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I’ve been writing just about daily for two weeks and need a breather, but I wanted to leave you with something to think about.

This cartoon by my friend says a lot, more than it seems to, I think.

Here’s what I see: Democrats determined to defeat Donald Trump, unless they have to compromise on some real or imagined principle.

Trumpsters on the other hand don’t give a crap about anything he says or does. And that is why Trump has real strength heading into the election (although COVID-19 and stock market could change that).

What do you think?

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  1. If you have a friend that bs’s a lot, but comes through for you, would you give up on him or ditch him?
    I try not to judge anyone on the surface, although it’s human nature, but rather try to look beyond what’s skin deep. That’s Donald Trump to me.
    It’s not that I don’t give a crap about what he says or does, but the results, the examples of which are evident. I’ve said it before, if you let your eyes do the judging then your mind can’t see.

    Enjoy the breather Stu.

  2. Stu – you, a breather? Yo, dude! Yeah, I guess you deserve a break today LoL.

    Regarding the cartoon above – I think you summed it up short and sweet. Trump is likely on his way to another term, even with all his warts. As I’ve said before in one of your postings, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

    The Dems not only dug a big 2020 political hole into which they dropped virtually every candidate, including Biden, but the current pandemic is now in the process of covering up that hole. So unless something really changes for the worse under Trump, either under, or not under his control, he’ll be around for a while.

    I believe that this might be the time for a Democratic Dark Horse to emerge. Not sure who, let alone when, but some have been pushing Cuomo’s name. Stranger things have happened over the past 200+ years of US Presidents.

    yo pallie,
    Did you break a finger nail or sprain your wrist ? All of that typing and such. Poor baby, but you’re still my friend and I’m not giving up on you. I’ll just have to wait impatiently for your next blog.
    Tom Wetten, as usual sees life with great clarity. Tom uses the term,”bs”. At least I capitalize B.S. when I use it for those many that do throw bull around. For President Trump, I prefer “exaggerates”. To me, bs, is an out right lie. Trump stretches the numbers. (100 foot high wall instead of 30′) (50 million at a rally instead of 50 thousand)
    I was studying the cartoon, trying to depict the characters. There’s always hidden meaning when you can draw in some knowns – felons, saints, whatever. I see that the divided party will go silent because of the division. But Tom and I differ with being blind followers of the President forever and ever. We care and I think most people care. From me canvasing Chester County Republicans, I will say this about that ! Their are those Republicans that hate Trump in the same manner as you. They wouldn’t even converse, and will not vote Republican. Their are those that don’t like him for being brash, foul, you name it, but will vote Republican. Their are those that have that look. The one where you have a family member that is of questionable character, but you can’t abandon him. They’ll wish for a more perfect Trump but still support our President. That’s just a sampling in middle class Chester County. Trump crosses all lines. Black, White, All Legal Immigrants, EVERYTHING ! If you take the time to actually listen to the man, you separate the showmanship, etc from the business man and now President. He makes you dig into the past, to see how the politicians have been screwing everybody for so long, and it has got to stop.

    1. Tony,
      How could I ever disagree with you and Vince, the two ‘Yoda’s.’
      The ‘bs’ was meant to keep everyone at the table. You said to focus.

  4. Signe is perfect for the Inquirer — all Left, all the time. No matter how much one hates Donald Trump, surely he must have done ONE thing that deserves a kudo by her. I can’t recall ever seeing such in one of her political cartoons.

    My favorite cartoon of all time is one I saw in the Harvard Lampoon. A beggar in dark glasses is standing on a corner with a cup of pencils for sale in his hand. Lying at his feet, four legs in the air, a dog.
    Around the beggar’s neck a sign: I AM BLIND AND MY DOG IS DEAD.

  5. I nay not like everything he says but I believe he is truly trying to do a good job. He is not a politician and never will be. He tries to keep his promises. I have come to dislike Pelosi and Schumer not because they are evil but rather they will not even try to see past the obvious. I wish Trump would learn a new word for “bad”. I am a registered Democrat but will vote for him again.

      1. How about he one because ignorant, stupid and disaffected American people are tired of being used and abused. They’re tired of hearing how great it is because you get tp pay more taxes as we ship more work, technology and government secrets to China !
        How about this. Trump one because he fought for the American people. He didn’t signal out any one group. No, he said that he would protect all Americans. And he meant it !
        Donald J Trump is not perfect. ( neither am I ) The man can look any person in the face and stand tall. Very few people can say that with conviction

  6. Legal immigration, energy independence, pro-life, pro-voter ID, manufacturing (super important), strong economy, jobs, got out of Iran deal, tax cuts, right to try, veterans’ health choice, standing with Israel, better trade deals, Uncle Sap Is Dead, etc, etc. Ok he brags a bit (Obama never said “I” in 8 years, right?), but the Democrats have treated Trump with utter disdain from day 1. I’m a fan of Trump (and Stu Byfofsky, despite this failing).

    1. Jerry,
      Agree, completely, and personally am treated at the VA like a general.
      PFC Tom

    2. Jerry, you make the case for DJT that his liberal detractors don’t see. They claim he has “done nothing.” He has done a LOT, but they don’t like what he has done. Pull out of Iran and climate treaties, deregulate like crazy, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and a ton of federal judge, tearing up NAFTA…

    1. “The best argument against Democracy is to spend ten minutes with the average voter.” –Winston Churchill

      1. Barry, he not a good con man. Many, many people see through him and more are seeing through him every day.

    2. Ray, remember Trump won because of the Electoral College. Clinton outpaced Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Obviously his win was not a mandate from the people.

      I believe Trump will not be reelected this time because a lot more people realize the emperor has no clothes.

      1. The Electoral College was a brilliant idea by the Founding Fathers to prevent the most populous states from running roughshod over the lesser in population. Without the EC, California and New York, with their huge (and left-wing) populations, would elect EVERY president. Finally, ALL of Hillary’s 2.9 million votes came from California. QED.

        1. And not to put TOO fine a point on it, the California vote in 2016 was Hillary 8,753,788 and Trump 4,483,810. Those who want California to elect ALL our presidents, please signify your agreement by running your head into a wall.

  7. President Trump is fortunate that he had three years to demonstrate his skills in building a vibrant economy. It’s no real secret how to do it, but it takes incredible backbone to enable it,

    1. Tom,
      I got your 6
      To Barry Pollard and H.Bogart, and all of you never Trumpers and Trump haters and other nonsense.
      When that check comes to you, flip it over. Give it to a military outfit or any organization that takes care of our fallen and wounded. They are the true heroes that give you the right to act the way you do.

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