The words Biden spoke — and didn’t

On his 50th day as the Most Powerful Man Person in the World, President Joe Biden delivered his first prime-time address, in which he used one word a lot, and a related term, not at all.

President Biden reads the total of dead Americans

Used incessantly was “vaccine,” which he came close to begging the audience to use.

Unmentioned was Donald J. Trump, the man whose efforts as trail boss led to the vaccine being ready when Biden took the oath of office. 

It was small of him not to acknowledge his predecessor (not that Trump ever had a decent word for his predecessor) and it was wrong of him to say that many people felt that his goal of vaccinating 1 million Americans a day by his 100th day in office was too optimistic.

Actually, most critics said that close to 1 million were getting vaccinated already, and Biden’s goal should have been set higher.

Like I always say, set your goals low enough and you are sure to achieve them.

Biden’s composure was settled, calm, and very empathetic, in direct contrast to Trump, who was always all bombast and self praise. Nor did Biden take a swipe at anyone or invent insulting nicknames. (I kind of gmiss the nicknames.)

Biden said that some little old lady in Philadelphia during the campaigned begged him: “Just tell me the truth.”

I never trust a politician who promises to tell me the truth, not since Jimmy Carter said, “I will never lie to you.”

He lost my vote right there, because everyone knows sometimes presidents have to lie. Carter either knew that and lied, and was too stupid to know that.

Watching him govern, I think it was the latter.

In attempting to knit the country together, Biden bemoaned that states were pitted against each other and concluded with a terrifying thought, “the government is us.” It reminded me of Walt Kelly’s line that “the enemy is us.”

Not me, I thought. Hardly anyone I vote for gets elected. 

States are pitted against each other, but Johnson & Johnson, and Merck, who are competitors, but are working on the vaccine together, said Biden in praise.

Scorn was heaped on those wrong-headed Americans who are taking some sort of misguided revenge on Asian-Americans, and that must stop.

Biden said it was unAmerican, and it is.

Here he could have mentioned Trump’s habit of referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus,” or “Kung flu,” but he passed on that.

At one point he took a pamphlet out of his pocket, one that he always carries, with the current American virus death count. He mourned those lives, and moments, something Trump was incapable of doing.

A lot of Americans are getting vaccinated, and by May 1 everyone will be eligible to get the vaccine, Biden said, although that does not mean everyone will get it then.

But, symbolically, by Independence Day, July 4th, Americans will be able to gather (in small groups) to enjoy a cookout (assuming all goes well).

He said that was a goal.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of college kids (future leaders?) are on spring break.

The shots they are taking are ingested, not injected.

44 thoughts on “The words Biden spoke — and didn’t”

  1. I often wonder what is really said before his entry to make a critical speech to the American people. Do those around him advise him on what key points to express and show empathy as you stated? Just who are those in the preparation room and which one controls the words that will affect 331 million U.S. citizens? How strongly is his conviction in those words he delivers? For a brief second as he gathers his composure does the thought runs through his mind that he is the voice of the leader of the free world? We have always found humor, mistakes, and false promises made by our leaders especially the past president. So do those next to him look meticulously for possible flaws in advance in every sentence? They warn him against the overuse of the word “folks” or phrases like “here’s the deal” and direct him to the teleprompter as his only words. After 50 years of speeches does it enter his mind to just speak bluntly, off the cuff, and sound just like average Joe at the local pub? And after he returns to the backroom to unanimous praise by all those who lay credit to at least one line apiece, would one of them break the mold and tell him that was one of his worst he has given and he has to improve if he wants to sound presidential. Even in his memoirs as we saw in past presidents the bulk of the words probably come from that person in the back room anyway. Is speech writing a career path for journalists or authors?

  2. A begging speech on everything we already knew.I wanted to know about the disgraceful way they are handling the border crisis,why only minority farmers get millions in aid,why marxist poison and white self hatred is being taught in the schools and why is the capital under military occupation, among other things. And last but not least when the hell are hard working,logical, honest people going to stop this progressive ,destructive take over and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. WTF!

