‘No one is above the law,’ say Dems, but it’s not true

Democrat after Democrat at the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing said, with great solemnity, “No one is above the law.”

No one except illegal immigrants, they meant.

The Democratic Party is the party of Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Cities = Open Borders. If you refuse to deport anyone, and you accommodate illegals, you have dismantled your borders.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A related case: New Jersey is controlled by Democrats.  Multi-millionaire Gov. Phil Murphy, a graduate of the politically potent Goldman Sachs investment firm, just signed a bill permitting “undocumented residents” [that means illegals] to be able to get driver’s licenses, which they had not been able to get because they are, well, illegal and people here illegally are not usually granted benefits. 

Until lately. 

This heart-tugging account on NJ.com describes the problems some illegals have in getting to their jobs. What it neglects to say is that illegals are barred from working in this country. It also doesn’t say that some number of them operate cars anyway, breaking another law as they drive to the jobs they should not have, which many obtained using false Social Security numbers, which breaks another law, but, really, who’s counting? 

No one is above the law?

Legal immigrants are allowed to work and can get a driver’s license. The new law affects no legal residents. Illegal enablers and the media pretend legal and illegal are the same. They are not. 

The story also reports that the driver’s licenses will help other people, such as the elderly, veterans, ex-cons and trans people, whose problems could have been resolved without opening the door to illegal behavior. 

The bill requires proof of name, age and residency in New Jersey to get a license,

In NorthJersey.com, Murphy was quoted as saying the bill “is a simple recognition that our immigrant communities, each of you, are a vital part of our state and our economy.” 

Here’s my edited version of what he should have said: The bill “is a simple recognition that our illegal immigrant communities, each of you, are a vital part of our state and our economy, when you bother to pay payroll taxes.

He went on to admit “many immigrant residents are already behind the wheel” — an astonishing admission that the state knows they are breaking the law and the response is to . . . change the law.

No one is above the law?

If we are going to change the law to accommodate automotive lawbreakers, what happens when they start robbing banks, because they need money? Change that law, too?

The simple-minded Murphy said “you haven’t been asking for special treatment.”

But of course they have. They have been demanding that the law be changed for them, for the rest of us to accept their notion that when they arrive here illegally they should be treated the same as those who stupidly followed the rules, waited their turn and paid the fees required to secure a green card. 

Some of this is hard to believe. 

In a published account, an illegal supposedly on her way to a community meeting with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was stopped by police who impounded her car. She was driving without a license and insurance.

Her punishment? 

“We made arrangements for her to get her car released and have someone who’s a licensed driver pick up the car,” Kenney said. “Her car is now insured and registered, and her car is legal and it is out of custody.”

Is this the Democrats idea of no one is above the law? 

22 thoughts on “‘No one is above the law,’ say Dems, but it’s not true”

  1. In this season of hope I count on you to punch down. I understand that you’re retired and now get your news from Fox and shouting the window. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy reading your posts and wonder if the Spirits of Christmas visit you annually.
    Merry Christmas Stu,
    Wishing you good health for the coming year.

    1. If you follow the links I provided, not one was from Fox. Stupid (liberal) comment — when you don’t have facts to present.
      Is it your opinion Fox endorses law enforcement while MSNBC and CNN endorse law breaking?
      If so, count on four more years of Trump because the majority of Americans still believe that, yes, no one is above the law.
      Merry Christmas and I wish an awakening on you.

  2. Stu – as usual, you are right on the money on this topic. This new law disrespects those immigrants who followed the law by applying for citizenship and received it. No wonder Trump has so many supporters on this topic and won’t abandon him and listen to all of his rhetoric.

  3. You make some irrefutable points, Stu, as usual.
    Not in the Xmas spirit? Bah humbug! Neither are the impeachment proceedings in the Xmas spirit, or Trump’s blatant lies and his vicious attacks on the Democrats, etc.
    I empathize with the millions upon millions who have been dislocated by war, economic downturns, global warming, and so forth. The US might extend assistance to such refugees, but we must not be coerced into rewriting our laws.
    No one is above the law.

  4. This is just part of the Dems hallowed tradition of voter fraud….letting illegals stay, and now get DL makes it easier for them to illegally vote. I have been warning Reps for 40 plus years that they need to get wise to voter fraud with the Dems, Gov Tom Wolf fought to keep it from being found out, but the AP reported that 11,000 illlegals were on the voter rolls here in PA. This is how Dems have always won elections when the chips were down for them. Before it was ghost voting, now its illegals voting. My grandfather was a Dem ward leader (39th ward) in the 60s, I know how they operate.

