The suicide squad of Jews arrive on campus

Vladimir Lenin reportedly devised the term “useful idiots” to describe people who propagandize for a cause without understanding its nature or goals.

Useful Ultra Orthodox idiots

It perfectly fits the small number of radical Jews who support Hamas, by supporting pro-Hamas protests. 

I would characterize these Jews as chickens who side with KFC. They are Judaism’s suicide squad.

Every village has its idiots, and Jews are not exempt. Every community has its traitors. Every community has its fanatics.

The last category includes a fringe sect of ultra Orthodox anti-Israel Jews. You heard me right. 

They are small, but they are noisy, they seek attention. Like its best-known sect, Neturei Karta, they believe that the state of Israel would be reborn with the arrival of the Messiah, and since there was no ecclesiastic miracle, the Jewish homeland is not legitimate.

The vast majority of Orthodox Jews, in Israel and in the Diaspora, accept Israel’s legitimacy without question. As a side note, despite not recognizing the state of Israel, the anti-Zionist hypocrites accept state subsidies from Israel to survive, because most of these kosher clowns do not work. 

On the secular side, the Inquirer identified Jewish Voice for Peace Philadelphia, Rabbis for Ceasefire, Jews for Ceasefire, and Tikkun Olam Chavurah, led by Rabbi Linda Holtzman, a well-known social justice warrior, as joining the pro-Hamas side.

These groups staged a disgraceful Passover seder on the Penn campus, because — in their minds — Passover is a celebration of the Jews’ liberation from Pharaoh, and the Gazans need liberating.

Disgraceful because Hamas is Pharaoh.

Actually, far worse. Pharaoh just enslaved Jews, he didn’t rape, burn, kidnap, behead, and murder them. 

What these simple-minded Jews don’t understand is Hamas would cut their stupid heads off — and publish videos of it.

Holtzman is an open lesbian. How long would she last in Hamas’ hands? Hamas despises gays, as it despises democracy, Jews, liberal enlightenment, and America. This is the side they support?

The presence of Jewish Benedict Arnolds is not new.

More than 20 years ago, without 34,000 dead Gazans, groups like the ones above picketed the Israeli consulate on John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Philly every Friday. Another group was the Bubby Brigade, which actually has picketed the Anti-Defamation League.

I know this because I covered some of their demonstrations on JFK. 

I don’t think it is coincidental that the protests began after Israeli voters, after three decades of rule by left-wing Labor, turned toward right-wing Likud.

The protestors are all products of the hard Left, which liked Israel better when it was filled with utopian socialist kibbutzs, rather than the freewheeling capitalism it has adopted. They don’t seem to understand that Israel is vulnerable to attack at any moment, as Oct. 7 tragically proved.

Let’s be clear: Opposing the right-wing government of Benyamin Netanyahu is not anti-Israel nor anti-Semitic. A great majority of  Israelis, according to polling, want him gone (even if they approve of the war against Hamas).

Wanting a temporary ceasefire — to permit release of hostages and to increase humanitarian aid — is a worthy goal. But I see almost no mention on college campuses of the hostages who have been held for more than 200 days. Students’ demand for a “ceasefire” would leave the murderers, arsonists, and rapists of Hamas in charge.

U.S. policy is that Hamas must not be allowed to govern Gaza.

It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel for its conduct of the war. I have said Israel’s actions were unusually and uncharacteristically heavy-handed. There is no excuse for targeting civilians in what they were told was a safe zone. There is no reason for the long delays in getting humanitarian relief to starving civilians.

I know some argue that Hamas may grab the supplies. That may be true, but that is on them, and will further turn Gazans against them, as is already happening. I expect Israel to do the right thing and I am disappointed when it doesn’t.

But I will never express my anger through the megaphone of genocidal Jew killers, which is Hamas’ calling card. You are known by the company you keep.

It’s bad enough when clueless students do it, but when Jews who should know better do it, that’s what’s called in Yiddish a shanda, something shameful.

32 thoughts on “The suicide squad of Jews arrive on campus”

  1. Useful idiots are the well intentioned, but misinformed protesters being manipulated by foreign actors and others. It is evident this is not organic and a campaign to divide our country.

    1. What evidence do you have that the protestors are being manipulated by foreign interests and which countries/individuals are doing this?