  3. Trump mocked the virus, refused to wear a mask and said it will all go away. He has blood on his hands and deserves no credit only scorn

    1. Susan,
      I agree with you.
      OUR former President mocked the virus ( and everybody associated with it )
      Trump refused to wear a mask . ( politically speaking, he should have )
      Trump was/is right. It will all go away. ( courtesy of President Trump bringing all of the pharmaceuticals and
      government together, fast tracking the discovery and distribution of the vaccines )
      Blood on his hands. Get a life and open up some real knowledge. Not your half baked thoughts !

      1. Hey, Trumpington, Donny J fumbled the ball when he left it up to the states (& Philadelphia) to administer the vaccines, instead of making it a national (i.e. federal) priority. The vaccines should be administered by the federal gov’t, not this half-baked plan, with different requirements depending on where you live.

        1. Hey, Obamabreath, Donny J passed the ball off to the governors. Yes, there were some fumbles; Wolf, Cuomo, Newsome to name a few (Democrats), but a couple took the ball and ran like hell, mainly DeSantis and Noem (Republicans), making the Dems look like the incompetents they are and angering the morons who vote them in. If you ain’t going to do your homework, why not get yourself a job at the Philadelphia Inquirer. You’d fit right in. They also blame Donny J for everything. Best wishes.

    2. If DT hadn’t ‘mocked’ the virus, do ya think it woulda gone away? He mocked it, but he fast-tracked the vaccine something the dreaded Leftists refuse to acknowledge.

  4. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    I noticed the display of the state flags behind the President. That was an interesting, non-“pc” way of going at “inclusiveness.” Mr. Biden emphasized the past suffering we have all experienced in some degree and a plan for a common solution to the problems posed by the epidemic. It seemed overall to be a plea for unity including a sense of our “common destiny.”

    Mr. Trump, unfortunately shot himself in the foot repeatedly. We learned, I hope, that mere defiance of opponents and divisiveness do not add up to viable politics. Mr. Biden takes the lesson seriously.

    More problematic is the refusal of the congressional Democrats to compromise with the Republicans in putting together the new “relief” legislation. I continue to believe that Speaker Pelosi should step down and make way for a younger generation. But I prefer Biden over Trump. Of course, there are many more problems to be addressed.

    Mr. Biden would do well to finish up the U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan. We need to face the fact that we are over-extended and that attempting to be “world policeman” can ruin domestic politics and ruin the country. I take it that this is a very traditional view of the matter –step by step.

    H.G. Callaway

    1. H.G. – I just wanted to respond to your quote above regarding having Pelosi step down to make way for a younger generation.

      And I quote a line by The Who, from the Tommy song “Won’t get fooled again.” – “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.”

      1. Mr. Acorcey,

        Minor correction. The song & lyric you referenced were from the album “Who’s Next,” not “Tommy.” Regardless, point well taken. Thank you.

      2. Philadelphia, PA

        Dear Acorcey,

        Well, that’s always a risk. A new Speaker (of either party) could be just as rigid and overly partisan. Still, I think that Speaker Pelosi is simply too old for the job, and she is likely to rigidly persist in her partisan excesses.

        I assume that there is an excess of partisanship and divisiveness in the country, and it seems to me that Pelosi will just keep it going. Meanwhile, of course, we would prefer a divided Congress. But that prospect went out the window with public disapproval of Mr. Trump’s impulsive antics.

        H.G. Callaway

    2. I noticed the flags and almost commented on them. I believe in compromise, but that means EACH side has to give. I wanted a divided congress in hope that would force some.

      1. Stu: politics is like humane bear hunting: you shoot to the left of the bear and I shoot to the right of the bear. On average, we hit the bear.

    I didn’t watch OUR President, and seldom do I immerse in Washington bureaucratic nonsense. As I said before:
    I am an American
    I am a Republican
    I am the loyal opposition

  6. Hello Mr. Bykofsky,

    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend coming up!

