prosecute employers for hiring illegal immigrants, unless they are engaged in “abusive or exploitative labor practices.” The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, voted for by Sen. Joe Biden, prohibits the hiring of illegal aliens. Mayorkas is breaking federal law and thumbing his nose at Congress. 

Fact: Not just the workplace has been red-lined. Mayorkas’ order prohibits enforcement in licensed daycares, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, colleges and universities; medical treatment and healthcare facilities; places of worship or religious study; playgrounds, recreation centers, childcare centers, before- or after-school care centers, foster care facilities; social services establishments, domestic violence shelters, victims services centers, child advocacy centers, family justice centers, homeless shelters, drug or alcohol counseling and treatment facilities; food banks or pantries or other establishments distributing food or other essentials of life to people in need; disaster or emergency response and relieve centers; public demonstrations, such as parades, demonstrations, or rallies. And in Philadelphia, courtesy of the mayor, no arrests can be made in jails. Kenney denies he’s breaking the law by shielding illegals from ICE, but US Code, Title 8, Chapter 12 disagrees:  a “local government entity or official may not prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful,or unlawful, of any individual.”

Fact: The Biden Administration has proposed allowing asylum officers to grant full and immediate asylum at the southern border. That job belongs to immigration courts and judges. “Illegal immigration has soared to levels not seen in decades. Asylum abuse is rampant as the administration has shown minimal effort to protect the integrity of our legal immigration system,” says Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Fact: Arrests in the interior, according to the Washington Post,  have cratered to the lowest level in a decade. Even as the tide of illegals getting into the country is hitting new peaks. We are deporting many people,” lied Mayorkas, forgetting that sending people to the interior of the U.S. is not deporting.

Fact: During the presidential campaign, candidate Joe Biden joined nearly all other candidates in voting for free health care for illegal immigrants. So cool — free for THEM, but not for all American citizens.

Fact: The Biden Administration is planning on making a $450,000 gift, per person, according to the Wall Street Journal, to those separated from their children under Trump’s “zero tolerance” rule. It could be $1 million per family. (Biden called the report “garbage” at a Wednesday news conference.) No matter how you feel about that policy, how does Biden get to $450,000, which would be lifetime earnings for those impacted? How about just giving them an apology and a Chevy Cruze to drive home?  

Let’s be clear, the Biden Administration is breaking federal law and custom, which is exactly what it accused Donald J. Trump of doing.

On almost his first day in office, Biden ordered an illegal “pause” in deportation that was later reversed by the courts. Right off the bat, he broke the law and there was barely a murmur from the press watchdogs of the Establishment. 

Biden did successfully reverse other Trump rules, which resulted in an immediate skyrocketing of illegals — from all around the world — some even in caravans that some MSM outlets chose to pretend did not exist. (Hello CNN and MSNBC.)

It is not overstating the obvious to say we are under attack by foreigners, and our president is aiding and abetting them. His failure to act is — brace yourself — an impeachable offense.

Biden’s limited intellect, bad judgment, and severely bleeding heart explain why he could not get my vote for president. 

I oppose Open Borders.

By his actions, he supports them. His actions speak louder than his denials.

What’s wrong with Open Borders? Am I just mean?

Let’s start with this — it is illegal. 

Congress sets immigration policy and it’s kind of mind-bending that some of those who write the laws are actively undermining them.

This is a recent change, because for decades Democrats opposed unrestricted immigration. 

From as early as Bill Clinton, to as recent as Barack Obama, presidents have opposed Open Borders and Sanctuary Cities. 

In his 1995 State of the Union, Clinton came down hard on “illegal aliens” as harmful to America. Wow! He said “aliens.” Trying saying that today.

Here is Sen. Obama in 2005.

Here is President Obama in 2014, and here he is a few weeks ago.

Want more? Here’s Chuck Schumer saying “illegal is illegal” in 2009 and scorning terms such as “undocumented workers.”

You get the picture?  The Dems used to be on the side of the law. Past tense. They have “evolved” into lawlessness.

What else is wrong with Open Borders? 

Some 158 million foreigners would come here if they could, according to a Gallup poll.  Their desire to come here is no less sincere than those from our hemisphere who break down our doors. And they don’t determine annual quotas — we do. And those quotas should benefit Americans.

If you believe in Open Borders, or not expelling those here illegally, tell me how we could accept 158 million people — 50% of our current population?

Where would they work? Where would they live? Who would meet their medical needs? Their educational needs? Who would integrate them into our culture? 

Anyone with half a brain knows that would be impossible, so I can hear you say, “Well, we wouldn’t take 158 million.”

Yes you would, because by breaking current law you are opening the door to unrestricted immigration. That is Open Borders.

If you think we should open our borders to everyone banging on the doors, think about the consequences.

