The white vote? Democrats lost it a long time ago

It is very easy, too easy, as you can see in this Washington Post column, to frame presidential contests involving Donald J. Trump as white supremacy versus racial tolerance.

White vote chart

Columnist Perry Bacon, Jr., who is Black, actually wrote, “And because white people are likely to be the majority of voters for at least two more decades, America is in trouble. (Italics added)

America is in trouble because whites are the majority.

Let that sink in. 

America became the dominant force in the world with a white supermajority, and “whiteness” is now an evil? How Woke.

Can you imagine any mainstream columnist getting away with something like, “Because Blacks are a growing minority, America is in trouble.”

Substitute Hispanics for Blacks and read it aloud. Pretty amazing, huh?

That’s what passes for intelligent discourse in some quarters.

Bacon, actually, may be late in coming to the race party.

I knew that Trump had secured the white male vote. You know, pretty much the blue collar Deplorables.

What I did not realize is that the last time Democrats won the presidential white vote was in 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson versus Barry Goldwater. 

In every presidential election since then Democrats have lost the white vote. 

That’s almost 60 years of losing the white vote. Why? The sliding white vote is too often dismissed, glibly and wrongly, as racism — and that gets done a lot.

Too rarely do Democrats sit down and ask themselves how they managed to lose their previous base — working-class whites. (They have owned a vast majority of Blacks voters since FDR.)

Bacon describes the alliance between Republicans and white Americans as “the most important and problematic dynamic” in American politics. He also believes it has been ignored by the public, with commentators and analysts often choosing euphemisms like “middle America,” “working class,” and “soccer moms” to describe Trump’s followers, rather than describing them as white.

I’m not surprised that a Black columnist sees everything through the prism of race. I am a little surprised that editors didn’t warn him that his opinion that a white majority means trouble is stupid. America has always had a white majority. Still does today — 57.8%, not including Hispanics, according to the U.S. Census.

That number has been dropping slowly since 1965, when the Immigration and Nationalism Act  shifted from favoring Northern and Western Europe to being more, um, inclusive of the rest of the world.

The premise was to make immigration less discriminatory.

“The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants,” said lead supporter Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.). “It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.”

Actually, it did, a little, but not so much at first, and Way Back Then, illegal immigration wasn’t the catastrophe it is today.

It was small, and could be handled.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration bill that provided amnesty for 3 million illegals in exchange for a promise of tighter security at the Mexican border, and a crackdown on employers hiring illegals. 

Democrats got their amnesty, Republicans did not get the crackdown, poisoning their trust in Democrats.

And that’s the way things remained for decades, and this is where the factual account ends.

Here our tale turns to analysis and speculation, to see how the two streams — white flight from the Democratic party, and a flow of legal and illegal immigrants into the U.S. — merged into a political river.

As recently as President Barack Obama, Democratic politicians were strongly opposed to illegal immigration.  Even as a senator, in 2005, Obama called for a crackdown on illegals and employers, a stance he would reiterate as President.

In 2009, Sen. Chuck Schumer, chair of the Senate Rules Committee, condemned illegal immigration as “wrong, plain and simple.”

Today, you can find no major Democratic elected official talking like that.

Why? I am not given to conspiracy theories, but I am given to suspicion.

As the Left quieted down, the Right grew louder.

Remember the chino-clad, torch-carrying pinheads at Charlottesville?

Their chant: “Jews will not replace us.”

They didn’t mean Jews would actually replace them.

They meant — using an old white supremacist, anti-Semitic trope — that Jews were the leaders in a conspiracy to import nonwhite “others” into America, thus “replacing” native white people.

The extension of that philosophy is that Democrats want the same thing — to diminish whites in America.

When President Joe Biden says “white supremacy” is the greatest threat America faces, he feeds that notion, even though he is as white as Santa’s beard.

There is a broad — I am not saying majority — feeling on the Democrat Left that white people, and their trauma-making Western civilization, cause most of the trouble in the world.

Sounds crazy, right?

As crazy as all of the top 50 U.S. universities dropping the once-standard  Western Civilization as a required course, and 34 not offering it at all?

American Democrats are  turning against themselves, against traditional values.

Back to the numbers. We know Democrats have lost the white vote, and, amazingly, Trump has made inroads among Black males, and Hispanics.

This confluence, which Democratic insiders have seen coming for a decade, seems to have ignited Democrats’ delirious obsession with the “browning of America.”

To the Left, it is desirable, it will make America “better,” I have heard them cackle.

To me, praising one race over another is racism — plain and simple as Schumer might say.

A long-held belief on the Right is that Democrats view illegal immigrants as “future Democrats.” They say it all the time.

Are they correct?

Some on the Right even believe that illegals can vote, thus contributing to a Democratic wave.

