Virus: The plan to save economy looks good

President Donald J. Trump’s plan to unlock the country, announced this evening, was a little different than what he had floated a day before.

President Trump during briefing

The plan, aimed at state governors, is basically suggestions, rather than demands originally hinted at, because he has no authority to make demands. Since claiming that the President has limitless authority to do what he wants, some little bird must have whispered in his ear, “Mr. President, sir, no you don’t have that authority.”

The amazing thing is that Trump heeded the little bird. 

There is hope for the Republic.

In this opinion of this nonpartisan observer, the plan is measured and sensible and reflects the input of medical professionals Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx who shared the podium with the president.

It will be a “gradual process,” said the President with no timeline by dates. About a half-dozen states are at the so-called “gating” procedure that states must meet before reopening. Before moving onto the second and third phases, the gating criteria must once again be met, so there are safeguards for each phase of the reopening.

On balance, the plan, called “Opening Up America Again,” strikes me as a thoughtful plan and a plus for Trump. He gets credit if things go well, but governors catch blame if things go south. 

Here’s an outline of the program.

In general, according to the guidelines, states must have a downward trajectory of both influenza-like illnesses and COVID-19-like syndromic cases and also should either be a downward trajectory of documented cases or positive tests as a percent of total tests.

Phase 1 (States and regions that satisfy gating criteria):

Vulnerable individuals continue to shelter in place

In public places people should maximize physical distance from others

Avoid socializing in groups of more than 10 people where physical distancing cannot be maintained

Non-essential travel should be minimized

Employers should encourage telework whenever possible or return to work in phases with common areas closed

Schools that are closed should remain closed

Visits to senior living facilities and hospitals should be prohibited

Large venues, such as movie theaters, restaurants and sports arenas, can operate under strict physical distancing protocols

Elective surgeries can resume

Gyms can open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols

Bars should remain closed.

Phase 2 (States and regions with no evidence of a rebound and that satisfy the gating criteria a second time):

Vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter in place

In public places people should maximize physical distance from others

Avoid socializing in groups of more than 50 people where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained

Nonessential travel can resume

Employers should encourage telework whenever possible and feasible with business operations or return to work with common areas closed

Schools can reopen

Visits to senior living facilities and hospitals should be prohibited

Large venues, such as movie theaters, restaurants and sports arenas, can operate under moderate physical distancing protocols

Bars may operate with diminished standing-room occupancy, where applicable and appropriate

Phase 3 (States and regions with no evidence of a rebound and that satisfy the gating criteria a third time):

Vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions but should practice physical distancing

Low-risk populations should consider minimizing time spent in crowded environments

Unrestricted staffing of worksites can resume

Visits to senior care facilities and hospitals can resume

Large venues, such as movie theaters, restaurants and sports arenas, can operate under limited physical distancing protocols

Bars may operate with increased standing-room occupancy, where applicable and appropriate

What was missing was the plans for massive testing for both the virus and its antibodies that everyone says is necessary before we can think about true recovery.

Well, there’s always tomorrow.

33 thoughts on “Virus: The plan to save economy looks good”

  1. When the recovery plan begins to work with tangible results and there is a sense of “normalcy” in our lives, the Trump haters, many with a terminal case of TDS will resort to their usual temper tantrums about Trump and Republicans….they would be happier to see total devastation of the economy and of the population in order to achieve their ultimate goal of a centralized economy enforced by an authoritarian federal government….not going to happen…Massive Progressive meltdown on November 3, 2020 as “45” wins again…..

    Mr. nonpartisan observer,
    Thank you for finally giving OUR President his due. From the beginning of this pandemic, Mr. Trump was advised by the best professionals this country has to offer. The models used were, as I said before, educated guesses by some of the best minds in the country. When something didn’t work, the team tried plan”B”. This too is a plan assembled by the best. The testing will continue and improve as time progresses. The best defense would be the test that is just being developed to determine the carriers. Most important is that everyone is reaching for the same goal.

    1. The problem is he too often ignores the best advice. He didn’t this time and I applaud him for it. Now, if he can work on being so very needy.

