The best thing I ever wrote

“Cats Are Supermodels” is like “Marley & Me” for cats. 

Like supermodels, cats are beautiful, sleek, self-centered, moody, aloof, usually sleepy, always hungry, but rarely willing to eat what’s put before them.

Sometimes worshipped, sometimes reviled, cats combine grace, stealth, agility and cunning to emerge as America’s most popular pet.

This was my second book, and the best thing I have ever written. It is not really for single women. That was a marketing ploy.

“Cats Are Supermodels” serves up fact, fiction and satire about cats ­— and the women (and men) who become their willing servants.

Anyone who has ever loved a cat, lived with a cat, or knows someone who does, will appreciate this book’s cold truth and warm humor.

It’s $13 (postage included) and a great stocking stuffer. You can use PayPal @ OR send a $13 check made out to me and mailed to 1326 Spruce St., #2405, Phila., Pa. 19107.

I will autograph and inscribe the book any way you like. It will be mailed first-class the day after it is received. 

We are in the holiday mailing season, so don’t delay! 

11 thoughts on “The best thing I ever wrote”

  1. As my son Vincent said (he of the two cats in the family), “Cats don’t have owners, they have assistants.”

  2. Looking forward to reading and gifting, Stu. My check will be mailed today. When did you write it?

    I love the nosey little felines!!

    1. It was published in 2013. It is still up to date. If it doesn’t make you laugh, you can return it. (I won’t return your money, but you can return the book.) ☺️

    can’t blog now. too busy taking care of the kids………….
    1 old house cat, 1 old dog, 5 ferral cats that let us wait on them, couple of stray cats that we haven’t caught yet, 7 chickens, possums and coons
    ( if we had more ground, we’ld have horses, too

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