Mayor Weathervane surrenders to the mob

Once again Jim Kenney, Mayor Weathervane, has spun around and around and come out pointing the wrong way, in support of the howling mob.

South Philadelphians guard Columbus statue. (Photo: CBS Philly)

We know there is a controversy around Christopher Columbus and there are strong opinions on both sides. That’s why I proposed putting Columbus on trial, with a prosecutor and a defense counsel, and letting Philadelphia voters decide the fate of the statue. It is public property, and public art, why shouldn’t the public decide? 

Fearful of the controversy, Kenney on June 15 announced a “public process to consider the future” of the statue.

He mentioned the pros and cons of the Italian explorer sailing for Spain.

“Surely, the totality of this history must be accounted for when considering whether to maintain a monument to this person. Given that many are now calling for the removal of the statue, and others believe it should remain, I have directed the Art Commission to review the statue, its location, and its appropriateness in a public park. We are committed to listening to all points of view and moving forward in the best way to heal our deep divides.” ( Italics added) 

Listening to “all points of view” lasted as long as a moth.

Several days later Kenney announced the statue would be moved, contradicting what he said a few days earlier, with little worry about being called on it by the major media. He gave this reason:

“In recent weeks, clashes between individuals who support the statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Plaza and those who are distressed by its existence have deteriorated—creating a concerning public safety situation that cannot be allowed to continue.”

He also described neighbors — some armed — who came out to protect the statue from vandals as “vigilantes,” even though any “clashes” were fomented by the statue’s critics.

Within the pro-Columbus group were some thugs who put hands on protestors. They deserve prosecution. The overwhelming majority of neighbors, however, were there to protect the statue from destruction as they had seen happen in communities across the country. Before Mayor Weathervane moved out of South Philly, he would have been with them. 

They were not vigilantes. They were protecting the statue — public property — from vigilantes. Mayor McWoke got it exactly backwards.

By citing a “public safety situation,” Kenney created a form of what’s called a heckler’s veto — abject surrender to the side that threatens to create violence and disorder if they don’t get their way. Antifa and their radical allies call the tune and our spineless mayor dances to it. 

What could be worse for democracy?

It was not Kenney’s first experience as a weathervane.

You may recall his ceaseless spinning when it came to the Frank Rizzo statue — a statue he was in favor of after he had proposed renaming the Municipal Services Building after the late police commissioner and mayor. Funds for the statue were raised privately, led by prominent Democrats such as Mayor Ed Rendell and D.A. Lynne Abraham. All of whom were prominent racists, of course. 

With self-righteous radicals periodically defacing the statue, Kenney at first said he would let the Art Commission decide if it would stay or go. Then he reversed himself, saying he had decided to move the statue, the commission would get to say where. Surprise! It got removed in the middle of the night, with no public hearing, and not a peep from the Art Commission castrato’s.

A cattle stampede shows more thoughtful leadership than Kenney, who is terrified of being perceived as out of step with the latest grievances.

When faced with demands of radicals and the super woke, Kenney always shows his favorite color:


17 thoughts on “Mayor Weathervane surrenders to the mob”

    1. Who is the ‘Vince’ to whom you refer? Just curious as I do not recognize the reference.

      1. Vince Fumo, one of Philly’s corrupt politicians who actually ended up in prison, where he longed. He is out now.

  1. Another great read Stu, is there any way we can get a sit down with that thing who calls himself a mayor with a few of your readers and you as moderator for a Q&A that would be great

    1. Sit-down. Definition: A criminal meeting; a mob peace conference.

      You really want a sit down?

  2. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu & readers,

    I’m inclined to think that the Mayor is simply following the lead of the (Clintonite) establishment of the national Democratic party which is fearful of appearing moderate while the leftward music of the demonstrations plays out. I suppose that they would like to see the unrest and discord in the country do in the Republicans, before making their major decisions.

    Watch for Biden’s choice of a VP running-mate. I notice that bank-regulator Warren appears to be still in the running. Alternatively, she’s mentioned as a possible Secretary of the Treasury.

    I noticed that Princeton has removed the name of President Woodrow Wilson from its school of public policy. (Wilson was President of Princeton at one point and one of Princeton’s very own presidents.)

    Is it just a matter of Wilson’s racial attitudes or is this also a shift away from more aggressive “Wilsonian internationalism”? = War to make the world “safe for democracy”?

    H.G. Callaway

    1. You mean Elizabeth Warren known by her Indian name as Chief Spreading Bull great great great great grandaughter of Chief Sitting Bull.

      1. Philadelphia, PA

        Dear Charles & readers,

        Yes, you can make fun of her forays into political correctness, but there is still the little matter of “better and worse” among possible VPs. On the (Clintonite) dominance of big finance in the economy, she knows what she is talking about.

        If Biden is elected in November, he is certainly old enough to be a single-term president; and we might just get another “accidental president” thereafter. That’s an argument against the more radical alternatives.

        H.G. Callaway

  3. Stew I would love to see an interview with da Lynn Abraham’s and see what her thoughts are on the situation is going on today.

  4. “We sit by and watch the barbarian. We tolerate him in the long stretches of peace, we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond, and on these faces there are no smiles.”
    –Hillaire Belloc

    I see that we have quite a few philosophers, accompanied with astute politicos.
    We are all aware that the dimocrat puppets are having their strings yanked by all powerful forces in the universe. Once again, rhetorically, I ask when are the average Americans going to wake up? We all know what’s wrong, but other than the vote, no one has offered a repair for this humongous atrocity. Do we all just put our heads in the sand ? Do we bend over and kiss our butts good-bye?
    I’m out here in Chester County, trying to motivate sleeping republicans, to take back the county AND the commonwealth. President Trump didn’t realize how infected the “swamp” is. I can say the same for Chester County. The people were so complacent and sure of them selves, that the democrats just waltzed right in and took over.
    BOY ! Do we need help !

  6. I didn’t truly understand what the swamp was until I seen it mobilized after Trump won. Like sleeper cells the media, overtly anti law politicians, and armies of brainwashed university student minions have launched an all out assault on our values and democratic system. In the coming months I fear their attacks will only become more emboldened as city leaders capitulate to the mob.

  7. Mayor Weathervane.
    HAHAHAHA. I might like that better than mine. Mayor McDrunky, based on all of the times I’ve seen him in North Wildwood, hammered.

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