The eyes have it

Having announced I was having eye surgery about a week ago, I feel an obligation to bring you up to date.

After the surgery, you get cool shades for free. (Notify Bernie Sanders.)

The glasses are to be worn outdoors and in bright light. That is easy. Harder is putting four types of drops in my eye, several times a day.

The operation was to remove cataracts from both eyes, left and right. The surgery typically is done two or more weeks apart, so at no point are both eyes “blind.” (You are never actually blind.)

After announcing the surgery, I suddenly learned how many people I know have had the procedure. The actual surgery takes about a half hour, but you will be at the hospital for four or more hours and you need someone to escort you home, mostly because of the small amount of anesthesia still in your system. You are put into a light sleep.

There is no pain before or after the surgery.

For many people, the immediate result is startling. For me, it was minimal. Two reasons, explains Dr. Robert Bailey. First, some people get the result over a few days. Second, and more to the point, I also have glaucoma in my left eye, which has damaged my optic nerve. During surgery, in addition to removing the cataracts, Dr. Bailey placed a couple of stents, to relieve pressure on the nerve. Glaucoma can’t be reversed, but it can be slowed. That’s what the doctor did for me, although vision in my left eye has been damaged in the southeast quadrant of my eye.

Learning that was stressful, disappointing and, frankly, a little frightening. So now I am aware of that, but there is no physical manifestation, unlike a headache or a back spasm.

As they often say today, it is what it is.

Next report will come after the right eye gets taken care of, week after next.

10 thoughts on “The eyes have it”

    Yo Pallie !
    “You look marvelous” ! as the old say’n’ goes. After the eyes, will get rid of some of that gray. With Valentine’s Day, the next biggee, maybe we could go red. Or wait for St Paddy’s Day and do green. Then you could do a jig with the mayor.
    In addition to all of that nonsense, seriously, get well and then, stay well.

  2. My father had the same problem (also stents in the right eye). It was a few years ago and he sees fine. That said, I wish they had something for his ears. I get tired of pausing the the TV because he’s always asking, “what’d he/she say?”. Good luck

  3. Hi Stu: We miss you in the paper and will be checking in on you on a regular basis.
    My husband Ed, had reached out to you a few times in the past to comment on your
    articles. Since I type faster then he does, I will be his secretary and join him in his
    messages to you.
    Our latest concerns are the reduction in size of our National Monuments, the crippling
    of the NEPA participation in federally approved and funded projects, but the most disturbing
    is the White House excluding cameras from some briefings, discontinued daily briefings and
    suspending the press pass of CNN’s , Jim Acosta. This follows in the example of Vladimir Putin
    and his suppression of the press.
    This president tells lies, calls people names and exhibits behavior that is erratic and chaotic if not
    downright childish. Yikes! What is your reaction to this behavior? Our concerns mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg and we are befuddled as to why people think he is great. What are we missing?
    The president is a grifter who is profiting financially from his properties at yours and ours expense.
    Sorry to go on so, but our level of frustration is rising daily.
    Please take care of your self and know that your audience misses you and now that we found you, will
    be tuning in regularly. Fondly, Ed & Ann Kerr

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