What Basement Biden must do to win

Basement Brigadier Joe Biden can win a presidential campaign against the mobile President Donald J. Trump in the opinion of two guys who propelled Barack Obama to the presidency.

Barak Obama senior strategist David Axelrod has advice for Joe Biden

The advice givers — David Axelrod, senior strategist for both Obama’s campaigns, and David Plouffe, 2008 campaign manager — wrote an op-ed commissioned by The New York Times, which will — spoiler alert! — eventually endorse the former vice president for president.

Being mired in his Delaware basement, the advisers wrote, nullifies Biden’s “authentic sense of empathy” and his “intensely moving encounters with people.”

Axelrod and Plouffe ground out a puff piece enumerating all of Biden’s many qualities — such as experience as senator and vice president — while neglecting negatives, such as his propensity to trip on his tongue; to, um, embellish his credentials, not to mention the sexual harassment charge that we will not mention.

While the president’s freewheeling and often fact-free news briefings are actually hurting Trump, Biden can’t count on that as a path to victory. “Now Mr. Biden is mired in his basement, speaking to us remotely, like an astronaut beaming back to earth from the International Space Station,” they wrote.

What to do? 

Online speeches from his basement won’t do it, nor will conventional TV and radio advertising. National campaigns abandoned local newspaper advertising long ago.

“Broadcast interviews are fine, but most valuable only if they generate a great and memorable line that becomes a widely shared and consumed video moment,” they wrote.

With Biden, they did not say, there’s the danger of him ad libbing a gaffe that becomes the memorable moment.

 Biden needs to get digital and bang social media. “In many respects, they are the campaign, not an important part of it.”

My initial reaction? This is mindless. Where is the substance?

“While television remains a potent force, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are all essential,” they wrote.

Reading that makes me want to vomit. This is how voters will get their information?

Yes — and I have known for some time that “most” Americans get their “news” from Facebook, which is not a news organization. It is a blank wall, often filled with graffiti.

For someone who has spent his life working for news organizations that have standards, professional policies, and ethics, this was a kick in the balls. It is the new reality.

And Trump has mastered the Art of the Campaign. His social media presence swamps Biden’s about 15-1.

What can Biden do?

Act like an insurgent, they say. Hit and run like a speedboat, not like a battleship. “Make him react to you.” Example: A video saying “This is a cup of Lysol. It is poison. Please do not drink it.” Social media feasts on snark. Maybe that’s why Ukraine elected a standup comedian.

Biden won’t do standup, but needs to get supporters such as the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, to resend any of his material, adding tens of millions of people to his reach.

He also needs to use surrogates, such as those named above.

They say the Basement Brigadier can win, if he accelerates his digital and social media game.

They are probably right, and if they are, this will depress the number of campaign in-person rallies in the future. While they energize the people who are there, they are costly in terms of money and manpower.

Rallies could join whistle stop campaigning on the ash heap of history. At least that’s what I hear on Twitter.

40 thoughts on “What Basement Biden must do to win”

  1. Joe Biden is our very own Rev. William Archibald Spooner, who consistently transposed words, bringing tears of laughter. A few examples: Saying “Our queer old dean” when he meant “Our dear old Queen.” Or how about, “We’ll have the hags flung out” for “We’ll have the flags hung out.” It will be a howl to listen to Biden try to explain his positions.

    The men you cited who claim they helped elect Barack Obama conveniently omit the effect of the white-guilt factor: those who voted for Obama simply because he was black. They are the same morons who voted for Hillary simply because she was a woman. Joe Biden will get the same moron factor in his favor: he isn’t Trump.

    1. Vince, I am sure there were many who voted against President Obama because he was Black. Why did you omit that fact?

      1. Because most of us are not racist. Yes, some probably did. vote against him because he is black.
        But more voted for him because (as I heard so often from my liberal friends) “It was time we elected a black man.” Specious reason at best. I voted against him because I did not like his plans for the country. Turns out I was right: he lied about the Affordable Care Act, which turned out to be a nightmare.

        1. I am not a liberal by today’s standards, but will confess race was ONE reason, and a minor one, why I voted for him. I did the same when Wilson Goode ran the first time. I did not vote for his re-election because he had a record that damned him.

