Replacement theory is real, but…

So now we have a new theory to learn: Replacement Theory, to go along with Critical Race Theory, and Social & Emotional Learning Theory, as things that divide Americans.

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What moves Replacement Theory to the head of the line was how it helped push 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron into a murderous, racist massacre.

The first time I became conscious of Replacement Theory was when it was chanted by racists and anti-Semites in the Charlottesville march that resulted in a riot and the death of a counter-protestor.  

“We will not be replaced by Jews,” was one of the chants from the assorted losers — white supremacists, boneskinheads, Proud Boys. 

As a Jew, I laughed it off. Maybe I laughed too soon.

An intrinsic idea in Replacement is that Jews are behind a movement to “replace” white people and white voters. (Spoiler Alert: We are not. Why would we replace ourselves?)

“A group of white Americans—many of them white rural—are seeing their status in society threatened as a result of demographics and the recent racial reckoning,” writes Ian Bremmer in Time. “That has manifested itself both in politics—see redistricting and voter suppression schemes—as well as the violence we witnessed at the Capitol.”

He and others place the blame with “the GOP,” when Replacement is an element more correctly located in the far-right wing of the party.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been particularly noisy in saying that Democrats won’t enforce the border because they see illegal immigrants as voters who will give the party a permanent majority. (He also scolds the GOP for liking illegal immigrants as a source of cheap labor, and Big Business likes that.)

He forgets or chooses to overlook that the illegals would have to be citizens before they could vote, and that process could take years — if it were to happen. Unless you believe Donald J. Trump’s wild assertion that millions of them already vote. They do not.

Carlson also speaks for some when he says the illegal invasion could change the color of America.

He seems to say it as a bad thing.

The Left says it as a good thing, that “browning” will improve America.

My position is that only immigrants who share our values improve America. Not all do. Their color is irrelevant.

That’s the basic foundation before we get to Replacement Theory. Now I am going out on the thin ice and suggest whatever fears some whites may have, they are not without basis. The demographics are inexorable. The fear, justified or not, is measurable. I am not sympathizing with them. I am explaining their mindset.

Let’s start with a simple, objective fact. The Native Americans were here first, that’s a given. They were replaced.

But the country was settled and brought into the then-modern era by white, Christian Europeans. They became the overwhelming majority.

Small wonder when immigration laws were first drafted, they favored — duh! — people who looked like them.

(Sometimes even when they looked like us — the Irish — they got shat on, and Italians were kind of swarthy, and Jews were not Christians, so…. America has a sad and enduring tradition of making new arrivals run the gauntlet.)

Western and Northern Europe were given preferential status until 1965, when a massive immigrant reformation, in the words of historians, “changed the face of America.”

“”The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants,” lead supporter Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) told the Senate during debate. “It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.”

It didn’t then, but it has now, at least to some degree.

I know some will disagree, but if you are looking for a root cause of the Great Replacement, the well-intended Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 is that cause.

Even those who favor it, like these authors, admit it has exploded illegal immigration, an unintended consequence.

It is not an exaggeration to say it is now easier for a nonwhite person to get a green card than a European. (There are more nonwhite people in the world.)

Not one of the top 5 nations sending us immigrants is white. The numbers of total immigrants: Mexico, an astonishing 11.2 million, China, 2.9 million, India, 2.6 million, Philippines, 2 million, and El Salvadore, 1.4 million. (Figures from Pew Research.)

The foreign-born population in 2015 was 45 million. It will explode to 78 million by 2065.

In 1950, white people were 89.3% of America — a huge majority.

The projection of white people in 2050 is 47%, according to the Census Bureau, and dropping.

Whites will not be the majority, but will remain the largest cohort, followed by Hispanics at 29%, Blacks at 13%, Asians will be 9%. 

In a little-noted change, Hispanics have passed African-Americans as the largest minority group.

These are just numbers, nothing to fear.

But some do, and the fear mostly is on the political Right.

In all honesty, however, what I have been hearing from the Left, from MSNBC and some progressives, is unalloyed joy that in some way, America will be better without a white majority. Most of the people saying that are white.

I particularly remember MSNBC’s Chris Matthews smacking his lips with the astonishing notion that fewer white people will make things better.

Could you make that claim about any other group without having the “hate” tag hung on you?

No, you couldn’t.

The projected year for whites to cease being a majority is 2045.

That will be the year, in other words, whites will be “replaced.”

The Replacement morons are convinced it is a bad thing.

I am convinced only that it is a thing.

Whites will be “replaced.” That is not a conspiracy theory.

What we can argue about is what that will mean. 

Will America be better off with no majority?

