Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Really? With Omicron raging, backing up Delta, with homicides exploding, authoritarianism gaining ground here and there, our racial crisis still unresolved, with its parallel effect — woke notions that merit and math are racist.

Yes, even with that.

Not for families who have lost a loved one, but that is true every year, and some war years have been much, much worse. Not to go all historical on you, but this is when the Nazis made their last effort in the Battle of the Bulge breakthrough that killed thousands of Americans. 

What are the pluses for Christmas 2021?

Our volunteer warriors are not under direct attack anywhere, although they stand ready.

Given that it has caught haymaker after haymaker for two years, our economy is relatively strong. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Wages paid by many large companies are increasing. As the virus mutates, so do our scientists with new vaccines and pills. 

Millions are able to work from home, and many will continue to do that after everything settles down. (That may not be a 100% win, but people will have options.)

We are a deeply divided nation, but that is better than being united in a wrong cause.

Yes, inflation is a concern, but that will eventually increase the interest rates that will benefit people who save. So there is even a silver lining to inflation.

I don’t want to get into politics here, because if I did I would offend both sides. I am a middelist, who rejects the extreme ideas of both Left and Right. I was not happy with Donald J. Trump, and I am not happy with Joe Biden. I was happy for the safe and customary transfer of power that contradicted the hysterics who doubted The Donald would leave the Oval Office. 

His role in January 6 is murky, and I do not convict without evidence.

Several whites with guns, including police officers, have been convicted of killing Blacks, which ought to quiet BLM some, or at least offer them food for thought that, no, America is not as systemically racist and white supremacist as they claimed.

The facts speak louder than their protest posters.

Does that mean there is no racism left in the American character?

Of course not.

No nation is without its haters. 

The mark of a good nation is the steps it takes to keep the haters in a corner, where they can make noise, but not affect outcomes.

And America is a good nation.

As I was finishing this, a staffer who works in my building told me he wished a resident “Merry Christmas,” and she replied with an edge in her voice, “I’m Jewish.”

So am I, and so was Jesus. It takes a particular kind of harpy to hiss when receiving a well-intended greeting from another.

Because America is a nation that observes Christmas as a federal holiday, a national holiday, it is as inclusive as it can be.

In America, Christmas is for everyone — Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist.

Merry Christmas to all, and my hopes for a happier New Year.

17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?”

  1. Hey Stu…that’s a beautiful piece man. Felt like you were in my mind…writing my thoughts…so Happy, Merry and blessed, pal. Keep up the inspiration and common sense. It’s just what’s needed today and everyday- Dean

  2. Excellent, as always. Our condo building was probably 99% Jewish and we wanted a nice, neutral festive look so every year decorated the lobby with poinsettias. We all agreed that it would be a lovely, non offensive, non religious way to decorate, except for one couple who took great umbrage to the plants — year after year after year. Some people are just unhappy and negative. Have a lovely holiday season and a hopeful New Year. I’m hoping for better times ahead.

  3. What a very fair and honest assessment! We are so fortunate to live in this great nation. We,(I) sometimes forget our history. Our goal should be to pass the torch, like those before us did, not extinguish it. I believe that these divided times will too pass. And it’s writings like yours, Stu that assure me of just that.
    Merry Christmas!! to you and your love ones.

    Always the ‘Eternal Optimist’.
    For those like me, optimist but Leary, we worry just how much blood has to be spilled before the ‘woke’ actually wake up . How many more broken bones, dead bodies, alienated families will there be. As of this morning, per, 479 Officers have been killed this year in the line of duty. Open season on our brothers and sisters in blue. When will this country come back to middle ground ?
    Still, we are optimistic. We have to be. I have never run away from a worthy fight and this is THEE BIGGEST ! We will persevere. This country, the United States of America is too good to fail. There are just too many good people capable of taking the stand to unite us.
    Hopefully, this season of peace and love will help awaken the pubic and give the politiicans the correct course of unity.

  5. Stu, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and “Thanks” for keeping it real as a “ middelist”…. like me!

    The FB quarantine is a boom to the readers!


  6. Merry Christmas. And best wishes for a Happy HEALTHY and prosperous New Year.
    From another Jew who believes Christmas is mostly a non-religious Holiday that brings fun, joy, and happiness to many.

  7. Your fervent, respectful readers make the Holidays seem so nice and peaceful with a hopeful look at 2022. How I wish your posters were the majority of the split country, frozen Congress, weak and infective leadership. I do believe that hidden from sight is a silent minority bent on restoring order and common sense and respect for our values and a peaceful way of life. But we must continue to be diligent as you are in keeping a voice of honest Journalism while calling out the fallacies and ignorance of a misinformed group of progressives. I believe there is a group of silent Americans who are slowly raising their voice for civility and realistic law and order where criminals pay an immediate price for acts against society. We have been too silent watching the ignorant, the demagogues, and cowardly leaders retreat from the virtues of foritude, courage, and standing for what is right and not capitulation to pusillanimous progressives. I believe in 2022 we will need more Bykovskys to lead with the proper words to deliver the message of what our country should be and not a land of the almost free. You are breath of fresh air in a country where smoke and mirrors have destroyed innovation and profiles in courage. I join with your other supporters in taking whatever steps are needed to stabilize and return our country to common sense, respect, and civility. My compliments and support for a voice of reason so badly needed in the upcoming year. Happy New Year Stu.

    1. Thank you for that, and, by my birthday, I am In what was called the Silent Generation.
      I don’t believe we were very silent. We just waited until we had something worthwhile to say.

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