No, ‘no cop zone’ in Philly

No reporter can ever cover every angle of a story, even when they know them.

When I wrote a few days ago about the homeless encampment at 22nd and the Parkway,  I missed something important, something brought to me by a Facebook friend.

Homeless camp on the Parkway (Photo: Stu Bykofsky)

First, an update. As far as I know there is some jabber between the protestors and the city, but nothing much has changed, least of all the demands of Occupy PHA, which is a lead organization for the homeless.

As I indicated last week, some of the “demands” (which should be called “requests”) are reasonable.

Others — such as being allowed to open encampments anywhere they want — are nonstarters. Along with the “demand” that wherever they set up, no cops be allowed.

My response to that was “N-O,” and I ran a photo of their “No Cop Zone” cardboard sign.

What I didn’t realize at the time, and what was brought to my attention, was that cardboard sign covered up this sign:

Van Colln Memorial Field. So who was Van Colln?

Sergeant Frank Von Colln, 43, was assassinated in 1970 while talking on the phone in the Cobbs Creek guard house at 63rd & Catherine Sts.

He was shot five times and killed by members of a radical black group. He had just dispatched two of his officers to investigate the wounding of another officer who had been shot by members of the same group. Two other officers were shot and wounded within the same 24-hour period. It seemed like open season on police.

Five suspects were eventually apprehended. All five were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Von Colln had a son and a daughter who became police officers.

So that cardboard sign is vandalism, and worse, disrespects the sacrifice of a Philadelphia police officer.

Mayor Jim Kenney or Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw should give the order to rip it down, reclaim the Von Colln sign, and establish authority at that site.

A disgrace, the cardboard sign spits in the face of the Von Colln family and every other police officer.

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    You are right ! Get the cameras, get everybody ! Kenny should make a short speech, indicating the significance, then mockery concerning that sign.
    “We will not negotiate under threat . We will listen to reasonable demands. We will not allow you or anyone else to disrupt our city.” should be the heart of the mayor’s short speech.

      1. This should actually be done only by the Mayor of Philadelphia. Why I say this is because Commissioner Outlaw has not been in the City long enough, not as a disrespect but a Courtesy. Mayor Kenney should not pass the buck.

        1. DEBBIE MARCHAK says:
          June 22, 2020 at 6:49 pm
          This should actually be done only by the Mayor of Philadelphia. Why I say this is because Commissioner Outlaw has not been in the City long enough, not as a disrespect but a Courtesy. Mayor Kenney should not pass the buck

      2. My Father (Sgt Frank R Von Colln) was a devoted husband, father and police officer. He was ambushed and murdered while protecting the citizens of this city. The night he was shot to death he saved the children playing in the park from eminent danger and as a result of his efforts the children were unharmed. While I understand their cause and their right to protest it does not give them the right to deface my father’s memorial sign….it is heart wrenching. He was the kind of man who would stand with them and not against them. I ask that they take down the cardboard that is covering his memorial sign.

        1. Mr. van Collin,
          I can’t imagine, growing up in a house, where a parent is Taken. My heart goes out to the families of those that gave their all.

    1. The mayor has no backbone. He’s waiting for orders from headquarters.

    2. If only the people of Philly would stop voting in Pandering Democrats that only care about votes and criminals. What a shame that these politicians put agenda before the safety of their citizens. All cities rioting are run by Democrats, is this what you want? Shitholes to live in.

      1. Voting Democrat is like repeating the same mistake over and over, each time expecting a different result. That is also the definition of insanity.

  2. Watching Democrat-run cities descend into a maelstrom of chaos…have to admit a bit of schadenfreude here that was a long time coming.🤭

    Keep voting blue no matter who!

  3. So if it’s a no cop zone, what would happen if real citizens went in and took back control of the area?

    1. Brian,
      In Kenny’s mind (?), you would be a vigilante.
      Let’s take back the government, by voting out all of these incompetent leeches.
      Let’s take Stu’s advice, and reclaim these old schools, etc.

      1. By the time we vote them out our city will be destroyed. And remember those that are on the get out of jail free card are not going to vote them out.