13 thoughts on “Replacement theory is real, but…”

    I am not racist. I am not against immigration. LEGAL IMMIGRATION, that is.
    Back in grade school (’50s ), it was suggested to us that we should learn Spanish. The reasoning from these nuns was that there were more Spanish speaking people in the world than those that spoke English. Later on, ‘learn Chinese’.
    I would also add that as of recently, states are allowing ‘ILLEGALS’ to vote on everything other than National elections, President Trump was/is not wrong. It’s only a matter of time until more laws are relaxed.
    Like you, I am against loading up the country with people of low skill or no skills. In the event that we do go back to manufacturing, we will need educated workers. Keep in mind. Working at fast food emporiums is not meant to be a career profession. It does not merit high wages ( $15/hr ), whereas being an auto technician or a welder does merit the larger wage package.

    1. Tony, you forgot the first rule: If you deny you are racist, that means you ARE racist. At least according to the woke.
      As it turned out in the long run, the nuns were wrong. English is more widely spoken than any other language.
      At some point, English could be replaced by Chinese, but I doubt it. It is too hard.

      1. Stu,
        I AM NOT RACIST ! He said in all caps ? BUT ! He is ULTRA MAGA !
        Back in the ’50s, English was dominate with Spanish closing in……….

  2. Americans of European decent are having fewer children compared to Hispanic and Asian Americans. The exception is the State of Utah. So it is a mathematical certainty that one or two groups will outnumber Americans of European decent. Our country needs legal immigrants to replace retiring baby boomers. The retirees depend on social security to supplement their retired lifestyle. We need as many workers as possible to pay into the SS system. Legal immigration is good for our economy. Also it would help if the new arrivals accepted our values and assimilated and thrived. Let’s hope we have a bright, free and productive future as a nation.

  3. In 2019 in New Zealand a man published a 150-page manifesto before going on a shooting spree similar to the one in Buffalo. Hitler spread the theory of Nordic men growing in numbers to rule the world. You can overhear today predicting that the phone when answered will push one for Spanish and two for English. I think we have a successful replacement theory right on the Indian reservations out west. As everyone knows we replaced them with whites almost two hundred years ago and broke 500 separate treaties with them. Today they are not allowed to own or open a business on land that we so graciously herded them onto. In its basic form replacement theory is a just an innate hate of someone who is different from us whose skin color is used as a replacement theory fear by those who cower in their ignorance.

      In all fairness, I have to question you on your ‘indian’ info.
      You mention ‘out west’. Look around. Do you see any signs pointing to lands owned by Lenni Lenape or Cherokee ? Several of the more than 375 – THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE treaties signed between the white man and the real people took away those lands ( and rights ) that belonged to those tribes and nations.
      Mis-fact #2. ( jokingly ) The tribes got back at all of you invaders ! They opened casinos and constantly take your money ! Truth be told. Indians can and do own business, although on most res ( as we call ), there is no money to be made.
      Just to ( ha ! ) make myself more aware, I did google this topic. Don’t believe everything that you read on google.

      1. Tony, thanks for the correction on the number of Indian treaties. My number was from a former discussion on all treaties, both Indian and around the world. As to the Casino business, they have taken their profits and provided a yearly amount to all the members of their specific tribe. But the scourge of the Casino money is the sad result that their kids are unemployed, alcoholics, school dropouts but each drives a Mercedes.

        1. Tom,
          Have you been to a res ? The east coast ghettos are far superior to those further west. A glimpse of a res is on ‘Yellystone’. Only dif, most don’t have electric. Many don’t have wells. Single wide POS.
          The Indian is a proud people. They have been held down for hundreds of years. Never mind ‘ a foot on the neck’. The whole body was held down in mud. That’s almost every tribe. The east coast tribes for the most part didn’t have broken treaties. The white man just took EVERYTHIG ! Many of the tribes were almost wiped out by whites killing off the tribes. ( This is why I try to bite my tongue when somebody starts talking racial injustice ). The indian was considered something lower than human. A negro slave was more valuable than an indian.
          I’ll stop here while I still have some control.

  4. Those 60-million-plus aborted children since Roe v. Wade… I wonder how the statistics would look if they had not been killed.

  5. 1)White people are diminishing as the majority because the officials they vote for out of fear that others will benefit from family-friendly policies make it impossible/undesirable for them to be able to afford to have children.
    A dramatically decreased birth rate in the U.S. and deplorable conditions in Latin America and other places combine to accelerate the shrinking of the white majority. If white people voted for people who made it affordable to live off the careers their parents could afford to thrive on (teaching, family restaurant, civil service, public transit) many things would be better.
    2)Heroin and fentanyl have devastated white families with astonishing speed and continues to do so virtually unabated.
    3)SOME people cheer the fact that eventually there won’t be a white majority because the idea is finally the demographic that legally suppressed the rights, opportunities, liberties and literal lives of minorities for three centuries will be less able to do that. You ended your column by saying you would never be allowed to get away with saying that about another race. Saying that about another race would be apples and oranges.

    1. Most of your comment agrees whites are declining. That’s a fact and it doesn’t scare me.
      Your close, about how I (whites) ought to be held guilty for things that happened before our birth is nonsense.
      If you judge people by their color, YOU are a racist.
      (Good to hear from you, Yvonne.)

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