Where you been, Stu?

It’s been five days since my last post and when I take that many days off, I hear from some of my subscribers — people who think my mail server is on the blink again, or I have fallen ill.

It is neither. I have been occupied reading a proof of my novel, which will be published soon — meaning within a few months.

The picture on the book cover. (Photo: Rose Cruz)

Writing a book is one thing — it takes tremendous determination, a lot of will power, and concentration. It is very different from writing a column.

My novel has been in the works for decades, during which I worked on it off and on — mostly off. “Retirement” has provided me with the time to get it published, and that means proofreading the 400-page monster. Er, masterpiece,

This is tedious because I know what happens next.

Please ask me not about the book. When it is ready (and available for sale) the subscribers to Stubykofsky.com will know about it first. Until then, the subject matter and the title are under wraps. Hint: Think journalism.

And I should be putting up a fresh post before the end of the weekend.

Have a great one and remember Monday is Flag Day,

11 thoughts on “Where you been, Stu?”

    Yo Pallie !
    Is that your older brother that looks like your pushing out your window ?
    400 pages on journalism ? You can’t find 400 journalists in today’s world. ( am I in it ?!? )
    This will be the first book that I but in a long time. I expect an autographed copy and THAT will get you a donation ( fee ) for your favorite charity .
    Always, all the best,

      1. Then that will be my second Stu Bykofsky autographed book. Cats are Supermodels, my first. Wow,
        tied with Bill O’Reilly 😃

      2. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
        sounds like we need a ‘book signing night’ at your local pub !

  2. This is good, Stu. And a novel. I look forward. Hope you sell a million or more.

  3. Congratulations on the book, Stu!
    A novel about journalism is a nice rebuke to those who say that print is dead (It might be on life support, but not dead yet).

  4. Harry Bosch meets Jack Reacher! (I’ll buy a copy — if you’ll autograph it.)

  5. A book by Stu, one of the great things out of a pandemic shutdown!!! Lookin’ good there!! Cheers!!

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