Virus: Americans versus chuckleheads

More than a week into turning your home into a jail rather than a castle, I am (happily) surprised by the docility of the American people. As far as I can tell, aside from the thin edge of chuckleheads, most Americans are doing what is asked of them, and with little complaint.

Rich Zeoli (Photo: WPHT)

How do I judge that? I turn to the well of discontent known as the internet, and find shut-in jokes and bitching, but no mentions of Ruby Ridge, for instance. Maybe I’d have to go to the Dark Web to find the skinheads, Nazis and white supremicists. 

Speaking of chuckleheads, that was the word used by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on a patron at a Wegmans who deliberately coughed on a clerk and said he had the coronavirus bug.

Identified as the moron was 50-year-old George Falcone who was charged with terroristic threats. Somehow that seemed funny to WPHT1210-AM host Rich Zeoli, who ridiculed the entirely appropriate charge. Assault would also be appropriate.

This could be even bring a biological terrorism charge.

I wonder if Zeoli would have been so nonchalant had Falcone coughed on Zeoli’s young son, Patrick? Or if someone with HIV spit on a cop. Would Rich find that funny? 

I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. 

Both Mayor Jim Kenney and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo mentioned some mouth breathers who were not observing the protocol of social distance, staying out of crowds and incessant hand washing.

AP reported hundreds of masks stolen in Portland, Ore., a Missouri man coughing on two store clerks, and some Bowie, Md., dumbass wearing an orange vest and blue surgical mask asking to be admitted to homes to inspect for coronavirus.

There also have been scattered reports of Asian-Americans having been bullied and threatened, but no physical violence I could find reported. 

This is bad, but statistically insignificant in a nation of 330 million people. I said the same thing last year about a small rise in anti-Semitic attacks. We can’t let the jackasses rattle us, or dispirit us. We are better than that and most Americans are going along with the program and protecting their neighbors. As we all should.

I don’t know how long this will go on, and neither do you. 

The thing to know is it will end, so do not yield to depression and pessimism.

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  1. Stu – chuckleheads, err, jerk-wads, will, unfortunately, always be a part of the landscape. It just takes situations like this to make them even more visible. I’m sure we all wish they could be flushed away as opposed to flushed out. As noted, your sage advice – Do Not Yield. BTW, I assume you made a typo regarding our population…should be 330 mill. Keep the faith, dude!

          1. Thank you David. Blame it on the built-in spell checker (or is that “spellchecker” or “spell-checker”?). Apparently all 3 are commonly used since the word is not “official” yet. According to what I read, it seems that separated words like these have a tendency to morph into a single word over time (according to Meriam-Webster). Seems the same thing has happened to “proofreader.” Interesting. I didn’t know.

    1. Never laughed at what the guy did. Never. Laughed at the absurdity of the charge of terroristic threats which I guarantee will be knocked down in court. Guarantee it will be pled down. What he did was awful but terroristic threats is prosecutorial theater. It doesn’t even meet the statutory requirements. And I NEVER made fun of the victim. Never. That’s another lie by you. I did an impression of Governor Murphy calling him a knucklehead because I do an impression of Murphy. The guy who allegedly did this in Wegmans is way worse than a knucklehead. Your article is a complete distortion of what I said. It’s a compilation of lies distortions. And bringing my five year old son into this? Naming him? Shame on you Stu. You are a liar. You are a disgrace.

      1. Since moving to Florida I listen every morning on I heard the exchange Mr. Bykofsky refers to and was not offended and indeed took it exactly the way Rich says it was intended.

        1. Thank you Diane. Stu is lying and expects me to lost the audio to defend myself. What a loser. Have a great day. Rich

          1. Post the audio of me saying it. Prove the accusation. Go to my podcast page. Find the audio, post it. Be a man. Get off your lazy washed up has been fascist pathetic snowflake butt and prove the allegation. My podcast are available on many different platforms. It’s not up to me to prove my innocence fascist. Get off your ass and be a journalist.

    Rich Zeoli: his show looks at life from the lighter side. I haven’t listened to him in a while. ( it’s hard to pick up 1210 out here ) I can hear Rich and his crew having fun with the Gov – who nobody in their right minds would vote for – and the other short sided people in the world.
    Out here in Chester County, the people and life is very different from that in Philly. Most of the residents take the country approach to life. They’re laid back, don’t get tousled, and don’t understand why people in the big cities are the way that they are. Keep in mind that most of these people don’t know much about any city. They may visit from time to time, but almost all of their business is out here.
    On the plus side. Life isn’t that much different now compared to before coronavirus. The people go on about there business. The kids are now home schooled and they get to do more chores around the house. And the Amish don’t let the world get in the way of their life. They keep it simple, everything is about the family and God.

