Why Black Lives Matter has lost support

How do you feel about Black Lives Matter?

Wait! Stop! That’s a poor question, because Black Lives Matter isn’t a single thing.

People march with a Black Lives Matter banner. (Photo: Reuters)

First is the idea, the principle, that Black Lives Matter (also). 

Second is what I call Black Lives Matter, Inc., which is the Marxist-led political/social action group, with elements that are anti-police, and anti-Semitic. BLM, Inc., is the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation that took in about $90 million in 2020. (The NAACP’s revenues are about $25 million.)

If we step into the Way Back Machine, you’ll see that Your Favorite Columnist took a hard look at BLM, Inc., August 2020.

I went to its website, where it defines itself, and found that its principles weren’t exactly Marxist, but there was a lot to dislike anyway.

Such as, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families….”

No mother, father, sister, brother. Maybe a village. Maybe a commune. 

Also, “In order to win and bring as many people with us along the way, we must move beyond the narrow nationalism that is all too prevalent in the Black community.”

That sounds like Black lives aren’t the only lives that matter, but if I say that, it would be racist.

BLM still believes that Michael Brown is some kind of martyr, despite several official inquiries — one by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice — that could find no charges to bring against the officer who killed him. 

“Hands up, don’t shoot” is a lie. But BLM, Inc., presents it as an article of faith.

“We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege,  and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence,” the website stated. 

Also: “We know police don’t keep us safe — and as long as we continue to pump money into our corrupt criminal justice system at the expense of housing, health, and educational investments — we will never be truly safe.”

As if no money were spent on housing, health, education.

And: “We build  space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism,  misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.”

The website is filled with la-de-da feel-good sentiments, actually dissing men, but, that’s the heart of their movement — queer, feminist, Black.

The cognitive clattering you may hear is knowledge that a large percentage of church-going African-Americans are socially conservative and are not wildly waving rainbow flags, nor building unisex bathrooms for the choir.

After George Floyd’s murder, Black Lives Matter, Inc., was perfectly positioned to take the lead — despite video of some of its members chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” and others openly calling for killing cops. Not all BLM marches said this, but enough did.

Still, with chapters across the country, this was the time for BLM’s closeup, and 61% of white Americans had a favorable view of BLM.

That was then.

It has dropped to 48% or less in recent polls.


Certainly, the conviction of former cop Derek Chauvin drained a lot of the urgency from the movement. And movements have a limited life span, and polls are a snapshot of an instant, and sentiments are always in flux.

And because of other things learned about BLM, Inc., such as leaders enriching themselves, and anti-Israeli attitudes,  support — in another poll — has slipped to 37% of white Americans, while support for police has increased, according to the fivethirtyeight website.  


Let me ask you this: Is the impression you get from the networks and your daily paper that BLM, Inc., speaks for most Americans?

It does not. 

There’s more. According to the Morning Consult-Politico poll, 69% of Americans think police violence is a “serious problem,” down from 79%, right after Floyd’s death.

77% of Americans approved of Chauvin’s conviction, while 91% of Blacks did. I wonder about the other 9%. 

And I caution, whenever you read about how people feel about Black Lives Matter, pay attention to what they are talking about — the idea, or the organization. It makes a big difference.

13 thoughts on “Why Black Lives Matter has lost support”

  1. I said from day1.BLM is nothing but a marxist,anarchist terror organization,who stupid white wokes think is legitimate.If you are white they hate you.They are actually telling you this.How dumb can you be.Thanks to the disgusting media who support them with all their lies. They back them 100%. As do the marxist dems.WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    Good job after this solemn Memorial Day weekend coupled with D Day’s 77th anniversary. Thank you all Veterans, you have more than earned that privilege.
    blm. No capitals – NO RESPECT ! By law, The United States Flag is to be flown from all government buildings. The ‘POW’ Flag is to be flown immediately below. ( Philly disregards this law. ) Now, I sarcastically thank you very much, Mr. President, woke America and borderline socialists, we have the blm flag flying beneath OUR FLAG at OUR embassies around the world ! This is a follow-up to flying the Gay Pride. I do believe, that both of the directives are just that. Not orders, meaning that it is the option of that particular embassy and ambassador to fly INAPPROPRIATE flags from the same Flag Pole flying the colors of OUR ountry. Federal law, also.
    “F” troop is removing all executive orders and every possible evidence of President Trump ever serving in the White House. We all gaining speed as we roar down the hill towards socialism. Sorry to say, more than half of the country is embracing Biden and all of this twisted philosophy !