      1. Well, they didn’t just organically and individually go out and buy those tents, signs, and other supplies. They didn’t organically organize nationwide protests of this magnitude. Many have admitted they really don’t know what they’re protesting. Therefore, they are being manipulated by someone.
        As Stu pointed out, the primary influence is coming from the hard left —and today that is the Democrat party. Therefore, if they are not being manipulated by foreign interests (TikTok for example), they are being manipulated by our very own Democrat Party.

        1. They didn’t? Who are you trying to fool other than yourself. None of the protests are organized nationally, they are being organized locally. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to understand that if you are going to occupy a public space 24/7 that you will need tents, sleeping bags, and other gear.

          How exactly is the Democratic Party manipulating them? No opinions, just verifiable facts and “Google it” just means you don’t have an answer. If you think this being organized nationally then you forgot to claim that George Soros is doing this, as any good conspiracy theorist would do.

        2. So you have no proof of anything but intend to come here and spew forth your personal theories which have no basis in fact. Like a good Republican.

  2. If you take any group of people, no matter how small or how large, you can bet 10% of them will be buttholes. Plain and simple.

  3. At least they’ve one thing in common: they’re all disciples of today’s wonderful Democrat Party.

        1. Actually, they probably are. While Jews in general vote about 70% democratic, that flips the other way for the Haredi (i.e., the guys in the hats) to about 81% pro-Trump. They are very anti-LGBT, and anti-abortion, and tend to support Trump. As Pew put it: “Orthodox Jews are about as likely as White evangelical Protestants to favor the GOP and describe their political views as conservative.”

          I expect the rest are mostly Jill Stein (Green Party) lefty voters. Stein is ethnically Jewish, and the Green Party made BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) a part of its platform many years ago, which is all I needed to know about it. If those folks voted democratic instead of Green, Trump wouldn’t have been elected in 2016.

  4. Send them to negotiate with Hamas, their powers of persuasion must be amazing. Treason to your country is one thing, Treason to God is another.

    1. How is this treason against God? If God thought this was treason he would have smote/smite them personally.

  5. Someone with some money should go to the demonstrations with a large sign that says “Free flights to the middle east”. See how many takers there are.
    I wonder how the parents of suspended students are reacting to their children throwing away their $65,000 tuition plus fees and dorm room costs as they won’t get credit for the semester/year.

    1. What’s stopping you from doing that? Even if you don’t have any money you should do this to see how many people would sign up.

          1. Nice to know. I’m about 500 miles from Penn. And obviously you know nothing about age.

        1. So what city do you live in? I know quite a lot about age. I know that age does not always bring wisdom and given my age I know a lot about people like you.

          1. I love it. You already classified me as “people like you”. You don’t know which people, if any, are like me and you don’t know diddly-squat about me. Hell, you don’t even know if I’m 14 or 94. I didn’t intend for this to get personal but you are really a jackass.

  6. The country was always center left or center right. The Democratic Party is now led buy socialist. JFK would be a republican today in my opinion. All of you old Kennedy democrats should be smart enough to know this is not your party anymore.

    1. Yeah, but your Republican Party is what, exactly? They’d throw Reagan out on his ass if he was here. You are quite dense, but at least consistent.

        1. I can see how much Republicans would like Regan today. Regan would not try to overthrow an election or suck up to a Russian dictator.

    2. If you are against Socialism then you must be against Public schools, public libraries, fire and law enforcement, unemployment insurance, highways and roads, and healthcare for veterans through the VA. Anyone who does support America’s hero’s must be a Communist or a Republican.

    1. Spoken like someone who has no facts to back up their claim. We’re not in High School anymore and calling an argument “dumb” is incredibly sophomoric.

  7. There are plenty of facts. You are just to dumb to see them. And I don’t have all day to teach you.

    1. So what’s stopping you from posting those facts? I gave you facts, your response was nothing more than “Google it”. If you think I am wrong post some facts of your own, if you can.

      1. Cuba, China , Venezuela etc your free to go to any of those countries. I believe in capitalism.

        1. Those are dictatorships using the guise of Communism, not Socialism, to stay in power. I gave you examples of Socialism in the U.S. How are the examples I gave you not Socialism.

        2. If you want examples of Socialism you should read up on Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Sweden.

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