      1. Stu,
        The problem, as I see it is that President Trump sees Washington D.C. ( AKA “SWAMP” ) for what it is. Mr. Trump has removed the dead weight ( Obama civil service hangers on ) every chance that he has had. Unfortunately, you often times don’t know who the enemy is until they are found out.
        Hopefully, the voting Americans ( not illegals ) will clean house this time. More hope, is that a republican House, Senate and White House can actually drain the swamp and bring a much needed change to legislation that protects the “deadwood”.
        As for the President patting himself on the back. That’s a two edged sword. He has to remind the public and the press how bad it was when He took over. Further, he has to remind the public that the “fake news” and dimocrats are in bed together. Naturally, he has to mention that Princess Nancy is home eating ice cream instead of working her ass off trying to make life better for all legal Americans.
        Yea, I get tired of hearing it, too. As I scroll through the airways, I seldom hear an encouraging word from the fake news or the opposition – especially now that we appear to be heading for a start up in our economy. Also hopefully, when the smoke clears, there will be hell to pay !
        stay well my friend

          1. Thank you!
            It is re-assuring after seeing many irrational comments from the Right.

        1. It is not journalism’s job to pat the powerful on the back. Just the opposite. Trump gets worse than Obama, at least in part because he deserves it. Obama got criticized much less, partly because of politics, but he sicced Department of Justice on reporters. For which he was criticized, but not enough.

          1. Stu,
            I hold you in high regard A friend and journalist . Everybody earns “constructive criticism”, but few deserve actual Hate Speech ! Mostly, because the hate speech is full of untruths and fabrications. When you put yourself out in the public, you are going to get criticism. As a professional, we get criticism. That’s part of life.
            As for the difference between Trump and Obama. Both were my/are my Presidents, and as such, I will not disrespect the man, because of the position. After they leave the office, that’s another story. What did Barack Obama do for the country in his 8 years. In my opinion, very little for us, as he tried to become “President of the World”. He most definitely was a polished speaker. The perfect pitchman for the dimocratic party. Talk a lot and say nothing. BTW Obama sicced the feds on a lot of people. The TEA Party was literally crucified by the IRS. I already told you that the IRS audited her 3 years in a row. Then it all disappeared when the press forced congress to take a look at Obama’s shenanigans.
            “Trump deserves it “?!? Way to go my soco-demo friend

          2. Tony, my friend, you can’t celebrate Trump as a disrupter then complain when he gets called for it. In my opinion, he is a disgrace to the office you respect. With that said, when he does something right, I will give him credit for it.

          3. I will let others defend Obama as I did not swoon (once he took office). Before, yeah, as an orator, he had me. (The hopey/changey thing was a bit much for me.)

        2. What we have in you, Tony, is a hypocrite and an ass-kisser. You are a hypocrite, in part, because of you saying you would not bash a President while he is in office but you would bash him after he is out of office. That means you would not criticize him even though you dislike something he did until after the fact. Thus being hypocritical.

          The ass-kisser part is because you are someone who behave in an obsequious manner in order to try to gain favor with others.

  3. Good for you Stu, you’ve pulled yourself back from the edge. You were coming close to jumping the shark, but this column shows you have a few rational bones in your body. When this mess is over and people look back they will be thankful that a man of action, not process, occupied the White House.

  4. Like Trump’s plan, your column was thoughtful and fair. Let us hope as AMERICANS that we can all get back to some sort of normalcy before too much longer.

    1. and as you say that Vince, small business just ran out of grant money because those do nothing dimocrats are home as princess nancy eats her ice cream.

  5. I agree, Stu, the plan seems good. I think most of the Trumpsters ironically have missed this very insightful point, “on balance, the plan, called “Opening Up America Again,” strikes me as a thoughtful plan and a plus for Trump. He gets credit if things go well, but governors catch blame if things go south. “….You nailed it. Trump’s m.o. Take credit if things go well, shift blame if things go wrong.

    30,000 U.S. citizens are DEAD, partially because of the WELL DOCUMENTED failures of Trump, his total LACK of leadership, incompetence, and narcissism. Look what is happening now, again, partially due to Trump’s mixed messages. Protests to open the Country have turned into hate-filled mobs. Trump is a true genius at sowing chaos. Yet, Trumpsters continue to trash the “Left”, the media, Nancy Pelosi, the prior administration, and anyone else who happens to be the enemy of the day, while REFUSING to examine the facts that may have led us to this place. You don’t like comparisons with Hitler, but here it is….he didn’t devastate Europe in a vacuum. He didn’t murder 6 million in a vacuum. He had help. Millions of adoring worshipers. And today, in 2020, after having elected an totally unqualified, unethical, empty shell of man who has spent his ENTIRE life promoting his OWN best interests leaving a wake of turmoil we have over 30,000 DEAD today. I am truly terrified of the possibility of another 4 years of Trump.