    This is a great topic for sitting around the old pot belly stove, smoking a cigar, while toasting with bourbon !
    The latest immigration total is 18,000 legal applicants, signed into law this past November. Why so few ? Read the replys above . From both sides of the argument, there is fact and folly. If you are opposed, as I, then you already know the damage that has been done by ILLEGAL workers. Sure, they fill a void. Sure, they’re getting screwed. Sure, the illegal life they have here is better than the existence they have back in their home country. (I’ve seen a lot, i know a lot)
    Those that are in favor spout the same poor, invalid argument. FACT : We send(still) monies to many countries for various reasons. BIGGER FACT ! Much of that monies somehow manages to disappear !?! Think Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. It is so very true, that if the home countries were in better standing, then there would be less reason to leave home seeking a better life.
    In my travels, I found that to immigrate to many countries, you basically have to be invited. Except for hardship, etc, you can’t just move to where ever. In my case, #1 wife would have taken a job transfer. I would be permitted entry because of said wife. Didn’t matter my skills. They were not in demand in that particular country, so, neither was I. That is pretty much the law today.
    In the good ole USA, it’s “all about the Benjamins, baby” ! Come on in !

  6. on a more serious note. Christmas eve, 1914. A truce was called on the western front. Both sides embraced the Christmas spirit and laid down their arms that night and Christmas Day . Humanity won that day in an ugly atmosphere.

  7. Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said that any member of Congress voting to impeach President Trump without a finding of guilt for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors “is violating their oath of office and abusing their power.”

  8. Here is the government’s dirty little secret about illegal immigrants: Illegal immigrants pay INTO social security but will never draw money OUT OF social security. Ergo, any SS payments made by illegal immigrants goes into a ‘dead pool’ that the government now can use for whatever purposes it wants.

    A subset to the Dirty Little Secret is: it is against the law to ask a job applicant for his/her SS number until AFTER he/she is hired. Then, and only then can the employer check with the SS Agency to learn if the hiree is, indeed, legal. By then the illegal is working and paying into SS, which leads back to…see paragraph one (above).

    1. I have never seen figures on % paying into SS versus being paid under the table.
      Thanks for info on not being able to ask for SS in advance.
      Employers knowingly hiring illegals should be jailed. That would end hiring.

      1. Maybe this will answer the question:

        Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. Illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year into Social Security.

        1. Sorry — 50 to 75 is way too broad AND adding “local taxes” in, like sales tax on purchases? This is way too vague.
          I have NEVER made an economic case because I have seen decent research showing them to be a plus or a minus. My position is based on the law — they are breaking it. I do not care if it “helps” the

          1. Agreed. One might make the case that a thief robs a bank, then spends the money. Ergo, the thief is helping the economy.

      2. Pallie,
        When you apply for a job that requires a security check, everything is done before you are hired. (I think the I-9 form came into use in the ’80s)
        I think that back in the ’80s, if you knowingly hired illegals, you were finded the first time. Second time was much more serious. Obviously, if you were paying under the table, you were in BIG s**t !

        1. I remember calling SS to check on the SS numbers given to me by obvious illegals. The SS apparatchik told me “If you haven’t hired them, we can’t release any information on the legality of their SS numbers.” That’s when I first realized the government has ZERO interest in solving the illegal-hiring problem.

  9. Take it from the beginning does the illegal immigrant come here for a new beginning and chance to earn a proper living. Once here do they take advantage of all the entitlement programs, driving privileges, schooling and safe sanctuary from arrest and any other possible asset to make a new life in America. We have found over time that when you allow small crimes to go unpunished it leads to greater crimes. When you fail to insist that new arrivals learn our history, Constitution, Bill of Rights and other critical lessons relative to assimilation then you have not encouraged an immigrant but a lawbreaker who is aware that every step they take, every benefit they obtain, every free educational benefit they enjoy is a criminal offense supported by well-meaning American citizens who also conspire to ignore federal law. In fact, many of your shortcuts are unavailable to legal residents who may have come here legally from your same community and struggle to succeed without breaking the law. I fully support legal immigration and welcome all who enter the same way my family did and encourage the states to accept more of them. But to break any law is to ignore the process of changing the law and that is one step toward Anarchy.

  10. still HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
    Gee, what a fun topic ! KISS ( keep it short, stupid)
    Simply put, you are either a legal immigrant or illegal immigrant . No more excuses. No more rhetoric . If you did not come through the front door, you are not welcome .

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