What did you expect?

It is 2020, what did you expect?

Did you expect a flawless, clean election with a well-defined outcome? On what basis would you expect that?

A month ago Democratic strategist James Carville predicted a Joe Biden landslide, a lock. Last night on MSNBC, the Ragin’ Cajun disappointed me when he declined to eat crow.

President Donald J. Trump claims victory, prematurely. (Photo: AP)

“I’m always an optimist,” he alibied, when he expressed his “hope.”

Nope. It was a prediction and if the opinion he gives is based on hope rather than on facts and figures, MSNBC ought to find someone else. (The network won’t, because it also operates on Leftist hopes.)

[Editor’s note: At this point we pause to allow the Left to bellow “Faux News.”]

Watching TV this morning, there is an army of spin doctors, with Left and Right declaring victory, looking at the same numbers.

I’m writing at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, with Pennsylvania hanging in the balance, along with Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Some may be resolved today, others may take longer.

Around 6 hours earlier, I saw President Donald J. Tump come to a podium in the White House, declare victory, and threaten to take his case to the Supreme Court. He said he wants the counting of ballots to stop.

His case will go something like this: I don’t like where this is heading so stop the ballot count. 

Democrat Biden expressed confidence but asked for patience, showing himself more presidential than the crybaby in the White House.

[Editor’s note: To satisfy Trumpster conspiracy theorists, the statement was actually made by Kamala Harris in a Biden suit, as she has already completed her coup.]

There are probably millions of uncounted mail-in ballots that were posted prior to Tuesday’s deadline. They must be counted. 

The Good News for Trump is that he won Florida and Ohio and has a lead in the northern tier Blue Wall. At this moment.

The Good News for Biden is that most of the lagging votes come from big cities and big cities, by and large, are Democratic.

The Good News for America is there were no major disturbances on Election Day. 

The delayed result was expected by many — that the race would be close enough to be decided by the mailed ballots and those would not be counted Tuesday night.

The numbers will change. It is still a jump ball. 

37 thoughts on “What did you expect?”

  1. Whaaatt? But de Trump SAID he had won! He told everyone on TV! LoL

    Thanks, Stu, for presenting a true, present-both-sides-of-the-story accounting of what has happened so far in this horserace. If there’s one thing we can count on in this election, it’s your fairness to both sides. And that’s not a LoL.

    1. Randy, I truly believe Trump is unable to acknowledge or accept losing. No matter what the situation he will make excuses and tell lies in order to make it seem he did not lose.

    Chester County is now at 65% ( 248,000 ) of our total registered voters. Of those, 161 K were in person and 86 K were mail in. As of now, Biden is pulling away. 52% to 45 %
    I would attribute the large mail in count to our seniors. We have a lot of senior complexes out here.

  3. After these past two elections I’ve concluded that the pollsters are an anachronism. And Carville has always been a loudmouth with an overinflated ego.

    1. Remember, Wanda, as Mark Twain once said: “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” it wouldn’t be a stretch in the least to sub “pollsters” for “statistics.”

  4. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nevada will give Joe Biden exactly 270 electoral votes, and the presidency. Pennsylvania’s vote in this election won’t matter. And did anyone notice the California vote count? Biden got almost four million…FOUR MILLION… more votes than Trump. That’s why we have and Electoral College.

    Now, let’s see if Joe Biden raises taxes on Day One as he promised. That will surely help the economy.

    1. Vince – Amen to the Electoral College, regardless which way the election goes. I love these idiots I see in various publications pushing to repeal the EC just to suit their agenda because the reaaaally hate someone. The rest of the US doesn’t matter to them. I am no lover of Trump in the least, but for someone to suggest tearing down the main part of our political institution that guards against EXACTLY what you mentioned above, should have their head examined.

    2. “Now, let’s see if Joe Biden raises taxes on Day One as he promised. That will surely help the economy.”

      Unless he has some compromising pictures of Mitch McConnell, I don’t think that will happen. Don’t look for much getting done in DC for at least the next two years (and that might be a good thing).

  5. Really Stu, President Donald Trump has endured corruption many times from Democrats, who could never accept defeat! I say Democrats are the cry babies!

      1. There is a HUGE difference between ‘not accepting the results of an election,’ leading to anarchy and armed insurrection, to ‘not conceding until such time as recounts and investigation into mail-vote fraud’ are completed. The most difficult thing for me to understand is how a nation as rich and smart and technologically-advanced as ours cannot come up with a voting system that doesn’t open itself to massive fraud. When I saw that DT had a 600,000 vote lead in PA but that PA was still not called for him because (to quote KYW) “there are more than a million mail-in ballots to be counted,” I intellectually supported DT’s call for an in-depth investigation into potential mail fraud in our state. If Biden wins honestly, he will be my president and I will accept his win. It’s not ME who thinks ths system stinks, it’s the SYSTEM that is putting out the disgusting odor. Thank God the Senate is still Republican majority, thus acting as a brake on President Harris’s — er, President Biden’s plan to socialize the nation, turn off the oil spigot, and jack up taxes on my meager retirement income.

  6. I am very happy today, my entire family unit voted and I will accept the winner as the President of our country and I expect the transfer of power if necessary to be completed.

    Just the facts, no doomsday rhetoric.

