Sunday male call

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain this one.

I can’t say I’ve ever been accused of this. I mean toxicity, not saving the world.
“Male toxicity” is one of those terms — along with “cultural appropriation,” “school to jail pipeline,” “ecofascism” — that arose from the self-hating intellectual stew in faculty lounges of the Ivy League.
They fit you for a suit of guilt if you are white and male and Christian. Add “European,” which almost has become an ethnic slur.
I won’t wear that suit. To me, guilt must be earned, it is not inherited.
Are there males who suffer from an overdose of testosterone?
Yes, without question.
Is it a majority?
No, without doubt.

8 thoughts on “Sunday male call”

  1. Short, sweet (well, actually toxic), and to the point. It is so easy to paint broad strokes these days. And that, of course, is the stupidity of it all. Thanks for pointing this out, Stu – not that anyone will believe you .

  2. “I think what’s happening in the world – there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast, and the patriarchy is wounded.” – Jane Fonda

  3. Well said. Please be advised I have copied and will quote without attribution as much of this as I can commit to memory.

    see what we missed by being born before all of these pigeon hole categories ? All we had to contend with back then, was growing up to be good christian ( or Jewish) boys. I will say that we had to embrace what I call the “John Wayne Syndrone” ! The Duke fought in every war, battle, police activity, et al that took place . Of course, he was always the hero, and as we all know, the hero always dies in the end, pilgrim.

  5. My toxically-male father, along with millions of other toxic males, went to war in the 1940s. Dad became a guest of the Nazis when he was captured at the Bulge. He made it home, but millions of other toxic males didn’t.
    All of them did so to protect the right of today’s ill-educated morons to call them toxic males.

    And why call Jane Fonda an asshole and give assholes a bad name?

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