Philly school district goes racist

The Philadelphia Sixers are adding three women — including two lesbians, and four white men — including two paraplegics, to its 18-person roster, said owner and managing partner Josh Harris in a news conference this afternoon.

Sabriya Jubilee, School District’s director of mumbo-jumbo

“These changes are being made in the interest of diversity, inclusion and equity,” said the super-woke owner. “For its entire history, the NBA has been ablest, misogynistic, homophobic, and for the last 50 years racist, making it almost impossible for white people to be hired.”

Harris admitted the changes may affect the Sixers chances of winning a championship.

“To tell the truth, with this roster we have no a small chance of winning a championship, but as we haven’t won a title since 1983, we really aren’t sacrificing much,” he said. 

“We believe our fan base will be delighted with this decision, which we are copying from the Philadelphia School District, hiring not the best and brightest, but the Politically Correct.”


In actual, if unbelievable, news, the Philadelphia School District on Wednesday announced it wasn’t happy being an embarrassing shithole with a few stellar schools.

It wants to get rid of the few stellar schools to create the equity of unanimous shitholedness.

PSD calls it equity, the Inquirer reports. I call it what is actually is — lowering of standards, the academic equivalent of participation trophies.

Instead of rigorous entrance exams to elite schools such as Masterman and Central, there will be a lottery, giving the most stupid, lazy, and uninspired students, an undeserved equal shot along with the most hard-working and intelligent.

The results are easily predictable, at least to those who may have attended elite Philadelphia schools. The result is not democracy, but moronacy. It is the desth knell of quality. Should the choice boil down to quality or diversity, quality should prevail.

I wrote about this subject once before, when the froot loops who run San Francisco schools decided that merit-based entrance to elite schools was (can you guess?) racist! 

I guess it was racist because homophobic did not fit. S.F. is not the only place that believes merit is racist. Or that the most qualified person should get the job.

As I wrote at the time, “In New York City, dimwit Mayor Bill de Blasio decided the entrance exam to top-rated Stuyvesant High School must be racist. Coincidentally(?), he latched onto this idea after his Black son couldn’t get in.”

Since his son wasn’t smart enough to pass the exam, rather than get his kid a tutor, the super-entitled emperor de Blasio yelled racism! and tried to get rid of the test.

But how racist was Stuyvesant — full disclosure, my alma mater — when it is crawling with yellow Asian kids? (Lucy Liu, another alum. We were not classmates, alas.)

There were so many Asians, de Blasio was sure there must be something wrong.

So dimwit de Blasio would create “equity” and “diversity” by admitting students who can’t pass the entrance exam, mostly people of color, disregarding that Asians are themselves POC. I guess yellow is too close to white.

So that was crazy San Francisco and whacky Noo Yawk.

But now it has arrived in Philly.

As I wrote in July, here’s what happens when you get what amounts to open admissions: “1- The under-qualified students fall by the wayside, fail, and eventually drop out or get thrown out.

“2- Worse, the demands for excellence are reduced, watering them down to the lowest common denominator. That assures that what was once a superior school gets ‘equalized’ to a mediocre school, which is bad for the students and bad for America. What kind of a nation volunteers to dumb itself down?

“I speak from experience. In 1955, I entered Stuyvesant High School, which was then about 60% Jewish. Today, it is about 60% Asian. These teenagers are among the smartest in America, the ones who will keep us competitive in science and technology.

“The school was elite then, and it is elite now — concentrating on the sciences. It was a source of pride to the city, and no one was complaining about the race or religion of the superior students, who earned their admission. Families bragged when their kids were admitted.”

[As racist as it was, Barack Obama’s  Attorney General Eric Holder is a proud graduate of Stuyvesant. He is Black.] 

Stuyvesant was so strong in the sciences that I didn’t do well. I mean, look what I wound up doing for a living. 😀

One point in the Inquirer story mentions, but does not quite say, that some parents managed to shoehorn their unqualified students into the schools.

That should be easy to stop.

And if “some” zip codes are under-represented, maybe the idiotic school district ought to concentrate on improving those schools, so students will learn and be qualified to compete.

“As a district, we have made a commitment to being an anti-racist organization,” said Sabriya Jubilee, the district’s director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a title that did ‘t exist 10 years ago and should not exist today. “We recognize that there will be people who are uncomfortable,” she said with massive understatement. 

The worst thing to do is punish qualified students for their race, or their “zip code.”

Because that is real racism.

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  1. Not surprised. We have an incompetent administration running the country hiring on diversity and not
    experience and intelligence. Why shouldn’t the other democratic administrations follow suit.