      1. Charles,
        apparently I don’t pay enough taxes (sic) out here in Chester County. is intermittent. Forget a.m. radio at my house. With all the hills out here, a.m. radio is also intermittent while travelling the highways and by-ways. ( 1210, 1060 ). Our best shot is “Alexa”. When she’s being obstinate, Alexa can’t make up her mind which 1210 to play. She’s all over the country at times. Sorry to say, Alexa doesn’t know the hosts on WPHT by name. That would be ( plug ! ) Rich Zeoli, Dom Giordano, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine and Joe Pags. On the Sunday is Sid Marks ( I think ) with Sinatra and Christine Flowers.

        1. Sid’s Sinatra show is the only thing worth listening to on that station. And, I listen to that show when i can.

  3. Rich, Why do you continue to say Wuhan Virus when the majority of Americans refer to it as Coronavirus? What is your incentive to do this? Is it to show your support of Trump? Again, normal people refer to it as Coronavirus or Covid-19.

  4. I listen to Rich and although I don’t know him personally I don’t think he would EVER laugh at a victim. He ALWAYS fights for victims. Maybe you should worry more about the content you print being accurate than whether you made a typo. I started to write what I think of you but I will allow the people who know the truth decide. NO ONE should EVER use someone’s family member in a smear article which this obviously is. Your pathetic and I’m glad I have and will never read anything you write! If your reading this Rich, your listeners know you and don’t believe any of this.

      1. I told you. The audio is posted. It’s public. It’s podcast. Go find it you lazy so called journalist. You defame my character and I have to prove my innocence ? You are pathetic Stu. Why don’t you post the audio to prove you are right you lazy washed up hack?

        1. You are a fascist. You accuse people and offer zero evidence and expect them to provide the evidence to prove their innocence. Prove what I said or STFU snowflake.

          1. Now I see why you were fired. You are lazy. A pathetic excuse for a journalist. You make an accusation at me. Offer zero proof. And then expect ME to prove you wrong. You are a joke. This is why I have a job and you don’t. Enough said.

      2. Stu: Mr. Zeoli insists on referring to you as a ‘fascist.’ I think he called you that four or five times. ‘Fascist’ is right up there with ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’ as pejoratives that are cheap replacements for real argumentation.

        1. Yeah Vince, but my blood would be boiling if my 5 year old son’s name was posted publicly. Then the taunting “Post the audio princess?” That’s egging him on.
          Christine Flowers tried to referee, but no response. I still don’t get it. Stu does, and this whole damn thing is unneccesary.

          1. Zeoli talks about his son most days. I used his NAME, I said nothing bad about Patrick, to try to get Princess Zeoli to feel some empathy. I have rarely seen a public figure with such thin skin and tortured language — I am a fascist AND a snowflake, in a half dozen emails. Ms. OCD. For what — criticizing the princess? He needs to grow up.
            I have NOTHING more to say about that twit.

    1. You’re right, I wouldn’t and I didn’t. Stu is lying. He’s become everything he used to lambaste. Sad. Thanks for listening! Rich

    2. Thanks, Mark. I didn’t laugh at the victim. I never would. Stu should be a man and prove his accusation but he can’t because I never said it. He expects me to prove my innocence but this is America. Have a great night. RZ

  5. My son is a big fan of Rich. On his way into work, Leonardo Helicopter.
    He enjoys the humor. He met Rich’s side kick Dawn at the FOP charity event a while back. Rich was sick and unable to attend. He had an extensive conversation with Dawn and a selfie with Dom G. I occasionally tune in as does a buddy of mine. Maybe Rich appeals to a younger crowd, but then again my buddy is 80. Stu, I was surprised by your post today and new nothing of the event at Wegman’s. That’s why I went silent.
    I like you, and when I do tune into Rich I get a laugh! Like your post yesterday! We need more of Stu humor!!

  6. Jimmy,
    We’ve been bullied too long by a PC minority. Self appointed PC Police. Telling us what we should and should not, do, say, think, eat, drink, and like, etc. The Wuhan virus originated in Wuhan, China. That’s Normal. If you can’t understand why then you’ve been snookered or are one of the PC’s.

    1. Few people remember that the original name given AIDS was GLAD: gay related immune deficiency. The PC police did not like the ‘gay’ reference, so the name was changed to AIDS, which translates to ‘acquired immune deficiency syndrome,’ but how the disease is ‘acquired’ is no longer talked about. I make this point merely as an interesting bit of historic trivia, NOT to denigrate those poor suffering souls who have come down with this terrible disease.

  7. Randy, Like-I-have-said-be-fore, you-are-the-great-est-per-son-I-have-nev-er-met-be-sides-ev-er-y-one-else.

  8. I suspect that we’ll be hearing from Stu in a bit. I would also think that Stu will either clarify his comments or apologize, or both.
    As for Zeoli. FORGETABOUT IT ! He’s got thick skin, he can take a little abuse, then move on.
    Wuhan virus: Something wrong with calling a spade, a spade?!? Next, because you all ( ya’ll ) like to go to China Town, that the Chi-coms are our best friend, and should be trusted as if they were family. I don’t think so.
    Leonardo : Since they came into the game, they put a hurt’n’ on Sikorsky. Our plant went from +/- 1200 down to +/- 300 employees. (almost closed) But we did work on Marine 1 !

