U.S. needs uplift in SOTU, not brow-beating

President Joe Biden, sitting on a fragile 54% approval rating, you will deliver your State of the Union message tonight, which traditionally is upbeat, positive and confident.

Let’s hear the good news, President Biden

Although your approval rating is low — better only than Donald J. Trump’s at this stage of his presidency, meaning both of you are polarizing  — your tidal wave of trillion-dollar giveaways to the American people is popular because most people like free stuff. Two-thirds of us like that the free stuff will be paid for by corporations. We will not think about how corporations will pass along the added cost to us through higher prices.  Because we are kind of stupid and easily distracted by gifts. 

On the other hand, you get failing grades of 40% for creating the crisis at the border through your foolish “welcoming” words to (illegal) immigrants and your reversal of Trump policies that seemed harsh to the Left, but were working. Yes. Joe, they were  working.

You can paper over the border crisis situation by claiming it is under control and that VP Kamala Harris is on the job.

It is not under control, except in the sense that we have accepted about 42,000 kids to be distributed within the U.S.  with lots more on the way and Harris hasn’t done much. You are probably wondering how you backed into this buzz saw. It’s not too late to wise up and change direction.

For tonight’s speech, one important thing to do is rehearse so you don’t seem to be reading the address off a TelePrompTer, which of course you will. Rehearsing is important because you have a slight tendency to verbally trip — owing to your youthful stuttering problem — and to slightly slur words when you read too quickly.

Your “friends” on the Right will be watching like hawks for anything they can attribute to diminished mental capacity. In a way, they are helping you. When they suggest you are barely cogent and may crap your pants, all you have to do is bloop a single to center field to make you look like Rhys Hopkins.

That should not be hard. 

I’d recommend being upbeat, in the sense that Tyler Perry was upbeat at the Oscars, talking about love for all, hate for none. Tyler is a Black man who rose from poverty to become a billionaire and humanitarian.

Americans are more positive than negative. That’s why Ronald Reagan’s shining city upon a hill played better than Trump’s a nation in flames.

For God’s sake, lay off the “systemic racism” stuff you’ve been spouting lately. (So have the genocidal Chinese Communists, thanks to you. Yes, they lecture us on human rights.)

I don’t believe we live in “system racism” because the phrase means the system is racist. That would be like South Africa was. Why do you insult the nation you lead?

Our “system” — our legal and social structure which demands equality — is not racist. It is the opposite.

Does it always deliver equality?

No, because it is imperfect, and people are imperfect, but when it does not, there are remedies, usually through the courts. Or the ballot box.

Almost half of Blacks believe bias comes more from individuals than laws and institutions, Pew Research reports.

So there is racism in America, but it is the worm in the apple, not the apple itself. 

Secondly, if you talk about “systemic racism,” I might ask what the hell you have been doing the last 50 years you were in the Senate, or in the White House, serving a Black president who is best known for this quote: “In no other country on Earth is my story even possible.”

How can that be true in a nation of “systemic racism”? 

The term is racial masochism, telling the American people how terrible we are, when with a few exceptions, we are not. In an Ipsos poll last year, 70 percent of Americans strongly agreed that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. 

Those are huge majorities. You would give your hair plugs for approval ratings that high.

We have racial conflict, a battered economy, a continuing pandemic, a divided nation.

You ran as someone who could bring us together.

You can’t do that by taking us on a guilt trip.

9 thoughts on “U.S. needs uplift in SOTU, not brow-beating”

    I’m with you, pallie !
    I just posted this on facebook. It’s the short version of ‘what’s wrong in America’. Taxes will go through the roof. We get to pay for Trump’s fast track vaccine, which is okay until you look at the waste.

    Tonight, President Biden will give his speech to the nation. Try not to go nuts. Try to absorb what is said.
    Everything the dims want to do will cost us in tax dollars. ( tax and spend ).
    Everything else will tear this country further apart.
    BTW boys and girls. We now have ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Erie, courtesy of a failed border security ! Guess who pays for these illegal free loaders ? This country should be taking better care of it’s Veterans. The homeless. The sick. The unemployed.

  2. “You ran as someone who could bring us together.
    You can’t do that by taking us on a guilt trip.”

  3. He is just an empty headed puppet for the Marxist,Anarchist Dems.I do not know when people are going to wake up.The radicals are brainwashing your children in colleges with such success they are now moving to grades 1 thru 12.I do not know how any parent can sit back and let these woke school teachers and administrators poison their minds with Critical Race Theory and Project 1619.They are all lies and teach white children to hate themselves and feel guilty about themselves.Why is this allowed to happen.These teachings are about as racist as it gets.Parents need to get together and fight these woke policies.Stu you should research and write about this.In the long run it will destroy this country.

  4. It will be hard to watch, but I will. Harris, Pelosi, and Biden…my God! The American Families Plan..free preschool education and 2 years free college. Why not free training for welders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc….all non college? I suppose because they can’t indoctrinate with their radical polices.
    The security is hypocritical. Like they really expect another “insurrection”. Give me a break! Use the manpower for the true insurrection….in the leftist rioting cities. I totally agree with Rich M. We need more people to speak out, to show that this Marxist movement is still a minority, but will grow if we remain silent, that being their goal. No kidding aside, we are living in a revolutionary time. A while back I wrote a few lines about these lefist. I was sarcastic to the extreme, joking a bit. It pales now in comparison.

  5. Stu – and you’re not giving the speech tonight for what reason? Never mind – you don’t have to answer that question. LoL.

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