    I watched President Biden’s speech in its entirety. Unfortunately, I found it weak and uninspiring. The “empathy” to which you referred seemed staged and insincere. The entire time I felt I was being lectured and spoken to like I was kindergarten-aged child. Each hopeful objective was tempered with ample disclaimer- for example, everyone will be eligible to receive the vaccine by some arbitrary deadline but don’t mistake that date for actually receiving a shot in the arm. In this example, who cares if/when one becomes eligible? The only thing that matters is receiving the proper dosage of the vaccine.

    I want my leaders to be bold and inspiring. My grade for President Biden’s performance last evening was a “D.” Let’s hope he improves as he grows into the job.

    Thank you for another outstanding article.

    1. Thank you for the evaluation. I prefer statements with qualifications rather than over-the-top declarations, such as we had for four years. Some do not like Biden’s low key style. As many peolle (or more) did not like Trump’s bombast. They are polar opposites.

  7. I’m surprised that Joe Biden’s keepers allowed him to talk to the nation while not wearing his leash, and curious as to which drugs they pumped into him beforehand. Say what you want about Donald Trump, the fact is thanks to him I got my second Covid shot today, almost one year to the day the so-called ‘crisis’ began. (Remember what one leftist said with a smirk, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”)

    1. Vince,
      ya gotta light’n’ up on OUR President. I have no love for the man. Never did and never will. Understanding politics and the scum of the earth that is bred, makes me sick to my stomach, but as they say, it’s the only game in town. Still, I have to play the game. I will still try to motivate people of all persuasions to get out and vote. I most definitely will try to educate all to the ugly, blemished corrupt swamp that we all elected.
      My advice Vinnie. Get involved. Try to make a change. You are still old enough to care, so get your butt in gear !
      and enjoy the weekend !

        1. Tony and H.G.: I would be happy to share with you all of my correspondence with different government officials over the years — I got involved up to my glottis! I have an album full of letters (copies of mine, and the pols’ responses). I won’t lighten up’ on Joe Biden because I am the loyal opposition and will do everything I can to continually point out the danger he represents to the nation. That is my job at this stage of my life.

          1. Vinnie,
            In my opinion. By attacking the President, you are solidifying his base. By taking the high road, we can only hope that it reaches some dull dark corner of their brain.
            By showing the damage being done on the border, we may give them a thought, as opposed to telling everybody that Mr. Biden is nothing but negatives.
            I, myself, will not disrespect the office of the President of the United States of America. We put him in office and it’s up to us to get him out of office ! ( I’m surprised at yo a bit. we took the oath a long time ago. I still owe on my oath. )
            Never mind reaching out to the swamp. The fight has to be local. WE elect those that rule us. If we can convince enough people that there is danger from both sides of the aisle, then maybe we can start to ( pun ) “clean house “!
            I learned these facts a long long time ago, my friend. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned how to convince people to GRIP. Get Rid of Incompetent Politicians .
            Just in conversation with people that you know, you can try to spread the word. I do that with facebook, here and a few other places.

  8. still HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    To me, a serious topic taken lightly. SCOTUS took the teeth out of this code in the ’80s.
    There was a time when I memorized the Flag Code. This is out of respect for those that fought and died to keep OUR Flag flying. These days, I have to check myself before I write.
    The Flag code: 4 USC ch 1 sec7 K;
    it begins,” When used on a speaker’s platform,….”. The President disregarded the US Flag code. The Flag is to be
    on stage. Not the flags of the states.
    There, I submit to all. President Biden should be flogged with hair dryers, curlers and all appliances used by women to fashion their hair. Afterwards, he should be “pummeled” with lipstick tubes and other assorted feminine products !

    1. I believe you said you did not watch. Had you watched, you would have seen the President flanked by the U.S. flag, on his right, and the Presidential flag, on his left.
      Stand down, Flag Man.

      1. YO PALLIE !!!
        I was just looking at President Biden’s speech. The opening camera shot clearly shows the flags of the individual states with the Stars and Stripes tucked away in the corner.
        The aides got one thing right. The Flag should be over the right shoulder of the speaker at the podium.
        What was wrong, you ask. NEVER display the state flags with the Flag of the United States of America.
        Should you have (a) flag pole, then the state colors may be flown beneath the US Flag. I say may. The POW flag is , per code, to be flown directly beneath our Flag. Multiple flag poles. Well, learn on your own. Google US Flag Code.