    1. If Flag etiquette is broken, you should write a letter to the editor. For real. Or an op-Ed piece.
      Or a FB post. If you are not on FB, I will put it on my page.
      Just make certain the facts are correct.
      If presidents want to make a gesture of support, for BLM, or GBTQ, or MADD, that’s OK — but NOT with Old Flory.

      1. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
        You definitely know me, so I’ll say that you replied more to your followers than to me.
        Back when I was gainfully employed by PWD, I complained right up to city council that the Flags on the city vehicles ( police cars mostly ) were Flying backwards. There are right hand and left ( opposite ) hand Flags. Per code, the Stars are in the lead ( front ) giving the appearance of ‘flying’. In short, I was told to back off, I was pi*()off EVERYBODY.
        As you also know. I was given the name of “Flag Man ” because of the efforts of a few good men to Fly a Flag from every city Flag Pole – per code. You are also aware that the water commissioner ( bitch that she was) tried to get me fired. ( no capitals – no respect )
        As you suggest. I did all of that and more. I took it Harrisburg, through various representative and senator offices. Occasionally, I would get a form letter for a reply. toomey was good for that. The wiz kid that took the congressional seat out here is no better. Come to think about it. The only thing that I like about chrissy houlahan, is that she’s a Vet.
        The last guy that I annoyed is Steve Barrar. A retired Stat Rep from DELCO. He was the head of the Veterans’ committee and he was helpful in making headway for the Vets in his jurisdiction. He was of no help for me – not even once. From Mt Hope cemetery to Flags for the county for Flag Holders for the Vets and for enforcing the Flag Code. Politicians pick their fights. You know that. They want to be seen as winners without having to do anything. When Mark Squilla was knew, I was able to talk to him directly, but he never came through for me.
        Then there’s the funny side of life. When I was doing the Flags around the city. Various council persons would call me or get a message to me. “I need a Flag at….”. Done. When a holiday was coming up ( e.g. the 4th ) Darrell Clarke put the word out that he wanted Flags on all Flag Poles. ( funny part ) There was no hassle in getting bucket trucks or the tree climbing crews to help out. For several days we were putting up Flags. For those in the un knowing. In order to Fly a Flag from a city flag pole, many times you had to cut down trees, because that particular pole ( swear to God ) hadn’t seen a Flag in TWENTY YEARS ! . We heard that many times. So the job consisted of clearing the trees to allow the Flag to Fly unhindered. restringing the pole then installing the Flag. If there a box for the halyard ( rope ), many times we had to cut off the old lock. During this event, my buddy and I were out to close to midnight on the Friday before the 4th ! ( my buddy used to say that we were doing God’s work. ) Funnier still. The city (council people ) get a budget and there is monies for Flags, etc. But why waste it ! The end result. Flags flew throughout the city for close to ten years ! Many people thanked us. Never was there any issues regardless of neighborhoods. Matter of fact. We caught more noise in the north east ( white ) compared to West or North Philly. The people in those neighborhoods even helped us. Where did all of that money come from ? Somebody donated their time and money.
        The original issue. Go by any newly renovated park or playground. Let me know if you see a Flag Pole. I’ll wait !
        most of the above can be documented by your favorite blogger

  3. I find it interesting that some of the commentators are bitching about certain things pertaining to our Flag, as well as other things the do not agree with but they have said nothing about;

    1. Michael Flynn’s traitorous statement.
    2. Senate Repukeicans blocking the January 6 commission.
    3. Bullshit laws to suppress voting rights by Repukeicans lead states.

    I could go on and on but it would do no good. When your mind is closed to anything other than what your führer, that POS tRUMP tell you to think, believe and do you are just as much a part of the swamp as he is.

    BTW, tRUMP did not try to drain any swamp, he built it and then poisoned it for anyone who disagreed with his bullshit lies.

    1. Thank you for some truth injected into these opinions. Now we we find out Trump was spying on people and still no condemnation from the GOP(Gutless obstructionist party).

    While we’re on the subject of the constitution and the subsequent laws flowing from same. I’ll further upset the ‘woke’ and the dims and all of the other socialist minded people hell bent on destroying our country.
    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken authorized OUR U.S. Embassies to fly the blm and the pride flag beneath the Flag of the United States of America. Obviously, the order came from the White House. Again, our President Trump had yet another Executive Order removed by our now President Biden . The audacity of these dimocrats to flagrantly ignore – destroy the Constitution of our country is life changing to say the least. By statute, the POW/MIA Flag Flys beneath our Flag. No other flag is permitted on that Flag pole ! No other flag flys higher than Old Glory.
    For all of you that don’t want this change that’s coming. You better get off your butts and get out there and hustle up votes to DRAIN THE SWAMP !

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