Why English is so hard to learn

It ain’t new, and it ain’t much

but it’s all I have for you today.

9 thoughts on “Why English is so hard to learn”

  1. I suddenly find myself thinking of the great Allan Sherman,(“Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”),
    who also composed a ditty which began “One hippopotami can’t get on a bus. ‘Cause one hippopotami
    is two hippopotamus”…..

    Here’s hoping that this post stays on your blog. I was the first on your last, but I didn’t last long. Does that make me past ?
    We’ll leave the rhyming to Dr. Seuss.

  3. Why does a pair of socks consist of two, but a pair of pants, one? Why is one scissors called a pair of scissors? Why is a pair of pantyhose, one?
    I learned Russian in military language school and taught myself German. But English is still sometimes foreign to me. Thanks for a fun poem.

    It’s time I tell someone about Someone I love. For too long it’s been my secret and too long’s long enough. It won’t be hard to express how I feel, the words will come easily, she has all that appeals. I’ll just write it down and declare openly, how much I love Someone for everyone to read.

    She’s incredibly amazing, intelligent and attractive, I would need a dictionary to describe her exactly. She’s thoughtful and elegant and delightfully well equipped, so striking most times she takes away my breath. I’ve always kept track of her, I’ll never lose sight. We’ve had many good memories still reaching new heights.

    When she speaks I listen to each word that she says, and there are nights I can’t get her out of my head.

    Oh, I’ll admit there’s been moments she’s talked a bit rough and hurt someone close with words off the cuff. But I can’t speak for her, she has a mind of her own and these words she’s never short of is why I love her so.

    She’s honest and forthright with great integrity, she captures my heart and I’ll never let her be….harmed or debased, and with all the strength I can measure, I will respect and defend Someone with utmost pleasure, because I do love and find so exciting this beautiful language called English I’m typing.😁

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