    1. I invited Zeoli to post audio. He has not. He is a thin-skinned cupcake who likes to take sound bites of other people and ridicule but can’t take criticism.

      1. The audio is posted you washed up has been. It’s called a podcast. Go find it. Or maybe you can’t find it because you aren’t capable of figuring that out. You defame me but I’m supposed to post the audio to prove my innocence? What is this Germany in 1933? Go to hell Stu.

    2. Stu expects me to prove my innocence but this isn’t Nazi Germany and that’s not how this works. I have to push back because I can’t let people lie about me. Stu has sadly become what he used to lambaste, a snowflake who gets upset over jokes he doesn’t like. Thanks for listening and be well! Rich

    3. Thick skin yes but like Trump I have to fight back when people spread fake news and this is fake news.

      1. These people are crazy. I listen every morning. Your show is informative and funny. Stu is way off mark ,I am reevaluating my feelings for him. Keep doing what you are doing,and if some people don’t get you ,so what they can just switch the dial. Thank you for making my mornings bearable.

  9. Just read where a woman in Pittsburgh committed what she called a ‘prank’ by intentionally coughing on a supermarket display of fresh produce. The store found it necessary to destroy all the produce at a loss of $35,000. What is a proper punishment for this idiot woman? She called it a PRANK?! This pandemic is making people nuts.

  10. I’m really saddened at this post Stu. Terribly unfair. Rich did not make “light” of the idea that someone would pretend to spread the virus (btw calling it Wuhan is absolutely correct, unless we have to worry about offending the good people of Connecticut by calling it “Lyme Disease.”) Rich made light of the over the top charging of terroristic threats. Battery is fine. Public disturbance. Maybe a civil charge of intentional infliction of emotional distress. But terroristic threats? That’s over the top. That was Rich’s point.

    I know both of you. I admire you both. This is wrong of you to go after Rich. He is the most decent and honest of people. Super smart and I heard the podcast and he didn’t downplay the severity of the attack. He questioned the charge. So do I. And I’m usually someone who thinks cyclists who ride on the sidewalk should get the death penalty.

    Listen to the podcast. It’s all there.

    I support Rich all the way on this, and btw, I will continue to say loud and clear that every death we now see from this virus is directly related to China. And if that makes me racist, great. I will wear the badge very proudly.

    Love you Stu but you’re wrong in this


    1. That’s the classiest comment to date! I understand Rich’s frustration. What the hell is going on Stu? It looks like it’s up to the Bartender!?

    2. And I am free to disagree with him and you, without his hysterical reaction. What a cupcake. Show that wimp some of your hate mail.
      Story in today’s paper about a woman being charged for coughing on food. It is potentially lethal.

  11. I can see it doesn’t matter what I say or others, that think you should apologize. This is nasty s**t. Chris, your friend, is the real ‘man.’

    1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      Sorry to say, I couldn’t find the podcast that Zeoli is talking about. ( of course, I’m computer illiterate !)
      I think that you’re just being thick headed ! How can you disagree with a neutral party such as Ms Christine Flowers ? Listen to the podcast, then tell me how to find it.

  12. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    Today, I got a bye. The wife ( Boss ) is hurt’n’ from wr’k’n’ ! The grounds to wet to run the tractor. So I went to Walmart to buy Wheaties . Does anybody out there still eat Wheaties ? They’re hard to come buy . So, there up top, above the shelves, was an unopen case of Wheaties. Usually, I go find a portable stocking platform, which I did, but there was a tall shopper in the aisle, so I put him to work. (I’m a nice guy.) 7 boxes in a case. Seldom do they stock more. What happens when I loose my teeth and I can’t even gum Wheaties ? Who out there will buy them in my stead ?!?
    BTW I’m not praising Walmart. I either drive 2 1/2 miles to Walmart or I drive about 12 to another store.
    ( I bet that ya’ll (you all ) thought that this reply would be inane or utterly ridiculous )
    This is a conversation between my buddy Stu and myself, which all of you happen to be a large part. If any of you know how to produce Zeoli’s podcast, I would like to listen to it. I used to listen to Rich and his crew back when he had the afternoon drive slot. The guy purposely injects humor into every topic. Much like Dennis and Judy on N.J. 101.5.
    Now, although it’s probably toooo late, I need my beauty sleep, so no Rich in the early morn for me.
    I can see how ( fake news aside ) some one, getting 2nd hand info, could misconstrue anything by accident. Stu doesn’t go after people unless they have earned the wrath.

  13. Try google Rich Zeoli Podcast
    It comes up and u can pick a day and topic but like most online u need to find tune?
    I like Tony, uh I’m like Tony wit da net. Good luck!

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