Some light editing on the Inquirer

Whatever else is said about the mayoral primary, it was a setback for Philadelphia progressives, which had recent wins with the election of D.A. Larry Krasner, state rep Elizabeth Fiedler, state senator Nikil Saval, Council member Kendra Brooks, and others.

The progs were on a roll.

Hoping to capture Philadelphia as they had Boston, L.A., and Chicago, the progs brought in the big socialist guns — Sen. Bernie Sanders and U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to rouse the rabble, so to speak.

They came, they saw, but they didn’t conquer for Helen Gym, who finished in a very disappointing third place. All the polls, such as they were, had the three women (can’t say that) cisgender female candidates tied for the lead. When I went to sleep Monday night, I had a queasy feeling Ms. Bullhorn would win because her four moderate opponents would split the Anyone But Gym vote.

Happily, that did not happen and the Inquirer offered a post mortem, generally on track, but with a blind spot or two.

Such as this paragraph: “And in Gym, her opponents found a left-leaning bogeywoman to attack, for her authenticity, personal wealth and a husband who once worked at a pharmaceutical company, all of which became an obstacle to growing her support.”

Not quite right. She was attacked for her inauthenticity, for being an advocate for public schools, but helping create a charter for her own children. Also for attending a party at the Union League after she condemned it as racist and homophobic. And she was not criticized for wealth or because her “husband once worked at” a pharmaceutical company, but because Gym voted on a bill that benefited her husband’s company at the time. She should have recused herself. That was borderline corrupt. There’s more here.

It is true that Gym was even too extreme for the Inquirer to endorse, but the two reporters saw Gym through their own prism.

And I’m here to correct the record.

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  1. “And she was not criticized for wealth or because her “husband once worked at” a pharmaceutical company, but because Gym voted on a bill that benefited her husband’s company at the time.”

    Yeah, that does seem pretty corrupt. Let’s ask Clarence Thomas what he thinks.


  2. Voters were petrified of a gym victory. phl 17 published its last poll on friday with gym winning and over the next 5 days 10pt s of domb and brown voters left them and gave it ALL to parker who got an 11 pt bump from her phl17 poll no . Without those 10pts of domb and brown voters switching , parker stays at 21 and loses to gym . They are owed a debt of gratitude.
    One takeaway from the final phl17 poll . If brown never entered the race amd domb got 75% of browns votes then he would have won a comfortable victory

  3. The city of Philadelphia is beyond repair on so many levels. Now we accept that our candidate lost ( we never thought they were going to win) and we are satisfied and celebrate like we got a win because a Woke, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist lost. It’s time to pack up and move to a better safer place to live. The next mayor’s only knowledge about the Philadelphia Police is from when she was allegedly arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Shame on the voters of this once great city.

  4. Is this even real democracy? The mayor is effectively chosen with a mere plurality in a low-turnout election where only those registered to the majority party can vote. The fastest-growing group of voters is independents, but they don’t get to vote. Of course, the Democratic winner of the primary will go on to win overwhelmingly in the November “election”. That’s how we got Krasner.
    Mind you, it is no different in heavily Republican areas and it’s just as bad. And, it’s not democracy the way we learned it in school.

  5. Seriously? With such a low voter turn out how can anybody expect Gym to win a Congressional seat? You have a better chance of Fetterman showing up in a Tux.

    1. It is easier to win a congressional seat because the district is only half the city. But the 2nd and 3rd, which comprise Philly, pretty much splits her base. It would be a tough slog for her.

  6. Media use the word ‘allegedly.’ to honor the ‘presumed innocent’ status of anyone arrested for a crime. OR to cast doubt on something said or done, even if the evidence of its truth is beyond question. It’s chickenshit disguised as journalism.

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