I can’t say no illegal has ever voted, but I can say such numbers would be infinitesimal (and probably located in overwhelmingly Democratic areas anyway, like most big cities).

I can say that providing amnesty to the 11-20 million illegals who broke our laws to get here, could upset our political system. It could cause further bifurcation of the electorate.

If that came to pass, eventually we will see two political parties representing two different races — white for Republicans, nonwhite for Democrats — and that would truly be destructive for America.

40 thoughts on “The white vote? Democrats lost it a long time ago”

  1. The Democrats were the segregation party after the Civil War. The Republican party was founded by abolitionists and the South voted strongly Democratic for the next 100 years. After JFK was assassinated, President Lyndon Johnson was very successful in passing civil rights legislation, which angered southerners. Richard Nixon during the 1968 election to appeal to white southern voters. Some key points about Nixon’s Southern Strategy:
    It was a deliberate attempt to capitalize on racial tensions and gain the support of white southern Democrats. It worked and the south remains Republican to this day. There’s no way FDR would win 4 straight elections in this era, even if he were allowed to.

  2. Why would anyone vote for the democrats after LBJ. His great society was the biggest failure in American history. He escalated the war in Viet Nam and divided the country. Jimmy Carter total disaster. Bill Clinton did listen to the people his second term and did a decent job. If Obama did what Trump did this country would be in great shape. Instead we had 8 years of increasing the welfare and food stamp lines. He also destroyed our health care system. Affordable health care . What a joke.

    1. Heil Trump🤡. BTW, Obamacare works for me. I have good insurance, reasonably priced. You’re another “no nothing”, which doesn’t know anything about the Affordable Care Act. You sound like a typical Republican🤡 who is against any social spending and it’s Republicans who want to gut Social Security and Medicare and the VA.

      1. If you have Obama care that means the hard working tax payers are subsiding your health care. Have you no shame you free loader.

  3. I don’t recognize or understand America anymore. I don’t understand the huge, ugly divide between the two parties; I don’t understand the rise of anti-Semitism; I don’t understand why no one seems to care about the millions of illegal immigrants flooding the nation; I don’t understand multi-TRILLION dollar budgets, consisting in huge part of printing-press money. More, I can’t understand why the CIA and NSA seem more concerned with hiring by sexual orientation or race than by ability; or why the military if focused on teaching race and gender management instead of how to defend the nation. I weep for my sons and my grandchildren. They will never know how great the nation once was — sinners struggling to be saints. Now we seem to be sinners struggling to be bigger sinners.

    1. It all makes sense to me if you start with the premise that this is all intentional. Never forget Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” You cannot fundamentally transform anything unless a great part of it (or all) has been demolished first. It’s the consistency of the actions of the left that convinces me that this is deliberate.

    2. Hey Danny boy, you phony patriot. You’re probably against Social Security, Medicare, SSI, disability, food stamps, WIC, child tax credits, VA benefits, etc… It’s pro-rich, anti-poor/working class scum like you who are ruining America. I worked all my life, since I was 11 yrs old and I’m also a veteran. WTF did you ever do for America, asshole??? Trump scum like you ought to move to Trump Towers Moscow now. It’s 💩 like you and the Republican🤡 who are ruining American democracy. GTF out!!!

      1. I believe in self reliance and accountability. I would be ashamed if I was healthy and had to depend on others to take care of me. And if they did I would pay them back. You have no shame and suck up off the backs hard working Americans.

  4. Very interesting history, but our leadership is suffering right now because the Republican Party, which fundamentally seeks to strengthen the USA, has been led astray by the rigid religious doctrines of Evangelists leading the party, whose doctrines are just fine if kept within their church walls, but have been suicidal and devastating for elections, losing millions of votes and many elections, opening the door wide for many of the Democrat party ideologies, which weaken our cities, states and our nation.

    One issue, abortion, one issue alone and the present Republican leadership’s cruel intolerance for the needs of millions of our families, loses the Republicans elections and millions of votes. Drop that issue immediately for the inhumane issue it is, in favor of other fundamental Republican principles of privacy, lack of Government intrusion and individual’s rights.

    Then Republican principles can return to US leadership, strengthening us at home and abroad for all citizens.

    1. Agree that abortion is the SINGLE biggest problem GOP.
      Ironically, the Hispanic migrants the Dems like so much, they are faithful Catholics who oppose abortion. Just a thought… as is this. I have at least two women friends who oppose abortion but will never said so publicly.