          1. Of course one will factor race and sex into a decision, it’s human nature to do so. But my point has always been it should not be the sole reason for voting for someone.

        2. Vince, you know that most people who voted against President Obama will not admit they did so because he is Black. There is no way to prove what percentage did thus your argument is specious rather than sound.

          1. Planted axiom: “You know that most people…etc.” No, I do not know. It is supposition on your part.

          2. It is supposition on your part Vince when you said “Because most of us are not racist.” You have no basis to make such a statement.

      2. My late best friend was a conservative. “I have been voting Republican for president since 1972. Suddenly, in 2008, I am a racist.”
        He was not a racist. The Left throws the R-word around with abandon, and without proof, thus diminishing the power of the word.

  2. I don’t agree that the ACA was a nightmare it saved me from paying a great deal of money for the crappy insurance my employer offered. The real nightmare is the number of citizens who lack health care.People forget the fact that the stock market was 6,500 when Obama took office. He was criticized for the stimulus but economic experts in hindsight say it was the right thing to do. Much rather have him or Biden in office as opposed to the current occupant!!!

  3. Surrogates are of limited value. Bill Clinton could not transfer his popularity to Albert Gore, and Dwight Eisenhower could neiher do it for Richard Nixon. Presidential candidates have to win on their own merits, and cannot win merely on the shortcomings of their opponents.

  4. It’s Biden’s election to win or…. The irony of leaving a comment on social media about using social media is for a deeper thinker than me.

      1. Not as offensive as I find tRUMP. He is the worst leader in the history of the world. Between his 1,000’s of lies to his hatred of ANYONE who does not agree with him completely. I cannot wait until he goes totally nuts.

        1. tRUMP’s hatred of President Obama is ludicrous. It borders on paranoia. tRUMP is a clueless, classless piece of bull droppings.

          1. What is wrong Vince? It appears you do not like it when I criticize your kkk buddy tRUMP. The truth of the matter is you and you friends can do nothing to shut me up.

          2. Dang Mr.Bogart- you are the most consistently venal player on this site and that is why I will get immense pleasure should Trump win again

          3. I am sorry to disappoint you Steve but I do not fit the definition of venal.

            If you want tRUMP to win because you believe in him, while I disagree with you, that is your right. If you want him to win simply to aggravate, or get back at me I feel that is a poor reason.

  5. No one needs to personally like Donald Trump, to admire and respect the policies and appointees that are keeping the country on the right track.

    1. On track to what? Please explain! what policies?Like his covid-19 policy? I don’t like anyone who says they never apologize. I’ve never liked Trump and I don’t think I ever will but I’m more open-minded than he is especially when people disagree w/me.

      1. Barry,
        From day one, President Trump went into the White House with the novel idea of winning back America from the greed and corruption that turned Washington D.C. into a swamp, festering with power grabbers ( politicians ) of both parties. They used to be republican and democrat, but since the ’60s, their real names ( interchangeable ) are greed and corruption !
        He brought with him a selected entourage of top level business people, of all colors, male and female. Then the problems started. Big business didn’t know how to play with low level politicians. Mr. Trump found out just how dirty Washington really is . When else, you have party control of all of congress and the White House does almost nothing get done ? Then the next election, the house swings to the left. Princess Nancy is back on top of the heap and she wields a mean fountain pen. Imagine, if you will, if all of congress actually cared about the people that elected them. Imagine what could happen. The wall would have been done without pissing away billions on illegals. We would be bringing home the businesses that left under tax shelters. Health care would be affordable, the way it was before it became a gold mine. Do you remember before all of these insurance programs. One plan. Period. Everything was covered and there was no raping the sick and injured. We would have good sound infrastructure, as it should be. Not pot hole central, or – bridge close. Finally ( last one ) we would have good jobs with livable wages at a reasonable tax. I, for one, remember how far ( not very ) a dollar would go in the ’90s. I remember the recessions and depressions when the plant s were closed and the work went over seas. That’s why I did not vote for Obama or any other dimocrat. They all promise you the world, then you pay for it with your two paycheck jobs.
        I’m sure this will be absorbed by all and answered by some. I will not entertain individuals that can’t behave, or own a dictionary.
        stay well,

        1. Tony- Sorry but I’m not drinking the Trump kool-aid!. He’s a lying crook albeit like many politicians on both sides. A crocodile won’t clean up his own swamp! If you’re so pro- America, how can you stand by a president who colludes with a known enemy? BTW anybody who forces people back to work w/out safeguards, perpetuates the swamp mentality! Good Day!