        1. then you rebuild. the allies flattened europe to rid the world of tyranny. it was rebuilt. we can do no worse, but we have to do better.

    2. On God they would send in the national guard to stop them. Kenny is a disgrace you haven’t heard a thing from outlaw, all she’s worried about is having internal affairs investigate it’s officers using tear gas on some protesters.

  4. This is an absolute disgrace! Where has Mayor Stand Down been? Hiding out with Wolf? Not 1 leader do the people have. They sit and collect a pay check, but won’t do anything about this mess! Grow a set and put an end to this BS!!

    1. let me help you here, and make it worse .
      DROP ! the average council person will probably draw about $300 -$400,000,00
      Pension ! One of the best was Anna Verna. DROP – +$586,000.00, Pension – $ 130,000.00
      Bennies FORGETABOUTIT!

    1. “The best argument against democracy is to spend 10 minutes with the average voter.” — Churchill
      (I believe he was commenting on the political situation in Philadelphia.)

  5. No leadership, Mayor afraid of 20 year old basement dwellers…Homeless should get a job, get off of drugs.Watch video ” Seattle is dying.”informs us that homeless are mostly drug addicts. Hard work wins..

    1. Addiction isn’t something one can just quit without help and being really ready to give up and get sober. It isn’t easy. It is a disease and we have a horrific opioid problem in Philadelphia. We have an open air heroin market. Kenney will do nothing. There aren’t enough shelters or rehabs and most places are refusing to take people bc of the corona virus.

  6. As
    Mr. Rogers stated “Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood.”
    Chicago-102 shot including a 3 yr. old. Most shooters are teenagers. Where are the fathers on fathers day?
    Seattle-second man shot in Happy Garden area controlled by Anarchists police and fire refused entrance to help.
    North Carolina-nine shot-two dead-five hit by cars. Just a three-day party.
    Philadelphia-Parkway encampment-We are not sure what we want and cant choose a leader but we do know we don’t want the police. Mayor on scene. Not
    Could there be a pattern across the country of groups of rabble-rousers who are uneducated, never disciplined, deny history, and are supported by balless politicians and a media with a socialist agenda. Mr. Rodgers would be afraid to leave his house.


  8. Now if that were a white persona name behind that cardboard you better believe there would be a ruckus raised and it would be down. Trying to get Kenny to do anything right for the PPD is just like talking to a brick wall he cares nothing about our men and women in blue . The only thing he knows is how to bough down to BLM and ANTIFA COWARD

  9. I like Vince’s quote by Churchill, “average voter.’ They barely have the time to follow politics ( we do or we wouldn’t be here). A glance at the front page bold print catches the eye….no need to read further. The Evening News on 3, 6, or 10…pretty faces reading “in depth news coverage” off a teleprompter.
    And don’t forget CNN and MSNBC spin their lies, if the average working couple has the time.
    They (Media)are the product of the Marxism being taught for over two generations in college. And I ask ‘Fair and Balanced’ FNC, why? No one else is.

    What we have is a media so bent on deception because of hatred for a president, and a political system so mired in corruption for fear of being exposed. Now…. anarchy violently sweeping across our great country. It’s time to pick a side! No more, ‘he’s so unpresidential’. The handwriting is on the wall….the cops are up against it, Trump’s been between a rock and a hard place since the beginning, and now the blood is in the streets Just because you live outside the cities doesn’t mean your safe. It’s time to pick a side. No Joke!

  10. Mr. van Collin,
    I can’t imagine, growing up in a house, where a parent is Taken. My heart goes out to the families of those that gave their all.

    and the good news is……….drum roll, please……………………..
    Mayor Jenny “summer of love” Durkan has started negotiating with the anarchists of HOAZ, CHOP, whatever Seattle’s new name will be. Does any liberal mayor or governor realize the damage that was/is done to these cities will be a lasting monument to their collective stupidity . that’s really a rhetorical statement. The blame will go to our President.
    Speaking of which ! A statute was found ( 2003, I believe ) that makes damage or destruction to a Veterans’ Monument a Federal Offense ! The President signed an Executive Order to start enforcing same !
    Now, can we find one for the rest of the monuments ? Please?

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