The other Obama lights the place up

The third night of the Democratic National Convention was planned as Ladies Night, but the trophy was taken by a man, former President Barack Obama. If that sounds sexist, so be it.

President Obama praises his vice president

Like he did when we first saw him on the national stage at the 2004 DNC, Obama lit up the place. 

He had two roles — to tear down President Donald J. Trump, and build up his former vice president, Joe Biden, and VP candidate Kamala Harris.

[Right now I am hearing CNN’s Wolf Blitzer practically wet himself saying Obama’s attack was “scathing.” I don’t know where these TV clowns grew up, using words like “scarhing” and “pounding” for quiet words of criticism.]

Speaking from Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution, Obama did a great job selling a vintage car with high mileage, Joe Biden. He called him a “brother,” and spoke with an apparent sincerity that raised the question of why he didn’t endorse Biden as soon as he announced his candidacy.

OK, we know why. As the titular head of the Democratic Party, Obama had to remain neutral. Remember what bad feelings were generated in 2016 when the Clinton operatives put their thumbs on the scale?

His criticism of Trump came early, it was brief, and cutting. The former occupant of the Oval Office said the present occupant should feel responsible, be the custodian of democracy, protect and preserve the Constitution. “I did hope Donald Trump would show interest in taking the job seriously, that he might come to feel the weight of the office . . . But he never did.”

He later said Trump was a threat to democracy and treated “the presidency as one more reality show to get the attention he craves.” That’s a scalpel, not a meat cleaver.

Standing in that museum gave him an opportunity to reflect on America’s imperfect past, in a low-key speech designed for a TV audience and not for applause. Echoing a previous theme of “one America,” Obama talked about when our ancestors arrived they often were short-changed. He avoids using terms like “structural racism,” as did Harris, who followed him and was the evening’s final speaker.

As the first woman of color, and South Asian, nominated by a major party, she is an historic figure, and if you believe the conservative wing nuts (looking at you Greg Gutfeld), if the Democrats win in November, she will be president in a wink, because Biden is a Trojan horse. (Address your emails to Gutfeld.)

Harris was introduced by a video in which her younger sister, niece and stepdaughter all said she was great, just great.

She concentrated on family, as she (as the talking heads say) “introduced” herself to America. She came across as genuine, and then moved on to praise Biden, which is what VPs do. (Looking at you, Mike Pence.)

Maybe most watching didn’t remember — or didn’t care — Harris had accused Biden of being a racist for opposing busing and hanging out with segregationists, and then believing the woman who had accused Biden of sexual improprieties.

Sorry to bring this up, but it is on the record and you can be damn sure Trump will be talking about it.

Moderator was glamorous actress Kerry Washington, who revealed that her father was African-American, but her mother was an immigrant from the West Indies.

Earlier in the evening, the 2016 standard bearer, Hillary Clinton, spoke about Biden’s empathy and Trump’s inability to act like a president. She avoided sounding whiny, but noted in passing some people she knew didn’t vote last time. “This can’t be another woulda, shoulda, coulda,” she said.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren focused on child care, saying it should be regarded as social infrastructure.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Dems had written a lot of bills that are stopped in the Senate by Mitch McConnell.

“We will remember in November,” she promised.

We will see. 

13 thoughts on “The other Obama lights the place up”

    There is no doubt that Barack Obama is a eloquent polished speaker. I also know him to be an empty suit.
    The August version of the academy awards will soon be over. Biden and Harris will be out stomping and spewing their twisted rhetoric. I can only hope, that after the glitter fades, that America sees the dimocratic party for what it is. That would be a simplified version of socialism.

      1. HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
        Typical political crap spewing out of our nation’s capital. Said the swamp,” Let’s put on a show for the ignorant public, and keep stuffing our pockets !”
        Obama went unchallenged in those two contests . As President Trump has said. If the dims had done a good job, he would not be President.
        stay well,

    1. Tony, you said ‘The August version of the academy awards will soon be over’ What you forgot to say is it will be followed by Trump’s new reality show ‘Lies R Us’.

      1. HAPPY THURSDAY, H.B. !!!
        I was wondering when you were going to get around to me. Why don’t you invite me to your house for dinner. It must be entertaining !
        As usual, keep your crap to yourself, I’m not play’n’.
        stay well
        try not being so nasty,

        1. Tony, first of all I said nothing n negative about you. You gave a name to the DNC and I gave one to the RNC. Why is that crap? Is it because you disagree with it?

