Open letter to Sen. Fetterman

Dear Lurch Sen. Fetterman:

As someone who supported your campaign for the U.S. Senate,  even with your brain sprain, I think I have the right to ask you to grow the hell up and dress appropriately for the occasion.

Who is wrong in this picture?
I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Yes, I know the hoodie and baggy shorts send a message. The message is not that you are a gang banger, but that you are a Man of the People.

Except not many Pennsylvanians dress like that. The ones who do are often looting WaWas.

I mean, how you dress in your office is one thing, but doing the peoples’ business in public dressed like a shlub? 

To quote President Joe Biden: C’mon, man.

Believe or not, a lot of right wing nuts Republicans asked me during the campaign if you would dress like that in the Senate.

I told them, of course not. You dressed all business-like when you were in the Pennsylvania Senate as lieutenant governor. (I did not add you often dressed like a slob for the parole board.)

The picture above speaks very loudly about how stupid you look, and that just gives ammunition to your enemies, who say you can’t dress right because you can’t think right.

It may not be fair, but politics ain’t bean bag, as someone once said.

Your image is set. Time to grow up.

P.S.: I asked your staff a long time ago where you got the suits you wear in the Senate. Off the rack? Union label? Custom made? Inquiring minds want to know.

30 thoughts on “Open letter to Sen. Fetterman”

  1. Oh, he’s totally a bespoke suit kinda guy. Actually, in a suit, he’d be routinely addressed as “the Defendant”…

  2. Have you noticed over the years how Fetterman has been a one-hit wonder in virtually every major post he has held. Being mayor of Braddock doesn’t count for much (0.66 sq miles) in the grand scheme of things. In this size town, you can get away with wearing what you want (the schlub look) for as long as you want on a daily basis. If he keeps this up, as you have noted above, this will be his next big one-hit wonder position.

  3. I think Fetterman should go all the way and wear brightly colored shorts, red, green, orange.
    Go for it man!

  4. As a shorts and sweatshirt-wearing member of society, I do not represent a WaWa looter. That being said I also dress for the occasion. Are we sure he is fit (mentally) for the job? Has his wife and kids returned from their vacation in Canada yet? Did Johnny Boy even know they were gone?

    1. See, these questions are enabled by the fashion choice he makes. (I also wear sweat shirts, but not hoodies, and not to formal settings)

  5. Fetterman, the slob, is what the people deserve — they voted for him. BTW, I’m a Republican and NOT a ‘right-wing nut.’)

  6. Stu,
    When Uncle Fester was campaign for the Senate I asked a Democrat worker why the hoodie and was told Unkie has a large growth on his neck which makes it hard for him to wear a button down shirt and suit.
    Keep up the good work,
    Steve Bykof (Bekoff)

    1. The back of neck fat roll has been discussed, but that doesn’t explain the baggy shorts. Nah, it’s his statement, like the tattoos.

  7. Agree on all points, suggest stop the name calling and personal insults, others use these to fight back for him.

    PA is the laughing stock of the country. Who elected him? Well I now know it was the author, our friends, family members and neighbors who can’t put principles ahead of personality. This is our country that is going down the drain because of people who don’t think things thru vote on what they see and hear from whatever news they watch. Uniformed and can’t see only hate. Take a look at ALL the big cities steady downward decline. Understand this is where the country is going unless we turn this around. Time for Fetterman to resign for the good of the country. Hold a special election and replace him and other impaired decision and law makers in the House and Senate. We’ll have to wait for 2024 to decide on a new Commander in Chief

    1. FYI, PA is not “the laughing stock of the nation.” You are thinking of Floriduh, or maybe Texas. Also, the country is not “going down” as you suggest. This is what the GOP would like you to believe, and apparently you are buying into it. All evidence suggests this is the same country it has always been for the most part. The murder rate is higher in red states, however, but that has always been the case. Feel free to look it up. Might wanna stop with the gloom and doom and bring a little positivity into your life. You’ll be a happier person.

        1. That orange-skinned bastard IS deranged. And you along with the rest of the maggot crowd.are too dumb to see it.

          1. No war in Ukraine like we have had with your hero biden. We are dumb and you are a real Fumb Duck.

      1. I understand. I feel that way about the other side’s woke agenda and have said many times that I’d vote for a baboon over “fill in the Democrat’s name.”

  8. Somebody should take him to Goodwill and at least get him a leisure suit, the guy looks like a Rube

    1. Stu

      Do you remember I asked you how to edit a post.

      I took your suggestion but I couldn’t. I was going to Get rid of the post I dsid under a different name.

      Please eliminate that post for me.

      I’m just a dumb statistician. Editing that post is above my grade level

      As a statistian I don’t believe polls. The pollsters are paid by the party wanting the poll. If you come up with something dramatically different than what they want you don’t get more work from them.

  9. You get what your vote paid for, Stu. He disrespected voters during the campaign, why change now? Fuzzy thinking matters.

    1. As President Mumbles says, consider the alternative, not the Almighty.
      I would vote for Lurch again rather than an election denier.
      If you are a denier, there are two options: 1- You are too dumb to recognize the truth, 2- You are too much of a liar to admit it.

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