  2. I laugh at this stupidity just based on an article where Chinese students being offered large salaries by China to return overwhelmingly stay in America because in China it is merit-based and who you know versus America where the environment is educationally challenging. We are 29th in standing in science. As Thomas Sowell has preached about the lowering of our student test scores In math and English that there is a critical need for Charter Schools but the Teachers Union and the politicians who need their votes are fighting Charter schools trying to take over buildings where public schools have closed. We continue to lower standards across the board to seek numbers that really represent inequality and lower job performance in the name of equity.

    What a far foul cry from days of yorn. NOT ! Back in the ’60s, Philly’s high schools were pushing kids through the system. The more fortunate students may have had a better education, if they could get in the better H.S.. The rest, not so much. Problem; teachers/unions and the city crying about money, or lack of.
    Catholic and other parochial schools were holding their own. There were signs of oncoming problems with money and curriculum. The teachers were unionized but not radical. Underpaid for sure, but not radical. They were so underpaid, that come June, the laymen were on their summer jobs. Quite a few drove trucks for the soda plants in the cities. They made more on the truck than they did in the class.
    Sorry to say. We have fallen into the trap of charter schools. Don’t get me wrong. The schools are a win-win. The teachers want to teach and the students want to learn. The city and the teachers’ union don’t want them. I’m against the idea that we save a 100 in a charter school and and lose the other 900 in the public school.
    There was a time when America was a leader in education. Not any more.

  4. The last remaining “students” will exit the system furthering the fall down the rabbit hole for the rest of the system. You can call it racism it is like socialism of the eduction system equalizing the students at a lower level.

  5. Tucker Carlson recently lamented that it’s a struggle for us, the media, keeping up with the rapidly changing news cycle. He went on to say how he can’t even imagine what it is like for the average joe. I thought, exactly!  Personally I don’t try  anymore. It’s obvious to me since the BLM/ANTIFA riots that we’re in the midst of radical change. I’ve heard the saying, paraphrasing, “change comes slowly, then all at once.” It seems to me the “slow” part has always been happening and the “all at once” is now. 

  6. Why does the PSD need a director of diversity, equity, and inclusion? The percentage of black kids is already nearly 50%, reflecting the city’s population.

  7. I cannot recall a time when the Philadelphia School District was not in crisis. And as the number of school children diminished over the years, the budgets kept increasing — and it seems there was NEVER a time when there wasn’t going to be a shortfall in the amount of money needed to run the schools. If the Philadelphia School District were a business, the entire management of same would have to be fired for incompetence. And now the spear into the heart of the finer public schools: the cry for ‘fairness’ to the students who are slower, lazier, or incapable of learning above their level of incompetence.
    My suggestion? Take the lazy and incompetent students and run them for City Council, where they will find fellow travelers.

  8. The following subject matter is about CRT. It’s from last night. I don’t know if CRT is part of the curriculum in Philly, but I’m certain it will be. And I agree with this lady.

    This is a summary:
    Quisha King was speaking on a panel for the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Virginia on Thursday night. She is a mother and activist from Jacksonville, Florida, who regularly speaks out against CRT in schools. She said it had become so pervasive in public schools across the country that the only way to stop it was to pull kids out of classrooms. King said the final straw is AG Merrick Garland’s warning to parents that they may face FBI investigation and prosecution for protesting woke agendas. The order came from Garland in an FBI memo earlier this week and it stunned and horrified parents across America. King said that CRT teaches kids that America is intrinsically racist when it is not. She said teachers no longer bother to teach math or science and instead want to turn kids into ‘mini Marxists’.

    1. The Justice Department order does NOT target protests against woke curricular. It specifically targets threats of violence.
      Complaining at school boards is not a threat of violence. But complaints can become threats and that is NOT acceptable.

      1. I agree about threats, but to me it’s also a signal “Don’t mess with our bread and butter.”

  9. No place to put this so I am posting it here. I am reading more and more about parents AND children being harassed because of them wearing masks.

    While I am reasonably sure no one here would do such a thing, especally screaming an young children, I want to say if anyone here knows of such people you might want to tell them if they get decide to harass any children in my family they better be ready to have the sht beat out of them. If it means going to jail so be it. While they have the right to protest they do not have the right to get into the face of my family, especally young children, and scream at them.

      1. Stu, while I completely disagree with what Waters did to Burgess Owens I must add if there is a requirement that says masks must be worn then Owens should have worn a mask. If there is no requirement then even thought I feel he should wear one he does not have to.

        1. I am referring to her urging through a bullhorn that her unhinged followers confront and yell at any members of the Trump Administration in public places.

          1. I am sorry Stu. Since I posted about the ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ assholes yelling threats and other things at people wearing masks I thought that was what you were talking about Waters doing.

  10. When I went to Central (235th class),Masterman was a middle school. In 10th grade we had an influx of Masterman students.

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