Today’s mystery meme

So I see this ^^^^ online and I forget the context. I just grab it because I think I can use this kind-of MAGA cap in some way.

The question in my mind: Is this telling Trump supporters that they should leave, or is this Trump supporters telling everyone else to leave? Is there yet another interpretation?

An answer is up to you.

4 thoughts on “Today’s mystery meme”

  1. It’s sort of a split answer – as in, it depends who’s wearing it.. If a tRump (purposely misspelled) wears it, it obviously means that “everyone” else should leave. If a non-Trump supporter is wearing it, then it’s the other way around. Although, in truth, it sort of reminds of some vanity tags that you see on cars. That is, they are meaningless other than to the owner of the vehicle, or are misinterpreted by the rest of us at best. That’s what this hat reminds me of.

  2. I think it stands for LET’S EXPECT ANOTHER VICTORIOUS ELECTION. Definitely a Trump-lover’s hat.

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