Treat the unvaxxed like pariahs

Sometimes I am almost too willing to compromise.

That will come as a surprise to some who know me, but it’s true. Sometimes.

In my last column,  I said I was willing to mask up again, in light of the delta version of COVID-19 sweeping the nation. In essence, I always want to do the right thing, the lawful thing.

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I stand by that, but, as I noted, asking the vaccinated to wear  masks amounts to punishing those who took precautions — the vaccinated — to protect those too stupid and selfish to protect themselves — the unvaccinated. They are in what I call the witless protection program. 

As a rule, I am loath to tell people what to do. I am usually content to lay out the facts, say what and why I am going to do, and let it go at that.

But every rule has exceptions and what’s happening now is contralogical. The people who did the right thing are being punished.

The only decent excuse I have heard  to avoid the vaccine came from a woman friend who has not yet had children, but wants to. She fears there could be unknown side effects, and there haven’t yet been enough vaccinated women who carried to term to assure her. 

I understand that, as opposed to some men who believe the false rumor that the vaccination will impair their fertility. In fact, research has shown just the opposite to be true, with vaccinated sperm, so to speak, being more mobile than unvaccinated. I don’t know why. 

And we won’t even go into those who worry the vaccine contains a mind control device implanted by Bill Gates. 

There are lists of conspiracy theories, such as one published by The Atlantic.

It’s hard to deal with irrational fears, because they are irrational. Reason and logic often don’t work. It’s like a child’s fear of the bogeyman.

Pew research reported that 21% of Americans “do not want to get vaccinated and are ‘pretty certain’ more information won’t change their mind.” In other words, facts don’t matter. That’s what we are dealing with.

There is lots of good information for those with open minds.

Stupid and stubborn are a toxic combination. Even some health care workers are refusing the shot. 

Shall we let the unvaxxed dictate to the rest of us? Shall we wear masks forever because this minority won’t do the right thing?

Let’s not.

If we can’t or won’t force them to receive the vaccine, we can segregate them. Treat them like Typhoid Mary. 

It is legal for employers to require employees to be vaccinated. They should, just as many administer drug tests, and won’t hire those who fail.

All government entities — from Joe Biden to Jim Kenney — should require that anyone paid by the public be vaccinated to protect the public. If union rules don’t permit that, then do what California is doing — demand the unvaccinated wear masks, and take weekly COVID tests. Perhaps segregate them in the workplace. 

Airlines, trains, buses ought to require vaccination to get on board.

Department stores, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues should require proof of vaccination — or demand that the unvaccinated wear masks. We must attach a price to their “freedom” to decline vaccination. 

We already do this with children who must prove they are vaccinated to be able to attend school.

Since reason doesn’t work, maybe treating the witless like pariahs will. 

Put the burdens on the witless. 

41 thoughts on “Treat the unvaxxed like pariahs”

  1. Nothing to add to your very logical narrative. Brace yourself for blowback from your critics, Youtube experts and Google arm chair scientists.

    1. 👍 you hit the nail on the head. Facts and science don’t matter to knuckle heads

  2. Here’s the problem, it’s not a Vaccine. Whatever happened to my body, my choice

    1. It is not a vaccine? Actually, it IS a vaccine and it remains YOUR choice.
      Society’s choice is to protect itself from your selfishness.
      Your choice and our choice. Get it, Stu Gottz?

    2. Stu Gottz, First, let me say if you do not want to get the vaccine, while I do not agree with you that is, at least for right now, your right. That being said I would appreciate you answering the following question. I doubt you will answer it, but I will ask it anyway;


  3. Stu – besides “witless,” you forgot to use the term “logic dictates.” Well, maybe you did, in so many words. LoL.

  4. I believe the problem is until it is no longer under “emergency” FDA approval status, then certain workplaces can’t enforce people to get vaccinated.

  5. You cover all the common sense bases but as a pusillanimous society, a large segment of our species just won’t do the right thing. We used to have our sports heroes, loved politicians and respected clergymen attend a vaccination event to show that if our sports and leadership role models can show solitary with the average citizen then maybe more would comply.

    What a sad but amusing tale of horror. I am about to go down to Mt Hope cemetery. You well remember writing a column on our Veterans a few years back. Sadly, they fought for our right to ‘do the right thing’ or ‘do as you please’. Since the ’60s, we have been sliding into that famous socialist gene (cess ) pool. Liberals do what they want. Socialists do what is right for them. Whatever happened to ‘do for others ‘?
    These people that I mentioned are so thick headed, they have their collective head in the sand. They will continue to deny everything that they don’t like or won’t accept. Why ? Because !
    The arguments mentioned would also work for reinstituting the draft. Somehow, serving your nation while in uniform brings out the best in just about everyone .

    1. Tony, you said “Liberals do what they want. Socialists do what is right for them.”. “They will continue to deny everything that they don’t like or won’t accept.”.
      Why did you not mention the Conservatives who continue to spout lies and misinformation not only about the vaccine and Covid-19 but the Presidential Election as well?