          Second, you said; ‘keep your crap to yourself, I’m not play’n’’. Is that a threat? It sound like you are telling me to keep my thoughts to myself otherwise what? I have not known you to make threats so I ask you to please clarify.

          If you are referring to anything else please enlighten me.

          1. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
            H.B., you are a master at the word game. Biden could use your talents.
            I am not going to trade jabs or negatives or insults or anything but what I would consider intelligent conversation. We can dis-agree, and we do more than not. That’s fine. That’s called a discussion.
            stay well,

  2. Yeah, it was getting down to the nitty gritty, what this night was all about, (one more win and off to the semifinals of the Stanley Cup 😁). But I turned to FNC anyway and there he was with that familar boyish smile of self assuredness and cockiness delivering another smooth teleprompter speech (exactly why and how he rode his way to the presidency, and like Tony opined, an empty vessel!) to his adoring followers…just a little bit older with salted hair, but still cool and effective! Yes, The Great Orator and Divider I was thinking. Then it hit me again…..another continuing example of whatever the otherside accuses us of, you can bet that they’re doing it.

    E.G. Michele’s…”take the high rode when they go low” sanctimony. (remember the Schiff impeachment and Kavanaugh hearings, and recently, AJ Barr before Nadler’s committee. High rode my rear end!) Then last night Obama’s “no interest in finding common ground” re, to Trump. What common ground did Obama take us to? No president before had a better opportunity to do so. He never intended. The ‘dividing’ of people into poor and rich, race, sex, age, etc, and what Robert Woodson calls “tribes.”

    Yeah, I know, Trump’s mean and Joe is “decent.” And Obama’s still cool. And the Flyer’s lost. There’s Friday, and if necessary, a game seven. I love this country!!

    1. Tom,
      Been awhile. Hope all is well with all of you.
      Everything you said, politically, is true. Hopefully, the public will see it for what it is. When I go out and canvass and talk politics, all I get is that Trump is foul mouthed, etc and more etceteras . I have yet to hear anyone condemn the administration for the work that this President is trying to do. Mostly because the public is clueless and are listening to the rhetoric coming from the fake news.
      Flyers. I don’t follow sports. But a million years ago, we played softball charity games against the Broad Street Bullies. Good guys, they were.
      stay well,

  3. I often wonder if the voters decided to choose the candidate who complimented his opponent on some action or stand that was accomplished could they find a profile in courage polititian? We have become so negative in our everyday conversation that finding anything positive can only be found in outer space. History that we were taught was one sided and most of our alledged heroes were evil genicidal thugs whose statues must be torn down without input from society. Our youth see life as one continual protest seeking a host of new benefits through force of confrontation without one sliver of research or fact-finding to support their demands. Facebook has replaced respectable dialogue with vial rants by self righteous amoebas bent on proving “ignorance is bliss.” How bleak the future when the virus clears and all those shut-ins and hermits can enter the arena and make America an adult Sesame Street playground for a two party system of lackluster candidates seeking to be the leader of the free world.

  4. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear all,

    Have a look at the following PBS interview with American broadcast journalist, Ted Koppel:

    “Ted Koppel Discusses the State of Journalism and Democracy”

    The interview runs about 18 Min. I quote the description of the interview:

    Ted Koppel is an iconic journalist and member of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, having made his name as anchor of ABC News’ Nightline for over two decades. Amongst his many achievements, in 1988 he hosted an unprecedented town hall meeting between Israelis and Palestinians live from Jerusalem. Koppel speaks to Walter about the state of journalism and democracy today, with the U.S. in the throes of the impeachment trial. Originally aired on January 28, 2020.
    —End quotation


    Koppel, now something of the elder statesmen among journalists, takes on the lack of concern with objectivity in the news media and the pernicious roles of social media.
    This is well worth viewing. I find myself agreeing with most of what Koppel has to say. Pointed out for criticism are the very profitable media innovations of Rupert Murdoch, widely imitated of course, who has had a gigantic influence on the news media throughout the English-speaking world. The “Citizen Kane” of our times?

    As I recall, Murdoch, born and breed in Australia, became an American citizen in 1985 so that he could own U.S. TV stations. He brought us all something of the slash and cut style of the British tabloids.

    H.G. Callaway

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