What impeachment leads to

I like this cartoon, even if I don’t agree with its theme — that Republicans and Democrats are interchangeable.

They are not.

What I will say is this: If the Democrats manage to remove President Trump, they will get President Pence. They don’t get the White House, as the cartoon seems to suggest.

President Pence would be a change for the better. He does not trip over his own tongue and does not lie incessantly. He would be closer to our European allies than with dictators such as Putin and Kim. He seems like a mature adult, if not a “stable genius.” Oh — Pence is not a preening narcissist.

Given evidence of probable presidential abuse of office, I understand why Democrats feel they must confront President Trump, even knowing there is little chance the Senate will convict and remove him, unless public opinion goes ballistic against him.

Might that happen before the election?

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  1. There’s no impeachment under way. It’s all as made up as was the Russian collusion hoax. Stormy Daniels. Christine Blasey Ford. Robert Mueller. Rashida Tlaib. Ilhan Omar.
    It’s all just a campaign strategy for 2020.

  2. I agree with David. It’s all BS. The Democrats are all
    Mouth. Bark and no bite. They don’t have the balls to go forward because of their own corruption exposure.

  3. Being called into accountability as holder of the highest office is in line with our free society. I’m not into political ramifications. I’m into truth and accountability. When a president tries to trade aid for political help from a foreign power against an election rival, it is wrong.

    1. Suzette…I agree with the idea of accountability, especially in the highest office. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. On the other side of the coin, as long as presidential biographies have been in existence, virtually every president in modern history has done exactly as Trump has done in making “The Art of the Deal” regarding soliciting political help from a foreign country. Trump was just stupid enough to get caught at it, and by a hearsay witness that just happened to be a Trump hater. That’s all it takes sometimes.

    2. Thank you! I just don’t understand why the GOP continues to look for “gray areas” to defend that bufoon in the WH!

  4. I’d like to agree with David and Sarah above, but one must give pause. The Dems have become so rabid about getting rid of Trump, that it, ahem, trumps over everything else – including doing The People’s Service, i.e., actually running their branch of gov’t. You thought we had a do-nothing Repub congress back in Obama’s time? That pales in comparison to the current congress. Notice I spelled “congress” in small letters – they don’t deserve the honor of a capital “C”.

    While it really is still too early to tell, unless the committee (notice the small “c” again) comes up something REALLY impeachable, it will probably just fizzle out, having wasted the United States taxpayer’s time and money. Even if it makes it to the Senate for a vote, the likelihood of a vote passage is between nil and none. No matter what the Dems do to salvage this, they will take a hit (or is that “the hit”?) next year. Much as I generally can’t stand our current president, he will wear down whatever candidate they come up with. That’s his modus operandi.

    As they say, Que sera sera. “Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see…”

  5. HAPPY SUNDAY to one and all !!!
    “Ya dunnit agin”! the natives are restless ! Me, being a deplorable, am glad to (finally) see some interesting feedback. I would suggest to your readers to try and find some time to do a little research. Tell Stu that we deplorables enjoy the show (rally) that the President puts forth. FYI. This Thursday, Minneapolis rally at 8 :00 p.m.. Again I say. We watch. We are amused. We are fascinated to watch this man fill a stadium or arena or an airport runway. Every one knows that the Prez exaggerates . I seriously doubt that he is an outright liar. Everyone also knows, that because he’s an outsider, Mr. Trump can plainly see how filthy Washington D.C. really is, and has been since the ’60s.
    As mentioned above, and previously by me, congress has done little to nothing to support America . Never mind supporting our President . Just for starters. We all should realize that we the people are doing better now that in many a year. It’s been a long time since there was good health insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s been a long time since the government has put any real money into infrastructure. It’s been a hellavu long time since we had world peace. I believe the last signing of a WW II treaty was 1947. The list is long.
    I don’t believe that the democrat party today is anything like the one our parents knew. Back in the day. All of the STATESMEN wanted the same thing. A better America for all. The republicans believed that money flowed better downhill, whereas, the democrats believed in stimulating the economy from the bottom up. Either way works, it just depends on which particular agenda you wanted to support. This has not been true for many a year. The politicians feasted on us the taxpayer. We struggle to make ends meet, and they become millionaires. What’s wrong with this picture ?!?
    Keep this in mind. Only a minority of possible voters actually et out on election day. Our vote does count and the politicians will listen to us if we come out in numbers .

  6. pence will be worse,a sniveling lickspittle,caught in numerous lies ignored by the press/upstaged by groeppenfuhrer in chief.house has passed good legislation….Senate/turtle?

  7. I read today of Trump’s “Ukraine scandal.” Those were the words in the putative new item. I am STILL trying to find out what, exactly, was scandalous about the President’s actions. Absent a quid pro quo (Biden for military aid), there is no “scandal.” In fact, the only consistent “scandal” I see is the incessant call for impeachment with NO evidence of ‘high crimes or misdemeanors.” The man may be a loud-mouthed jerk. But if we jailed all the loud-mouthed jerks, the streets would be empty.

    1. There must be a crime somewhere out there. Democrats are going to continue to nip at heels until they find one.

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