This is a test of the automated email notification service that has been down for a while.

Sorry for the intrusion.

Regular columns will resume soon.

18 thoughts on “Test”

  1. I didn’t get this email or the last 2 before this one. I was browsing other items and suddenly realized I had seen no emails from Stu since last week. I check the spam folder (online this time) under my account and, sure enough, there it was. Hopefully it has been retrained.

    1. Spam folder? I believe my service glitched and failed to send the emails. Talk about dumb โ€” even I did not realize I wasnโ€™t getting them. Smh

      1. Sounds like it was a bit of both, Stu. Your service failed to send, and AOL on my end saw your email as spam for some odd reason – after all this time. And just to make matters more complicated, both Google and Yahoo, on Feb 1, will implement a change to make email more secure and to eliminate more spam. This change only affects bulk emailers. Stricter policies will apply to those who send 5,000 or more emails to Gmail and Yahoo. Stu probably doesn’t fall into this category, but what do I know?

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