Want to mail in your ballot?

Claiming a need for “equity,” a committee person is asking for drop boxes in every neighborhood.

We already have them. They are called mail boxes. Unguarded drop boxes is just begging for trouble.

19 thoughts on “Want to mail in your ballot?”

  1. But this disenfranchises and penalizes people who don’t have the money for the stamp. Obviously sarcastic, but someone, somewhere will find using only the US Mail racist and stacked against people of color.

  2. That’s why the whole debate about drop boxes for ballots is completely bogus. We have a dropbox on every other corner in my neighborhood. Looks just like the picture in this post.

    I believe that in one or some of your previous blogs, you addressed elections and voting in those elections. We all know that Presidential elections garner the most votes, which is seldom near 60 % of the eligible voting population. Off year elections are considerably worse. Much worse.
    Historically, the Black population doesn’t come out on election day. Amazingly, the other minority groups do vote. Why? Pick any number of reasons. You’re as right as the next guy. From my observations, Blacks are just like everybody else. People vote because they believe that there is something in it for them. The Obama first election proved that. people don’t vote for the same reason. There’s nothing in it for them. The Obama second election proved that. I’m doing this from a bad memory. I’m not interested enough to go digging in files, getting accurate numbers on a past election.
    As always.

  4. On the Nov. 2 election vote out those who have perpetuated the Trump lies and have made it more difficult to vote.

    1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      H. Bogart
      With respect to your ‘closed mind’, here it is once again.
      Some do some good, but they have been there too long.
      Most do NO GOOD and they must leave.
      Party affiliations: GREED, GRAFT, CORRUPTION

      1. Tony, you call me closed minded and yet you continue to ignore the lies being told by the ash-kissing trumpets. From your previous postings it is obvious that what you want are political hacks that without queston, blindly follow and agree with whatever Trump does and says…the Constitution along with the will of the people be damned.

        On the Nov. 2 election vote out those who have perpetuated the Trump lies and have made it more difficult to vote.

        1. I can’t believe that I’m dumb enough to engage you in ( HA ) conversation
          SOS out of you.
          definitely last call

          1. It appears to me your idea of engaging in conversation is you feel it is alright to call me names and say things about me but if I respond in kind you get bent out of shape.

          2. I do agree with something you said Tony. If people feel a politician is not doing what is in their best interest they attempt to vote them out of office. It should not matter what political party they are with. It sould not matter what race, creed, gender, religion, etc. the person is.

            The problem is people do not agree on if someone is working on their behalf. You and I are good examples of this.

    2. Next year we can vote out those Trump Clown Posse Republicans who are anti-democratic, who keep on lying that Biden stole the election, and who are making it harder to vote and easier for politicians to throw out the votes. And vote out any Republican who supported the January 6th insurrection against the Constitution.

  5. Stu, would you please name the committee person who requested this? Did you hear about this directly from that person or did you hear about it second, third, etc. hand?

  6. Some people forget to filter those fleeting thoughts before they come out of their mouth (or hit their keyboard).
    Solution looking for a problem.

  7. For what it is worth Stu, I took my ballot to my local Post office Wednesday before noon and yesterday I received notification which said, in part;

    “Your ballot has been received by PHILADELPHIA County on 10/14/2021.
    Your ballot status has been updated to reflect your official ballot has been received timely and recorded.”

    With that said I do not know how long it might have taken to have been received if I put in a mailbox.

  8. It is impossible to determine the truth if you already ‘know’ what the truth should be. Just try to engage anyone in a conversation about, oh, Trump, Israel, the 9/11 attack, et cetera. The Left ‘knows’ the truth, so NOTHING anyone says that contradicts that ‘truth’ will be heard.

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