Tom Hanks for president

Yeah, I watched the Golden Globes, which are more “honest” in the fandom of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than are the Oscars of the (clearing my throat) American Motion Picture Association. The Oscars pretend to award quality, while massive lobbying belies that. Globes generally go to actors the reporters like.

Golden Globe for Ellen DeGeneres

I watched the Globes to see the globes on some of the women (sorry about that), for Ricky Gervais’ oft-bleeped comedy segments (he had a hilarious line that there would be no list of those who died this year because it wasn’t diverse enough), to see who is drunk and who would use the platform to bleat their political opinions — and this year to see Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks get special awards.

Tom Hanks (right) in “Bosom Buddies,” first starring role

I love both of them.

As someone who covered comedy for decades, and who was married to a comedian for a decade (it was no laughing matter), I always loved Ellen for her ability to wring laughs out of everyday situations with her gentle, Middle American humor. And this was before she was gay.

OK, actually she was gay, but who knew?

Then she came out on her TV show, and then she lost her show. Now that is severe shorthand, but it is what happened. And then, 17 years ago, she was given a daytime talk show that was a hit. Why?

First, her gentle humor. Second, her personality. Third, her honesty. On the Globes she said she has been open and honest and she has been. For a lot of people in flyover country, traditional America, who never knew a gay person (at least they did not know they may know one), found Ellen nonthreatening; lovable in fact. She fit none of the frightening stereotypes of gay people.

Around the turn of the century, the majority of American opinion on gay marriage did an about-face from opposition to acceptance in a decade. I think Ellen deserves a major share of the credit, along with “Will and Grace,” plus the coming of age of music lovers who were fans of openly gay performers from Elton John to Freddie Mercury to Janelle Monae to Miley Cyrus.

If I had to pick one phrase to describe Ellen — who I had the pleasure of interviewing when her show was set to launch — it would be down to earth.

The perfect description also of Tom Hanks, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing when “Bosom Buddies,” the ‘80s light comedy that paved his way to stardom, came on the air. He came across as the genial nice guy, which we knew was not an act. In later years he proves his acting chops. 

In real life, he has a long term marriage to Rita Wilson (a much better record than me), he is charitable and devotes time and money to mildly liberal causes, but not in a strident way that makes others want to retch. He has never been involved in a scandal (as far as I know.) 

I believe if the Democrats chose him for their presidential candidate, he would win. 

What Jimmy Stewart was to our parents’ generation, Hanks is to ours. He has an Oscar for his role in “Philadelphia,” with comedy (“Toy Story”), romantic (“Sleepless in Seattle”), and dramatic (“Saving Private Ryan”) roles under his belt. 

I would go to the movies and pay to see any film he was in. I am that confident of his choice of roles and ability to carry them out. 

Yeah, it’s a man crush. I can live with that. 

12 thoughts on “Tom Hanks for president”

  1. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest, off-beat comedians I’ve ever heard. And not a swear word to be heard.
    Tom Hanks’ acting range is amazing. I may disagree with his politics but his acting skill is peerless. You hit a home run with this column, Stu. Except for the ‘Hanks for President’ silliness.

    I don’t watch much television. When I do, it’s either news or something from public tele that will stimulate my mind. I don’t care for Ellen DeGeneres. I like Tom Hanks as an actor. He appears to be some one who carefully picks the roles that he plays, and gives an outstanding performance. I know almost nothing about their personnel life and I intend to keep it that way.
    As for the political arena. Surely you jest ! At least when Sonny Bono got elected, the voters and congress knew what they were getting. Aside from President Reagan, everyone else should stay quietly in the background.

        1. Interestingly, an oxymoron is a word or figure of speech that cancel each other out. Yet, the dictionary says the word “oxymoron” is an oxymoron. It derives from the Greek “oxus(sharp), and morus(dumb). Go figure!

  3. What makes you think that just because someone is a great ACTOR (pretending to be someone else) they have the saykhel to run a nation?

        1. snowy HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
          my guy IS the President of these United States. my pallie has been blinded by the dark side for too long.
          Mr. Trump is not a politician. He comes from the streets, albeit, not the same ones as I. He is matter of fact. He most definitely is intelligent and humane. What most people can not grasp is this fact. Whether you are a boss of a few, or many or even beyond. Decisions have to be made for the good of all. The sum is greater than any part. We are used to politicians that lie to us as we get screwed ! They make decisions that benefit the chosen few. If people would do a little investigating – which is easy with computers – they would find out that all politicians have a somewhat dark past ( and present ) President Trump stepped on a lot of toes to be sure. What he is not is corrupt nor beholding to anyone. Boy, does that piss off the swamp ! Take a look at where these politicians came from. Look at what they are making at our expense and look at their pensions and retirement package. ( I come from a union background. I knew that we had it made, but our “earned retirement package isn’t even close to the bureaucrats !)
          I can only hope that in this election, the Republican bandwagon will stretch from every town USA to Washington D.C.. DRAIN THE SWAMP !

          1. Tony
            You have a way of explaining which I envy. I can only add that with no education beyond HS I find Trump attractive because I see him closer to my idea of what a servant of the people should be….promises made promises kept, not his “Unpresidential” manners, that so many “Elite” have a problem with.
            I wish him continued success and Victory in November 2020.

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