      1. We talk about abortion way too broadly. Are you opposed to all abortions regardless of any respect for the rights of a woman to choose, with some guardrails, what she’ll have to put her body through? Are you in favor of all abortions up to the time of giving birth? Personally, I’ve always thought Congress (once again, that paralyzed institution) should have codified Roe, not at the 23 or 24 weeks it was but at some reasonable number, between 15 and 18. I’ve heard the number 15 weeks floated in many circles and frankly, if you can’t make up your mind what you want to do in four months, you need to go ahead and have the baby and put it up for adoption if you can’t or won’t care and nurture it. Obviously the health of the mother would, in my thinking, always take precedence.

        1. A fraction of abortions are performed because of rape, incest or the mothers health. The vast majority are performed on woman between the ages of 20 and 40. So why would you have unprotected sex with someone you didn’t want to have a baby with. There are lots of ways to get off without having intercourse. Your getting your choice. It’s your body but these irresponsible woman get pregnant and kill the babies. They think nothing of it and think it’s know different then getting a tooth pulled out. This was unthinkable years ago. Boy how society and morality has changed. God help us.

      2. People don’t understand the Abortion fight. I believe they are misinformed by the left. The left is irate over the change. The Supreme Court didn’t vote to allow it or stop it. I believe they gave the individual states the right to make their own rules on abortion. I think that is a much better way of handling it. I am against abortion and I think a little more than 50% of the citizens feel the same way. I think this is a step in the right direction. Not what I would like but yes a small step.

          1. Abortion, reduced to its real meaning, is “Have the child, or kill the child.” Thats’s the ‘choice’ — the clever word that obfuscates what abortion really is all about.

    2. I supported Reagan. He gave us hope for the future. Trump reminds me of Hitler and his perceived grievances. Where Reagan was positive, Trumpo is a “nattering nabob of negativism”.
      Trump would gut the constitution, pull a Lindbergh and weaken the nation. Dannyboy must be an atheist because he surely doesn’t believe in the Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded on. Danny is saying that if you’re poor, sickly, handicapped “F*** you, it’s your fault and don’t ask your government to help you out. Drop dead”. Hey asshole, don’t file for Social Security and Medicare since you obviously don’t believe in it. You’re probably a cowardly draft dodger like Trumpo🤡💩

    3. Republicans favor corporations and the wealthy over average Americans. And these far-right loons are extremely isolationist.

  5. As a left leaning moderate, I agree with certain criticisms of the Democratic Party, particularly as regards the issue of immigration. But I really haven’t heard “reasonable” solutions from either side on what to do about it. And I’m not talking about the readers of your columns, but from our elected leaders. You referred to Reagan’s signing of an immigration law in 1986. That is coming up on 38 years ago. Congress has been controlled by both parties in the intervening years, yet they haven’t sat down and hammered out a single solution to present to the President, and more importantly we, the American people they’re supposed to be leading. Something has to change, whether it’s term limits, or a third party, or perhaps something else. You can’t simply govern from crisis to crisis without any regard for securing a safe, prosperous and welcoming country for we who are here, and for those wishing to come and live here and become citizens of the United States.

  6. Personally, I am much more concerned that one of our two major political parties has embraced a “leader” who is a complete idiot and who has out-right stated that he opposes Democracy itself, and will jail his political “enemies” should he be elected. Seems like that should be more of a worry than everything else mentioned about. Oh, and for Daniel, who writes: “It’s your body but these irresponsible woman get pregnant and kill the babies.” Kindly go phuck yourself for blaming only women for unwanted pregnancies. You are a disgrace, and it is very typical of people like you to ignore the fact that it take TWO to tango. And your foolish religious beliefs do not get to impact anyone’s life but your own. And that goes for Vince as well, who thinks HE gets to make those decisions for everyone else. You don’t, and you shouldn’t. Ever. As Stu points out, the VAST majority of Americans will never, ever accept a full ban on abortion. My grandmother died from an (obviously illegal) abortion back in the 1930. There was no birth control and they were dirt poor and already had five kids. We ain’t EVER going back there, jack. If you think the country has gone to sh!t or whatever, I suggest you look in a mirror for the real reasons.

      1. Danny, with that comment, you are saying that although you are against abortions, you are for them If they silence someone you disagree with.

        I can see why you love that orange skinned POS. You talk as much shit as he does.

        1. You and freeze were always tied for being the dumbest. Now I think your the dumbest. Congratulations

    1. Freeze, you make too much sense for the likes of Danny boy, and those similar to him, to ever acknowledge. They expect that the things they believe in are the only things that matter.

  7. “They have owned a vast majority of Blacks voters since FDR.”

    Careful with that wording. This is coming from someone whose employer removed the term “All hands meeting” as it may offend people who don’t have hands. <– not joking.

    1. Thanks, and I used that phrase deliberately. As a metaphor, it is true, unlike Biden’s (the Republicans) “want to out you back in chains.”
      Thankfully, as the owner and CEO of Byko Media Ltd., publisher of this blog, I fired the HD department. 😄

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