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  1. What a great way to start my day! Reading a posting that I 100% agree with. The hypocrisy is so evident it makes my blood boil. Let’s start with the basic premise—–it’s illegal!! And please don’t even try to make the argument that they are being persecuted in their own countries so we have to take them in. They can pass through many other countries that will not persecute them (as if that’s the real reason). We all know the reason why the Democrats want open borders, and I will not even listen to any other explanation, is so that they can get 150 million new voters, thereby ensuring one-party rule forever. Pelosi, Schumer, etc. will never feel the consequences of open borders. The illegals won’t be stashed in their enclaves. Nor will the uber-rich ever even see one in their midst. Just regular hard-working Americans will find themselves competing with illegals for a) jobs b) medical services c) social services d) education and I could go on and on.
    At one point in their political careers they were ALL against illegal immigration, but once they saw the chance to hold onto their political careers, they flip-flopped. Not because they have more empathy now, but because it guarantees their power.
    I don’t think most Americans are anti-immigration. But please just do it legally, with quotas and the like.
    In an effort to keep this from being a few pages long, I will end now. I think, Stu, that this posting will generate a ton of feedback.

  2. Open Borders is an oxymoron. Why would a sovereign country’s government even think of engaging in such a poicy? They would certainly know the detrimental ramifications of it wouldn’t they?  If so, then why? It’s obvious. That’s what they want.  Everything bad that we’ve been experiencing from tearing down statues, the blm and antifa riots, defund the police, equity, crt, the woke movement, etc. and the national guard’s construction of the wall around the Capitol, the continual Trump hammering by msnbc and cnn, up to Open Borders and everything in between are connected. These movements are interlaced. We’re losing our country to radical ideologues whose intentions are not to help those in need, but to gain total control. Another repeat of history is in the making and a sanctuary country is perfect for it. And to all who have condoned and aided in this remember they’re coming for you, too, because “No good deed goes unpunished.” 
    Thanks Stu

    1. I found NO country has Open Borders, except a few cases such as the European Union, which is open among its members, but not to outsiders. A nation without birders is not a nation.

    Let’s see if you get an argument from the ‘dark side’, as I call the bleeding heart dims that are trying to turn this great country into a cesspool of political carnage.
    These same people – correction, most of our people have learned nothing over the years. As the far east, eastern europe, middle east and elsewhere fell apart do to violence, the European Union learned that open borders where/are a invitation to trouble. Greece and Germany, to name two countries, suffered immensely when they were over run with refugees. Are we going to be that foolish ourselves ?
    Legal immigration, as we all know, offers foreigners the opportunity to come to America. It works. It doesn’t make everybody happy, but it works. Go ask an immigrant what their feelings are. I have. Stu has. Find out if the long legal wait is worth it, compared to coming in under the gate, rather than walking through the gate.
    Stu pointed out the obvious. For those that don’t remember, or are too young, the ’70s & ’80s were basically ‘open border’ years. The employers hired ILLEGALS, forcing lower wages. They pocked the money that should have paid workers their taxes and benefits. When the laws were put in placed AND enforced, things got better.
    President Trump was right about the monies flowing to these undeserving countries. Just like here. The money stayed at the top, never reaching the impoverished.
    The only solution. DRAIN THE SWAMP ! and VOTE THEM ALL OUT !

  4. This moron in the White House needs to be impeached.He is the head of the Kabal (Obama third term people) in Washington turning this country into a Marxist state..They think letting in all these INVADERS is going to help their cause.People need to wake up and start fighting back against it in every way possible.The apathy in this country is going to be its downfall.

  5. I would love to agree with my conservative friends and family; would someone help me get past the commandment to welcome the stranger in our midst? If the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof we own nothing, only granted dominion and stewardship(could that be the operative word?). I agree with Pres. O that open borders is unsustainable, so how can we show compassion to our downtrodden kin? but for the grace of God……the Golden Rule?

    1. All due respect, we show compassion with legal immigration, the operative word.
      God’s Golden Rule, God’s Word can be, and has been interpreted many ways. By your interpretation we should invite 7 billion to our shores. I don’t pretend to know the solution. We do what we can, and leave the rest in His Hands.

    2. Donation to charity, perhaps.
      We are a secular nation and are not bound to Biblical injunctions (some of which would be truly awful in today’s world).

    3. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      Please don’t think that I am disrespecting you. From the short paragraph that you wrote, little can be said for or against you.
      I have to say, that for many years, our country has just thrown money ‘out the door’ ! We have given to many nations that are/were in need. One big fiasco that is hitting the air waves is Haiti. For many years, they had a dictator that did nothing for the people. He’s gone but their is little to show for improvement. Last number I read is 13 BILLION DOLLARS in foreign aide since the 2010 earthquake.
      The South American countries receive money from us every year. President Trump cut that unbiblical cord when he realized that the dictators kept the monies. President Biden restored the money.
      That’s the short version. As I have said before. Talk to a Naturalized American. They will gladly explain to you how bad it is in their homeland and how great it is here in comparison.

    1. Vince

      I wouldn’t start wit Naomi. Stu wrote an article for the Inquirer praising Naomi.He holds her in very high esteem.

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