        1. The state flags were in the hallway, outside the room from which he spoke. Old Glory stood in the place of honor, across from the President’s flag.

          1. read the Flag code. You DON”T display state flags with the National Flag

    2. Tony: regarding local elections…I’m from Montgomery County, and the district in which I lived had for the previous 60 years or so voted for a Republican House member. But back in the 1980s, during the Clinton years, a woman named Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky schmoozed the voters running as a Democrat and won, because she promised the members of the district she would NEVER vote for a tax increase. So (and you know this is coming) the House wrote a bill, at Bill Clinton’s urging, to raise our taxes. The House vote was a TIE…and guess who cast the tie-breaking vote to raise our taxes? If you guessed Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky (or M3, as I called her in my letters) you win the cement voting machine. She was kicked out of office after one term, all because she reverted to DEMOCRAT type: she lied to the voters and stuck it right up their keisters. If I had a choice of taking a whore or a politician to dinner, I’d take the whore…a better class of person.

      1. Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie,
        I don’t understand the problem here. In the bible, who lied first ? Adam, Eve, Judas ???? Doesn’t matter.
        BTW. Your girl friend was associated with Penn. My wife ( who would never be considered a diplomat ) knew Margie quite well. Marge tried to get Pam fired, simply because Pam told Marge to Go F herself ! Never mind who her son married. ( politics make strange bedfellows )
        Regardless. My point, and you just added credence, is that you can’t talk or deal with a politician unless you have a lot of power. Therefore, the only recourse for us peons, is to unite into a voting block. The dims are very good at this. They play dirty and for keeps. The republicans don’t know that came. Being a party of rich fat white guys smoking cigars, they just ignored the problems. Somehow, when you have money, you don’t have problems.
        That leaves the working class. The vast majority of democrats are completely fooled and are hog tied. To further stop the blood flow to the brain. The independents join with the dims. Why ? Because many of them are young college educated people with degrees in flower making are some other useful science that will (not) pay their bills. Then you have us, the republicans. We must have a blind spot or big egos ! Something is keeping us from joining together. AS I said before. Here in Chester County, we got trounced ! Most of the challenges were 2 to 1 when it was over. The two parties are almost even in number. That left the independents and we know where they voted.
        Your final point. It’s been said before. A prostitute is the oldest HONORABLE profession . A politician is probably the oldest DIRTIEST profession. You might as well go first class on the dinner. You’re gonna get F**ked one way or the other.

      2. Vince, Didn’t her old man do jail time? And their son married the Clinton kid? It’s been some time, but the mention of that name, Medvinski, has me thinking “corruption.” Thanks.

        1. Yeah, MMM’s hubby went to the slammer. I think he died and isn’t expected to recover.

  9. pallie,
    I sit ( half ) corrected. I reviewed several videos of the speech. When the President is walking through the “corridor of “flags”, he then comes to the podium, which is as you said correctly. Flag on the right.
    What I would not allow is the “corridor of flags” with the U.S. Flag at the far end. Again, the code clearly describes the use and placement of the American Flag. And again I say. Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States, we have a statute with no teeth.
    I’m still a dinosaur. Don’t mess with MY Flag !
    turn your clocks a head

      1. that’s okay pallie. you don’t have the balls to curse here, but you do to me in a email.
        I still stand for MY Flag !

          1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
            I see why you’re grouchy- other than liv’n’ in Philly with all of that crime and corruption. You keep strange hours. Kinda sorta like a cat. Sleep a little, write a little, sleep some more.
            Get out and get some fresh air, pallie.

  10. Kinda think online commentary should have to pass three criteria before you hit send: is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    In relation to the President’s speech, I found his failure to credit President Trump for his role in vaccine development both lacked generosity and accuracy. So failed the first two questions. To bad, it was an opportunity to mend some fences maybe. Forgone.

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