          1. Barry,
            Give me an example of President Trump lying and stealing. What is collusion ? Trying to negotiate back our businesses from China . The world is big and complicated. The middle east proved that you can’t buy your fiends anymore ( or should have ).
            I don’t think any body is forcing anybody back to work. The President is giving latitude to the Governors of each state.
            Washington D.C. has been a swamp since the ’60s. We were kept naive about the goings on.

      1. friend,
        I had another nice long reply, but your blog went down AGAIN !
        In the real world, you put up or get out . D.C. is for from the business world.
        e.g. #2 wife was with a center city law firm in the ’90s. That firm only looked at the best 10% from the best law schools. The partners would pick the interns. They were brought in, dressed, housed, if need be and their staring salary was &100,00.00 . They had one year to prove their worth. Some didn’t make it the year. Rarely was an extension given, never mind a full year. So it goes at the top of the food chain.
        The people that the President brought in, were at the top. Unfortunately for them, business and politics do not mix. Some couldn’t cut it. Some decided that there plan was better than Trump’s. Some were set up by the never Trumpers and resigned or, again were forced out.
        Indicted. Are you referring to lawyers who had a life before they met Trump ? Who were deep in it for a long time and a lot of money ? You’re not talking about Generals, I hope.

    S.D. and Boys ,
    This blog went from Biden downhill to Obama in nothing flat.
    These times are a bit unnerving, to say the least. Rational people used to have conversations and discuss their candidate and opposition with out resorting to one syllable words and a few(sic) wear spelling doesn’t count.
    Sorry to say, “is this the best the dimocrats have to offer ?” Biden ? Take a look at his record. The guy always was a schmoozer. He was a winner because the party made him so. Think about it, seriously. Would you want Joe and his Vice (soon-to-be) President running the show. It would be like that Brinks truck, back in the ?70s? , South Philly, were a local loon snatched a bag of money. He got as far as an airport in New York. He beat the rap because he was a life long certified loon. Fast forward to 2020. Biden the loon ? C’mon !
    As far as arguing about Obama. He was in the right place at the right time. He won because the party played him to win. Of course, the republicans helped a lot by not running a real candidate. Either time.
    You can play the race card all you want, but for a novel idea, try being fair. The blacks and the Jews carried the vote, with the bleeding heart liberals running a close second !. Every – I mean every – Black person voted for Obama and they all said about the same thing. We have a brother in the White House, now we get to run the country. That was election one. Not so much in election two.
    On a more serious note. Memorial Day is around the corner. Get your self out to a cemetery and “Thank a Vet”.
    Fly our Flag for all of the right reasons. Politics aside, you are living in the best country in the world ( it don’t look it )at the best times.

    1. Obama got “only” 93% of black vote in 2012, larger in 2008. Sorry to nit pixk, but that is not “every” black person. Now — think DJT will get the 35% of AAs he is claiming?

      1. Wow, Stu,
        Somebody actually lied to me ! Saying that they didn’t vote for Obama. Go figure. I try not to ask such ridiculous questions, like who did you vote for, or who are you going to vote for. I am involved in politics. Unless you believe in the tooth fairy, don’t ask those questions and expect an honest answer.
        How will anyone really know, who voted for whom ?!? Oh ! ( sic ) that’s right ! take another poll.
        Ye old say’n’. the only poll that matters is the one when the vote count is done .

        1. SOP. Denounce the polls when you don’t like them. It can’t be EVERY black person because Larry Elders, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, etc. did not vote for him. Plus many unnamed black Republicans.

          1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
            Hey early bird !,
            Never mind your “SOP”. In politics( experience ), you write the questions to get the desired answer. It can be a “sampling”, “scientific” and I suppose “random through Stu’s blog”.
            I read them. I don’t study them. I am aware of the so called pulse of the people. Fodder for the air waves comes to mind, when taking polls.

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