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As regular readers know, when I post a meme or a joke it doesn’t mean I agree with it (I sometimes do) or that I am endorsing it it. It means that it made me laugh.

And that is the spirit that leads me to offer this to you.

It made me laugh. Period. No other “message.” I hope it makes you laugh, too.

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    the two websites, Babylon Bee and The Patriot Post come up with some really good material everyday

  2. Full time graffiti removers wanted
    Daytime hours only
    No police zone
    Protective gear a must
    Good pay
    Good luck!

  3. Let me show my lack of knowledge of things current: what is a ‘meme’? Just an FYI, I have a flip phone, so you know how low-tech I truly am.

    1. meme–say– ‘mean’ but drop the ‘n’ and replace with ‘m’ like below
      Learn to pronounce
      an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.
      a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.
      Translate meme to latin
      1. quentiam
      Rots of Ruck Vince

  4. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    Maybe some ordinary guys could get a job working, say in the Budd Co., making subway cars and such? Maybe they could build ships at Kramps Shipyard? How about Baldwin locomotives?

    Ups! I forgot, those jobs have been shipped out by the powers-that-be! How many other industrial jobs has the city lost since the time of its population high of 2,000,000 about 1950? (For comparison the population is now about 1.5 million.) As I recall, Pittsburgh lost about one half of its population. Is it still the “Steel city”?

    Why exactly is it that Philadelphia is “the poorest of the 10 largest cities in the country”? What happened to Philadelphia as one-time “workshop of the world”? Or, what happened to all the other, older Eastern cities, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, etc, etc.?

    I suspect there are quite a few Philadelphians who would be only too glad to “get a job.”

    H.G. Callaway

    1. Good old Budd Company………Dad was there for nearly 40 years and took care of our family living in that special neighborhood called Nicetown…… of the Budd guys hired him while he was selling newspapers……

    2. Pittsburgh is no longer Steel City. It has reinvented itself. It had some smart civic, business and educational leaders.
      We still have eds, meds, and history, but we need more.

  5. Garment industry left, too, just drive down Broad St near the old Phila N Broad St of Amtrak.
    (Broad and Lehigh area). Mills in small towns all the way up to Quakertown are gone. When we moved in 1970 from Philly to Lansdale, Mom took me to all the outlets. Gone. The wharves were busy when I was in elementary school in Philly. It was exciting to see the men at work, always a school trip in maybe 2nd grade. I remember the trip well, just not the grade level. There was the sugar factory on the river, north of Market, gone. Casino now?

  6. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Levine & readers,

    Thanks for your thoughts on the de-industrialization of the city.

    But it is not simply the industry that left or didn’t survive. (I also recall “Bryer’s ice cream,” which once had its signs on just about every other street corner. Look it up, its now made in N. Jersey.

    Its also all the jobs and industry which haven’t come here or haven’t arisen in the city. Notice that we have now had about 65-70 years or so of one-party rule in the city. In that time, since 1950 the city has declined from 2 million inhabitants to about 1.5 million. But over the same period, the population of the U.S. has more than doubled –from about 150 million to maybe 325 million. In comparative terms, the economic contribution of the city to the country has much declined. The city simply has not kept up. I don’t believe that the people of Philadelphia are any less capable.

    Notice that the population of neighboring NYC is still about the same –some 8 million or so. What’s the difference? Why the large disparity? The Democrats regularly turn out large majorities from the city in every election. What comes back to the people for this political support?

    H.G. Callaway

    We went from a sarcastic meme (meam) to attacking our (sic) fare (on purpose)city ! How dare we !
    Most of us ole timers can remember the hustle and bustle of Philly in the 1950s. You didn’t need a car, because you either walked to work – which was close by – or you jumped on the PTC. Philly was making money hand over fist. They were even nice enough – for a short time – to provide services. Such as street sweeping, snow removal, city pools and ice rinks and all of the necessities that we later realized – or made to realize – that were not that necessary.
    Later, the economy started changing. Goods from China were introduced. Work started to slowly leave Philly, as other cities or states would bid to get a business. At the same time, because of the high cost of living in the Northeast Corridor – compared to other parts of the country – work started heading south. The wages were much lower. Everything was cheaper. Then that wasn’t enough to satisfy the appetite of the millionaires, they left the country. Why stay here and prevent pollution when you can go to Mexico and make the rivers run red with poison !
    In the ’60s and ’70s, Philly had real nightlife ! Clubs all over the city. Piano bars, shows, everything to make you want to come visit the city. Problem with that was, we started squeezing NYC a bit. The big apple had a clause put into the contracts of the performers. I think it said that you could not perform within 100 miles of NYC. Son-of-a-gun ! Philly is about 96 miles away! No Sinatra and friends. The Latin Casino in Cherry Hill was off limits as well.
    Little by little, Philly started to lose its star power. Business left town. Graft and Corruption was running wild in city hall, cost of living kept going up while services were going down. TAXES ! Lots and lots of taxes ! Anybody remember when Philly sued the government over wage taxes on federal institutions ?!? No one paid the wage tax at the Navy Yard, Naval Depot or the Frankford Arsenal to name three facilities, until that lawsuit. My Uncle had to get a mortgage on his house to pay back all of those back taxes !
    After that brief partial history of Philadelphia, the only thing left to emphasis is “Graft and Corruption” ! Philly, rather than NYC, found a way for politicians to stuff their pockets while keeping the taxpayer in the dark.
    Atlantic City did the same thing, but only faster. When the casinos started in 1979, A.C. could have put Vegas out of business by turning the shore back into a family destination. But nooooooooo. they took the money and screwed everybody that got in the way. The merry-go-round ride lasted for ten lousy years. Why? Because greed and corruption divided everyone and everything. It gave Vegas a chance to regroup and rebuild. A.C. will never have another shot of putting themselves on the map ! greed and corruption

  8. Dear Stu.
    I was in Ocean City, NJ for the summer which was so nice esp getting away from the city. Back home going thru
    emails, must have missed this one. My Dad and Uncles all worked in the Manufacture of Men’s clothing…so many of them at one time made in Philadelphia. He took the bus to work for H G Freeman and Sons, 33rd and Arch Streets, where upscale clothing was made. Many men’s suits made for Presidents, beautiful material. None of those companies are in business today, mostly everything made in China. Very Sad! That building was donated to Drexel.
    Other buildings made into condo e.i. Daroff at 22nd and Walnut Sts. Don’t know what happened to the many others.
    As stated in previous comments, Philadelphia was bustling then. Now, crime ridden, dirty streets, many homeless
    people and corruption in City Hall!

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