  7. Thank you Stu for always presenting both sides fairly. The outcome may not be what I had hoped…Trump not only
    ran against the Dems but also the Media. I’ll accept the outcome…had to turn the TV off for now and listening to
    La Boheme by Puccini! My Dad, who lived to be 105, was blessed with good health and a sharp mind up until his death.
    He was a great walker, positive attitude and loved Opera…good for soul! Hope I have his genes and outlook on life.
    He was in his own home until age 100 and we were blessed to have him live with us for 5 years. Cent Anni!
    I always read and enjoyed your articles in The Inquirer written fairly and with humor!

    1. “Mamma mia! That’s some spicy meat-a ball!” Being Italian (Benedetto, in actuality), I love remembering the clean ethnic humor of my youth. We could laugh at ourselves, a trait sorely needed in these fractious times. I wished my dad cent anni and he made it to 100 years 9 months. I should live so long!

      1. Vince, may your dad rest in peace and may you enjoy a full, rich and healthy life as he did.

  8. Hi Stu. I was just listening to the ever more delusional Rudy Giulani on Faux news, threatening lawsuits over corrupt Democrats in Philadelphia and the DNC. He’s claiming Democrats are stuffing the mail-in ballots in Philly, and tossing out Republican ballots. The Trump🤡 wants counting stopped. Nevada stopped counting until tomorrow morning. Hopefully, Nevada will be finished tomorrow, and Biden wins. I worry about Trumpo accepting the results. Where is Sen. Toomey on this issue?

  9. Stu, thanks for your sane and non-breathless view of matters, as usual. A rare thing in these troubled times.

    Seems to me that even while the Presidential race remains unresolved, there seem to be a few important ‘take-aways’ from the election worth pondering.

    The first is that the razor-close results should ‘put paid’ to the MSM’s continued irrational belief that President Trump’s 2016 election win was somehow an aberration that would be ‘corrected’ this time around. In 2020, voters knew exactly who they were voting for, and the results speak for themselves. Whoever is the eventual winner will have garnered a very weak mandate at best.

    The second is that the increasingly toxic tribal divisions that have taken root across America are clearly not resolvable through voting alone. Neither the lunatic Left or the Regressive Right will magically disappear when this election gets sorted out. Americans are going to have to find some other way to get along better, have more reasonable conversations, and accept that folks who see things differently are not the ‘enemy’.

    On this last point, your writing is a refreshing example, for which I thank you.

  10. I truly believe we have a man who earnestly cares about all of us. A president who every day tirelessly puts in his all for the good of his Country. He has proved (proven) that, by keeping his promises. And much of what he has delivered can be summed up, “rising tides lift alI boats.” I’m tired of defending him from those who judge him superficially. That’s their prerogative.
    Now, sadly it seems, as the curtain comes down on the Era of Trump, I visualize the smiles on the faces of the Jim Kenney’s, Larry Krasner’s and Tom Wolfe’s of our Great Country, of all the other liberal/leftist leaders who have infected our traditional value system for fifty plus years, these purveyors of PC. The same PCBS that we’ve all been laughing at while lamenting on this post for the past 16 months…thank you Stu.

    We will see what the dems have in store for us.  “We don’t know what we got until it’s gone” seems appropriate.

    1. The following is a conversation I had with myself after reading my post and contemplating on the events taking place across the country and here in Philly.

      First of all Tom I understand how you feel, but your forgetting who you’re talking about.  Donald Trump is a fighter and he is not conceding. Why would you, a big supporter? Remember all the names we’ve been called and the ridicule from CNN and its ilk?

      Yeah, I know Tom, but the dems and the media have worn me out. 

      Exactly, that’s what they want and they’re damn good at it Tom. Keep your chin up. “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

      Got it! Thanks, Tom. ‘OORAH!!’

      So I apologize to all Trumpsters on this blog, especially to the hundreds of thousands of rallying supporters and my good friend Tony Clark, who is probably out in the trenches right now fighting for a worthy cause.

      1. Thomas,
        no apologize needed or expected.
        Out here in Chester County, we got our head handed to us ! I put a post on facebook today. I was gentle, in talking to my cousin. He in Jersey and not understanding what just happened. I explained; Tony and friends. Ever since the ’70s, Jersey has been slowly turning blue. It used to be blue only up north, close to N.Y.. But, as is the case, the blue tide kept working it’s way south, and nonody either noticed or did anything about it. Same in Chester County. Since the ’80s, the blue tide kept moving along. No one tried to stop them. Now, the republicans are so disorganized, that it will take years to regain the county. Unfortunately, no one is listening. And so it goes.
        stay well, Mr. Fireman,

        1. Tony,
          I see where Trump’s ahead in Texas by about 6 points compared to 2016’s 9 points. I hear because the people moving there from heavily taxed democratic areas bring their politics with them. Maybe, if true, same in South Jersey. Although taxes are high in Jersey.
          Sorry to hear about Chester County.
          It was great to see him pick up large Black and Latino/Hispanic vote.
          Take care

          1. Tom,
            Two reasons for high taxes in Jersey. Schools and lack of ratables. North Jersey is densely populated with most of the people working in NYC. North Jersey and Hawaii go back and forth each year for highest negatives. ( unemployment, government subsidy, rent ) The teachers make very good wages in Jersey. Somebody has to pay for it. When I was there – up till a few years ago, the township tax was low, then the county took a big bite ! Same as here.

  11. Dear Employees:

    As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Joe Biden is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

    To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%.  But, since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.
    This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

    So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty ‘Biden Harris’ bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go.

    I can’t think of a more, fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change……I gave it to them.

    I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


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