Virus: Graterford for violators

Most Americans are law-abiding, and caring people, too.

Can’t stay home? Stay here

A minority are not, and I can’t quantify that, but the U.S. does incarcerate more people than any where else, even China, which has four times our population. (Also a huge secret police network and a judicial system under which you are guilty upon arrest. No wonder few Chinese break the law.) 

The United States says you are innocent until proven guilty. We also have several hundred juridictions that openly flout immigration law. 

Philadelphia is one of them, protecting people who are here illegally from prosecution, even convicted foreign felons. 

Over the years, I have repeatedly reported on the near-zero enforcement to suppress bad bicycling, jay walking, sidewalk cafes glomming too much sidewalk space and A-frame advertising signs that are so ubiquitous you probably don’t know they are illegal. 

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, woke D.A. Larry Krasner — a George Soros-funded lifelong cop  hater — announced there were a lot of crimes he just was not going to prosecute. So there.

Naturally, some serious crimes increased.  

Krasner funnels an increased number of gun cases to a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) — 78 in 2018, Krasner’s first year as district attorney, versus 12 the previous year. 

This in a city where so-called leaders scream about illegal guns on the streets. They pass laws against them, then do not enforce them. Krasner actively ignores them. He is a menace.

Krasner’s record is studded with bad, pro-criminal decisions.

He cut a serious break to get knife-wielding Michael White out from under serious charges in the death of unarmed Sean Schellenger .

White killed a guy and got a tap, not even a slap, on the wrist after Krasner deliberately took the decision out of the jury’s hands. 

A gun suspect he allowed to roam free wound up killing a Philadelphia police officer, Cpl. James O’Connor, among others.

That is the background — a mayor and a D.A. who are allergic to enforcing the law.

No surprise that gun sales are going through the roof. The city’s response? It stopped processing carry permits — which requires people to pass a serious police investigation. That’s right — punish the innocent, protect the guilty. Such joy to live in a progressive city.

So here comes coronavirus and the mayor was frustrated that not everyone is staying indoors, as they should to prevent the spread of the disease.

So he writes an executive “stay at home” order that threatens “remedies and penalties as provided by law.”

The executive order does not mention what they are, and you can tell having to act like a parent is driving Kenney crazy. There is no excuse he doesn’t have for law breakers — that’s why he favors the Not Safe Injection Sites for drug addicts, who are breaking the law when they shoot up.

So if you break his “stay at home” order, what happens?

I sent an email to the police department to find out what the charge would be, what the fine would be, and would there be incarceration?

I got no response, so I’ll have to do a little guesswork.

Violators might get a summons. Big whoop. I think we can be more creative than that.

Let’s reopen the recently closed Graterford and send executive order violators there for a 14-day quarantine.

If we can do that to cruise ship passengers who had done nothing wrong, surely we could do the same to our chirpy wise guys. Just the threat of that punishment would almost guarantee compliance.

With lives at risk, does the city have the guts to do it?

This city, probably not.

10 thoughts on “Virus: Graterford for violators”

    At last! Philly will be a safe city ! Mr.Mayor, under threat of lock and key, with the help of D.A. Krasner can keep the city streets clean of trash and citizens. Too bad the S.S. America is not available. That would be the ideal threat of a lock up ! You could hide over 5,000 nasty Philadelphians that refused to follow the orders of Generalissimo Kenny. But then again, maybe George Soros’s puppet would just forgive and forget.
    c’mon out to mayberry !

  2. What is astonishing is that a POS like Krasner is allowed to do things he does. Is there no way to remove someone like this? For a variety of reasons (two of them having to do with the Parking Authority), I am a dedicated disliker of Philadelphia (‘hater’ would be too strong a word), going back many years: the taxes that ate up so much of my meager paycheck; the panhandlers who made walking the streets a displeasure; the death-grip the Democrats had on city politics, and their failure to make the city a better place to live (by ‘a better place,’ I mean more than nice buildings); etc. When you, Stu, use the word ‘progressive’ to describe the city, I chuckle. I don’t know how you describe ‘progress,’ but to me the city is, in military terms, marching to the rear. Any city that has lost 50% of its population in 75 years certainly isn’t ‘progressing.’ Krasner, the beginning of this screed, is also the ending. Res ipsa loquitur.

    1. Vince,
      Political party aside, it’s almost impossible to remove a D.A. from office. UNLESS ! He thinks he’s smarter than every one around him( seth williams)
      § 7A-66. Removal of district attorneys.


  3. People ask me why I moved back to Philly. After 17 years. I tell them ‘family,’ a son in the middle of major operations to correct a severe birth defect, and a brother suffering from Alzheimers. And at a time of what is known as “The Great Recession.” A financial loss, with two silver linings. Easy decision!
    Why Philly? Cheaper. Actually, no choice. So here I am with whom I want to be.
    Just another side while in total agreement with you all.

  4. Philadelphia’s population has been steadily increasing, not decreasing, for the past 2 decades. But the Democratic choke-hold on local politics is the City’s true Achilles heal. The politics are just complacent… maintain the status quo. Blacks reflexively vote Democrat ignoring the fact that Philadelphia’s poverty rate is among the highest of our nation’s cities. Something has to give…

  5. All the neighborhoods that were high in crime when I was a cop 50 years ago, are still high in crime and much larger. How can anyone vote Democrat when nothing changes for the better?

  6. Pasquale Bianculli
    Grandfather of murdered 16 year old hero, Salvatore “Tankie”DiNubile. First grateful for communicating the truth about an incompetent, arrogant, public defender, Larry Krasner and the egregious injustice in handling of Sean Schellenger’s murder and Sargent James O’Connor. In my grandson’s case which was an obvious collusion between DA, judiciary and defense attorneys when two accomplices were not even charged after one perjured himself 31 times and admitted to a judge he sold guns. Two other individuals charged with a slee of charged including gun possession, disposing of murder weapon and many more were given probation. Ironically our hypocritical Krasner prosecutes the father of my murdered grandson on a frivolous complaint which complaint denied everything on the stand. But his office then appeals to persecute my innocent son in law. There is so much more I can write a book. But instead I’m fighting for my grandson and Linda, Maureen, and all victims victimized by this liberal progressive criminal loving Soros puppet by pursuing his removal from office Can’t impeach nor recall! Different approach with team in place. Enough is enough!

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