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As usual, the required explanation:

What gets posted here is something that makes me laugh. I don’t care if it is Right, I don’t care if it is Left, I don’t care if it is not Politically Correct. In fact, I prefer that it not be.

This one made me, laugh, that’s all.

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    1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
      one very is sufficient. You’re gonna give pallie a bigger head than he already has…………..
      There will be no liv’n’ with the man…………..
      speaking of chickens. From the ancient archives of Port Richmond, “what’s a henway?”….”about a pound!”

  1. Saw this last year. And it’s still great! Thanks for posting Stu. And that reminds me – while in mixed company (well, not for the last 6 months, anyway), if the topic of vegetarianism comes up, I’ll usually announce:

    “BTW, I’ve just joined PETA.” And after I get the funny stares, I then continue: “That stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.”

    Sometimes it goes over well, other times not so much (LOL).

  2. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu & readers,

    I am reminded of the old story of “The Emperor’s New Cloths.”

    Though the emperor is dressed in the finest new “political correctness,” and many are doubtlessly much impressed, even the children see right through and laugh.

    H.G. Callaway

      1. Philadelphia, PA

        Dear Clark,

        Its a sorry commentary and sign of the times, if everything is reduced to party loyalty and calculations of ideological advantage. Of course, the party-people always tend to encourage this. It better serves their interests.

        On the other hand, the good citizen will vote for the candidates who better represent the public interest.

        H.G. Callaway

        1. H.G.
          you eloquently tell us all about your comings and goings. To me, they translate that you very much follow the dimocrat philosophy. Completely different from the working, middle class, which supports you.
          Because I am a realist, I see things quite different than you.
          Me. what have you done to make our country and the world a better place to live, which will
          continue on through generations.
          you. what have you done for me lately.
          Having said that, then your argument holds no validity whatsoever.
          Enjoy your Labor Day,

      1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!
        you can’t mean that. tasty animals eating people.
        you must be LION !


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