The riot we did not have

Questions continue to be asked about the police shooting of 12-year-old T.J. Siderio.

Police say he fired a shot at plainclothes cops in an unmarked car, and then fled. Officers then fired, and one shot killed the kid.

Neighbor adds to shrine for slain boy (Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Philadelphia Inquirer has done a good job reporting this, and proves the earliest reports of a news story often lack detail, or get it wrong based on what officials tell the media.

I believe the truth will eventually emerge, and I also believe had the kid been Black, we would have been dealing with unrest, up to riots. That is an opinion, based on past facts.

So we can be thankful for the small things.

5 thoughts on “The riot we did not have”

    You are correct, sir. De Siderio is Italian. Over the years, the spelling has been modified, in many cases for procuring employment.
    Sadly, we loose another youth for many reasons. None of them good. Also sadly, Philly does little to help people living under one roof become a family.

  2. (Tongue firmly in cheek, clutching at imaginary pearls) “Do you think that there might be
    —Gasp!– a double standard here?’

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