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  1. the chairman of the dimocrat party has us on a one way trip to hell .


  2. I’ll sugarcoat the following: Our nation is too far down the road to perdition to turn things around. The Golden Age for the USA began following WWII and began to end with Vietnam and all the silly-ass, stupid wars we’ve gotten involved in since. Plus, we owe our financial soul to China, and when that country calls in the chits, we will collapse like a sandcastle at high tide.

    1. Vince, I agree with you to a point. I believe the Golden Age for the USA started to end when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

      1. You may recall, it was JFK that got us started down the slide to perdition when he involved us in Vietnam. (Odd coincidence: I was discharged from the Air Force on the day JFK was assassinated.)

          1. Stu,
            thanks for almost repeating me.
            President Eisenhower sent in ‘military advisors’ to South Vietnam. At the same time, radar stations (?) started popping up throughout Southeast Asia. Back then, my brother-in-law ( #1 wife ) was the senior civilian at the Arsenal. He turned down many of invitations to vacation in southeast asia.

          2. I stand corrected. I do remember Kennedy and SecDef Macnamara (sp?) expanding the presence. That I am sure of as I was ‘offered’ the opportunity by the AF to take a promotion and go back to language school to learn Vietnamese. ‘No thanks,’ I said. And the rest is history.

  3. A computer is driving the bus. Automation took over Bus & Truck driving jobs. It’s an electric bus and the bridge was constructed by a massive 3D printer. All the occupants are smoked up on legal marijuana. Automated Computers don’t have common sense. I call the automated operator equality.

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