Merry Christmas?

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house the elves were saying, “Stu, you have to comment, don’t be a louse.”

Stopped me from going into my wine cave, right there.

So here I am, using a Thomas Kinkade painting that could not deChristianize the holiday any more effectively.

Mickey and Minnie for Christmas. Really?

I thought about religious art, but a lot of it is creepy and some other art is really creepy.

Really creepy

I looked through the large Christmas collection by American master Norman Rockwell. His alas, was too perfect and, as they say, not diverse. So out he went as I put Sounds of the Season on the satellite music channel. Oh — “Rudolph” is playing. Next, U2’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home.”) Can’t match Mariah Carey.

If you are waiting to hear “Ave Maria,” try going to church. (No, really — try going to church. Some of you need it. You know who you are.)

I can’t go to church. Well, I can but I’d be trespassing.

Did you send Christmas cards? I do, but each year the list gets shorter. Two reasons — some people decided to die, while others decided to not send me a card. Now, that raises the question of why anyone sends cards. Do we send them to make ourselves feel good, or to make someone else feel good?

For me, it is to make someone else feel good — but don’t they want me to feel good? What about their holiday spirit, huh?

Where was I?

Christmas — right.

What can I say that won’t be a cliche or all Hallmarky?

I know! This is all about friends and family. No one’s said that before, right?

Try this: When you see them, pretend you have not seen them in 10 years or pretend — this can be grim — you will never see them again. Because that is possible.

Then say, “Merry Christmas.”

And that is the spirit in which I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa. Because we might never meet again.

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?”

  1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!! (AKA Christmas Eve)
    Yo Pallie !
    It’s been awhile since we have been together, in person, eating, drinking, shooting the breeze, and all of that stuff.
    We send cards at Christmas time, mostly because it’s a tradition, and in this particular instance, it’s to let some one special know that he’s being thought of(as a friend) and missed. As I say to people in our predicament. “Live as long as you want. Be healthy in body and mind. AND get them for every cent that you can, ’cause you deserve it !”

  2. You can’t go wrong treating everything like “it’s for the last time.” And for me, it’s about appreciation and using each moment to further kindness. As to cards, I’m getting less inclined to mail them due to postage costs, the time it takes away from really fun things to do. I tell everyone “I’m going green,” Hahaha! I had reach out to my Favorite Irascible with Merry Christmas love!

  3. When I was young I always wanted to be a bit older ( I bet we all have. Yes? Maybe?) Now that I am, it’s getting old!
    Except (I’m about to get a little mushy)
    for the last 3,4 months blogging with you all thanks to Stu. Feeling a bit Christmasy since then with each new blog is similar to Christmas morn as a child (another gift).
    Merry Whatever to you and your
    love one’s!!

  4. One hassle with being the product of a “sort of” interfaith family as I am, is that we have to celebrate both holidays. Fun as a kid, too much work as an adult! (Clarification: I’m Jewish, my dad was Jewish by birth, my mom Jewish by conversion, but her family remained Catholic, so….) And before any nosy Jews ask, yes, my mom had a proper Orthodox conversion, in 1944.

  5. Thanks for all of your hard work and columns which try to keep us grounded (even those who think bike lanes on major arteries through Philadelphia are a good idea). Hope you and yours have a great holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year!

  6. Stu – what do you mean “We might never meet again?” You created this list server, and now it’s on you to keep it going – so we can all keep meeting you again. So take that, Hanukkah elf! I’ll light candle #3 with you in mind tonight.

  7. You are right. Christmas cards get shorter every year. I think people should send them because the spirit of the season. I think of people who have died and touched us. I miss my neighbor who passed away.

  8. Vas der nacht before Chrostmas, und all through der housen,
    Nuttin’ vas stirrin’, not even a mousen.
    Der kinder was hung by der chimney mit care,
    Two by der nose und two by der hair.

  9. To all those who must work to make our Holiday safe my best wishes to them and their families for the Holidays. And to you Mr. Bykofsky have a great respite from being Devils advocate to all who tread on the great things we cherish. Shabbat Shalom.

  10. Good morning, Stu. It is Christmas morning following my wife’s and my attending a beautiful church service at midnight. I give thanks to God for the gift of life, for granting me yet one more Christmas… and for knowing you. May God continue to shower His blessings on you and yours.

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