NATO to Putin: Go F yourself

In addition to proving to be amazing warriors, Ukrainians are demonstrating a grim sense of humor.

They just released this stamp, signifying the Ukrainian soldiers’ response to a Russian warship’s demand they surrender.

“Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”

By an accident of timing, on Friday it was learned the Ukranians had sunk the Moskva, Russia’s flagship in the Black Sea.

This is a huge embarrassment to Vladimir Putin, whose ground forces have been getting their asses kicked by the smaller, but more mobile, Ukrainian army. First land, now sea.

No wonder Putin is now “warning” the West to stop arming Ukraine. “Unpredictable consequences,” he is saying. 

He is sabre rattling nuclear weapons — again.

Now is when the West — meaning NATO — should take its lead from the Ukrainian soldiers and say, “Russian leader, go fuck yourself.”

NATO has no obligation to defend Ukraine because it is not a member.

In the same way a citizen has no obligation to break up a rape, but it should be done, even if there is some risk.

There is some risk in confronting Putin. Is it an acceptable risk, or is it better to let him crush Ukraine, if he can?

President Joe Biden, and others, fear a direct confrontation with Russia could ignite World War III.

The West has been hesitant, allowing Putin to control the narrative. 

Short of sending troops, if the West sent everything else, what would Putin do?

It would not be World War III.

It would be Russia versus the rest of the world. Outside of Belarus, who would send troops to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

It would be Russia versus the West.

The West should be afraid?

I asked once before if Putin would actually deploy nukes, and would the Russian military let him do it — knowing it would bring retaliation from the West, and destroy Russia.

Russia should die to save face for Putin?

Yes, I know most of his top military members are cronies, but they can recognize an end game when they see it.

German generals tried killing Hitler, who was an even greater threat than Putin, who now has outlived his usefulness.

We are approaching a moment of moral clarity.

The West allowed Putin to seize Crimea in 2014, and that was not enough. In 2008, he invaded Georgia. That was not enough.

It is time for the West to tell Putin — enough!

You are the aggressor and we will oppose you by whatever means are necessary.

Save yourself by withdrawing from Ukraine.


Do not threaten us. We are done with that.

10 thoughts on “NATO to Putin: Go F yourself”

  1. Stu, I have been saying for quite awhile that puken and those who agree with him should get fucked and mean it more and more as time passes.

    I do not care who you are. Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, White, Black, etc. If you are siding with puken GET FUCKED! If you do not like being told that, I want to add I do not give a damn that you do not like it. I again say GET FUCKED!

  2. Stu, let me add that I truly believe there are some people here who side with puken but those people are pussy bitches who are too afraid to admit it here.

  3. The moment of clarity can’t arrive quick enough. Hopefully someone close to Putin, his military leaders the Russian secret police or an oligarch will pressure him to end this war. Otherwise escalation of war can lead to WWIII. I hope that can be prevented.

    1. Aloysius M. I too hope WWIII can be prevented. I, however do not believe anythng, or anybody can pressure puken to end the war short of someone killing him. If that does happen I hope it would be done by one of his close associates who grows tired of pukens folly. If it is done by another country that could also lead to WWIII

  4. Stu, I agree with everything you said.

    Then make sure we never let aggressors like him go unchallenged like we have in the past.

    I’ll say what many have said or think…it didn’t happened with Trump.

    We need to stand strong in the face of bullies like Putin.

    “You can stand me up a the gates of hell, but I won’t back down,” bellowed Johnny Cash to a Tom Petty song. And it sure must be hell to the Ukrainians.

  5. Old men make the decisions and the young and innocent die for it.
    He does however need to be stopped. If not he will continue to keep taking. Putin should have been stopped years ago.. I bet China will think twice about annexation after this

  6. still HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
    pallie, et al,
    Most of the bloggers here are past middle age. I’m sure that they all diversify in work, education, income and everything else. Real or imagined, my pallie and your Stu has brought us all together. Ninety Nine percent of the time, we are cordial to each other. Every so often, somebody gets a bug up their keister and goes off on a tear. Then we all settle back down.
    Me. I’m not reserved and rarely quite. Some times I have a good memory and then, other times…..not so much.
    Without being a historian, I do remember that during and after the second World War, there were those that wanted to crush Russia. Chalk one up for that minority. They saw what I have learned over the years – and in several moments, witnessed. Politics mostly from here, but with the help of other peoples allowed Russia to become who and what they are. Reliable Phrase: “It’s all about the money”.
    Now, we pay for our sins. Do we fold up and hide or do we take the stand that should have been taken many years ago ? Do we continue to let politics, big business, greed and general distaste for America dictate our policies to the world ?
    Putin is no more the problem than Xi in China or Jung-Un in North Korea. Or any other dictator in the world. They are just like our spoiled little babies at home – only with bigger toys. We don’t let the spoiled kids rule us nor should we do likewise with those that wish to destroy us and the free world.
    It would be really refreshing to get rid of ALL of the politicians and elect some Statesmen/women who care for OUR country.

  7. The Russians have been in my head as bad guys for as long as I can remember. What is it that is in the Russian gene pool that makes them such pains in the ass to the rest of the world?

  8. This is a trial of good versus evil. The civilized world needs to stand up against tyranny or lose our freedoms forever.

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