    1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      I would really like to have a one on one with many of the Trump Bashers, Haters, Nevers, whatevers.
      You’re not happy with 30,000 dead ? Had he not closed down China, the numbers would be staggering. When I first heard of conona virus, I said ” shut down the country. close the borders for two weeks.” Yea, a little over the top, but, have you ever been in a war before ? Decisions are made quickly. The best plans are scrapped for the next better plan and everything and everyone is fair game.
      One of the many sad parts of your reply, is that you turn around and bash and blame OUR President for everything under the sun, as you do what your complaining about.. Sure, he’s the head of the country. Woops, we have a bunch of do nothing congress men and women, who are and have been doing exactly what you said Mr. Trump has been doing.
      As for Hitler. Your math is way off ! 6 million Jews. 6 million “others”. Not counting the actual numbers from the war. The ones where the innocents get decimated as their cities and countries were over run.
      Most of the people that I know find fault with Mr. Trump, more so than with the President Trump. Believe it or not, the country – even now – is better under his leadership than prior to his election. Had he the help of a REAL congress, this country would be so far ahead of the rest of the world, that we would be living a healthier, happier life.
      President Trump doesn’t walk on water. He doesn’t wave magic wands. He does do what is best for all of the country. I’ll gladly have FOUR MORE YEARS, please !

    2. Yes, Nazi references are anathema, Trump was slow to act but we were going to have thousands of deaths no matter what. Most nations were slow to react.

      1. “Trump was slow to act ” you better get your facts straight, pallie. The feds ( Trump ) were monitoring corna virus from the start – China. At what time do you yell PANDEMIC ?!?
        As we all know. Hind sight is 20 – 20 . The depleted Federal supply was never restocked. The state supplies of ppe were never restocked. Nobody had a stockpile of $30,000 incubators tucked away. So when first the President asks, then orders companies to get on the bandwagon, he’s at fault for being to slow on that matter also. His team tries to stay even with coronavirus, never mind ahead. His people put together a package to save the American public and they wind up with a $25 Million gift to a orchestra that just got layed off. and on, and on………………………….

        1. WOOPSIE !
          ventilator not incubator
          we want to cure the people not turn them into lab rats

  6. Great article Stu. The problem is during tRUMP’s time in office we have had quite a bit of all talk but no action unless the action helped his close associates while giving little of nothing to the rest of the population. We used to call it talking a good game.

    To all of you from the dark side; To the others, please permit me this time and space.
    I will not waste my time, nor my energy trading jabs, barbs or anything else. I have more respect for everyone who reads and also writes in this blog. I was raised to try to speak properly, not disgustingly. In catholic school, we were taught that those who cannot discuss a topic without going off the deep end or not worthy of an attempt at communication. The nuns would say that if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, you shouldn’t say it at all. Words to live by, for sure, but on more than one occasion, I failed.
    More often than not, those that have no argument, will twist the words or just flat out lie. That’s not me. I will engage in humor, but not hatred. I will discuss, as best as I can, any subject that appears in this blog. I will respect your opinion and views regardless of you respecting mine. But as I said, I wont trade insults.
    No apology. This is who I am.
    It was said about me a long time ago. “You never have to wonder what’s on Tony’s mind. You’re gonna here it, whether you want to or not”.
    stay well,

      1. YO BUD !!!
        missed you these past few days. Hope all is well with you and yours.

        1. Since right before Easter I’ve bit my tongue several times, waiting for the trolling to ease a bit. I grow weary of confrontation. But I have remained tuned in.
          Thanks for asking!

          1. Tony

            Funny you should mention.
            Most of us still dream about the job. For me, the house bells are blaring, I can’t find my gear, their out the door, and I’m yelling and running to catch up!
            Dreams of inhibition, I believe.

    1. Tony, you say you will not trade jabs, barbs, etc. with anyone here yet you have no problem insulting people who are probably not here and have not read what you have written. What this tells me is you want to play it safe and talk about those who you know cannot respond in kind. That is mighty brave of you.

      Another thing you do not do is answer legitimate questions when you feel the answer would not be self-serving to you.

  8. On a ‘non-partisan’ note, I found the plan to be sensible as far as it goes. No Trump fan, but I do appreciate that he apparently listened to good advice on this occasion. Wonders never cease. But as with most things, the devil is in the detail. Easing restrictions, in all scenarios, is predicated on having quite specific public health capabilities in place – huge capacity for fast result testing where and when needed, effective contact tracing, protective products in the workplace and so forth. What I didn’t hear anything about is a coherent plan to get these resources in place. Surely the federal government has a role to play in making this a reality? Avoiding a repeat of States competing with each other for material and resources would seem to dictate at least a coordinating role at the federal level. “Flattening the curve’ is only one prerequisite to easing restrictions, there’s a lot of other stuff needed that wasn’t addressed yet.

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