      1. HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
        Again, I’m not arguing trash talk or loony politics.
        For the most part. The conservative movement is straight up – by the book. Ju as the two political parties USED to be. There are more than enough radicals from all walks of life. They choose and select their favorite topics and the input that goes with that subject. This is why it is hard to have an intelligent conversation with people of that ilk . You, H.B., are not a youngster, like the rest of us. You may have been liberal your entire life, but that’s very unlikely. More like, you were following a party because they gave you the belief that you were looking for. Just like the rest of us. Somewhere, along that time line, you had a reality check. You realized that you were being lied to, and that both parties were letting the American public down. Just like the rest of us. I can accept that. The belief that you have. I can’t and wont accept your attacks.

        1. Tony, I asked you about the Conservatives who spout lies and misinformation. I did not say all of them. do it I did not say you do it. I posed the question to you because of what you said and I even quoted you before I asked my question.

          It appears you do this sometimes when you do not want to give direct answer to a question if the answer goes against your way of thinking.

          Where the heck did I attack you in that post?

          It seems if someone says something which goes against your way of thinking you take it as a personal attack.

  7. I am fully vaccinated, but do not drive.
    SEPTA requires masks for all passengers, so I comply.
    It is, after all, public transportation.

  8. Great column, Stu!

    It is about time the unvaxxed be called, and called out for, what they are…..ignorant, selfish, and thoughtless. Scientists, medical people, and engineers address issues with facts, research, experimentation, and adaptation in order to find solutions. We have a solution to the virus: the vaccine.

    This is simple: the vaccine works; it is free; and now, it is readily available with no waiting. So, to all the unvaxxed: extend your thought process beyond yourselves, and do what is best for you, your family, your friends and neighbors……get vaccinated.

  9. At the risk of being labeled colorfully by my fellow readers and Stu, I strongly disagree. The vaccine is effective to a degree as evidenced by the Delta Variant. The vaccine also caries some known risks to people as well as the possibility of unknown risks. Adding to these concerns is the fact that it is not approved except for emergency use and that approval does not cover all of the population in this country.

    Therefore, we as a society will still be at risk, be that at a much lower rate.

    I am not dismissing the value of getting vaccinated, but the fact remains that masking up could still be required. Based on some of the comments, the ire of most is the fact that they still need to mask up and need a fall person or group. That is ok, we all like to vent.

  10. Good evening Mr. Bykfosky,

    I hope this finds you well! Please know that I read every article you post & with few exceptions whole-heartedly agree with your perspective. Although I don’t always comment, I am grateful for your persistence as a voice of reason.

    Today I am writing about another insidious virus- every web hosting “service” (I’m being polite as service is not always what we receive as consumers). If I visit https://StuBykofsky.Com from any web browser I am lucky to get any past articles- no matter what browser I use and no matter how many times I refresh. I can never see your current post just visiting your URL from a browser (ditto for my mobile phone browsers).

    Fortunately, I am receiving your email notifications. The embedded link in the email notifications is the only way I can see your most recent article. Such is this case for today’s post. I will literally be in the dark if your email notifications go on the fritz.

    I hope your web hosting service can provide a remedy.

    Thank you for your patience & understanding!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, sorry for the trouble but I can’t help. Others don’t seem to have the problem, or haven’t said so.
      I am low tech and can’t help.
      I have problem with Word Press all the time. It is frustrating.

      1. I’m so low tech I only recently mastered ‘on’ and ‘off.’ I think.

  11. “Halt! Your [Covid] papers, please.” Sounds like a variant of a line from a 1940s war movie. I’m not sure the USA is ready for such an action. But I do agree that getting the vaccine makes much greater sense than not getting it. I hate to mix two issues, but it seems odd we are talking about insisting on presenting proof of a Covid shot, but still insist on NOT asking for proof of eligibility to vote.

    1. Great, great point. Try asking the Dems and their shameless media sycophants, why? Crickets.

  12. This is a test. Many of my posts do not post, or — after posting — disappear.

  13. Like Macron said to the unvaxxed -“ It’s time you stay home, instead of us”.

  14. Great column, and appreciate your stance. It’s something of a mystery to me how my more libertarian friends who drone on about their right to determine ‘what goes into their bodies’ and how this somehow justifies their decisions regarding vaccines, which I don’t argue with, go all quiet when I ask them why they won’t accept that there may be consequences flowing from their choice. In my city, those of us over 60 have a vaccination rate exceeding 90 percent. For the most part, we don’t want to socialize with the other 10 percent. Partly for their protection, and partially because they piss us off. Seems like a fairly strong plurality to me. We can always take a vote!

  15. Most of these anti-vaxx stunads belong to the cult of Trump (who was a lot sicker than he let on when he caught covid-19, and who was the first person to get vaxxed). Almost all of the lies, disinformation & misinformation come from deluded ultra-right winners, spread by FOX News & loony Republican politicians.

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