Mayor Adams: Can Philly help relieve your migrant mess?

Open letter to New York City Mayor Eric Adams:

Dear Mayor Adams:

Are you enjoying life in the Dumpster?

New York Mayor Eric Adams has his hands full of migrants (Photo: New York Magazine)
By Dumpster, I mean the catastrophic invasion of your city, thanks to your virtue-signaling Sanctuary status. I wrote about your self-inflicted progressive dilemma just the other day.

Sanctuary seemed like a good idea at the time — when in the 1980s Mayor Ed Koch implemented it  — so that illegals (not so many, then) would not be afraid to report crimes to police. Koch, hardly a progressive, also allowed them to enroll their kids in public schools and get medical care without fear of being deported.

It was intended as a humanitarian gesture, and it spread like a virus to other Democrat-run cities, like Philadelphia, which might help you out  — stay tuned. But Sanctuary came festooned with unintended consequences. 

I mean, who could have imagined that sheltering people here illegally would attract more people here illegally?

Well, actually, anyone with a brain, or a smattering of knowledge of human nature. The result was predictable and inevitable. When undocumented people from around the world saw a green light — they came. And their record numbers swamped our ability to even process them. We need order at our border, and that requires a red light to illegals.

Mayor, let me give you an analogy, ripped from the headlines, as they say: When your D.A. stopped prosecuting shoplifters, you got more shoplifters. Predictable.

You’re following this, right? You have a massive shoplifting problem.

In fact, in May — better late than never — you announced a “comprehensive plan” to combat retail theft in the nation’s largest city. Here’s part of what you said: “We’re going to beat back on retail theft through a combination of law enforcement, prevention, and intervention.”

Enforcement, prevention, intervention. Brings back memories of when you were a cop, right? It’s a formula less complicated than plotting the DNA sequence of Angora goats. 

How about applying the same tactics to resolve the migrant problem?

Ah, but here’s where the issue gets tricky, Mayor. Back in Koch’s time, garden variety illegals got here by sneaking across the border, or by overstaying a visa. They played cat and mouse with authorities.

The majority of today’s massive number of migrants walk right up to the cat — Customs and Border Patrol — and claim asylum status. 

The reality is the vast majority of them do not qualify for asylum — which is restricted to victims of political, religious, ethnic or other persecution by the state. Asylum sadly is not granted to those fleeing poverty, drought, hunger or criminal gangs. Those seeking asylum know they are not eligible, but choose to game the system. They hope to get intothe U.S. to await their hearing, which can be years away. And in those years, they can vanish, to live in the shadows. But they are here, by exercising a fraudulent claim.

Under President Donald J. Trump, they had to wait in Mexico for their hearing. He also ended catch and release, the self-defeating policy that freed intercepted border jumpers to continue into our country.. 

Under President Joe Biden, they were admitted into the U.S., and their numbers exploded. See the chart

Even before his election, Biden had made promises that his policies would be “humane,” and he would welcome immigrants. Mr. Mayor, he should have said legal immigrants, but he was so busy virtue signaling, he forgot to do that. Illegals started showing up at the border actually  wearing T-shirts asking Biden to let them in. It’s clear they were getting them from Open Border types in the U.S.

Well, Mr. Mayor, that was embarrassing and Biden had to grab a mic and say, no, cancel that. Don’t come here.

When illegal crossings reached record numbers, Biden was forced to adopt some of Trump’s policies, and told migrants to download an app to apply for asylum from where they were, and if they showed up without documents, they would be sent back.

And they were. Numbers dropped, but still the illegals come, not in record numbers, but still in big numbers.

Mr. Mayor, you have filled Midtown hotels at a cost of billions to taxpayers, and still they come.

You tried sending them to suburban communities, which said, Don’t even think of it.

You have spent $50,000 so far to send them to Florida, Texas, and China, for God’s sake, like you are some kind of a migratory travel agent.

Here’s a better idea — send them to a nearby Sanctuary City: Philadelphia!

I’m sure current nitwit Mayor Jim Kenney would love it, but he’ll be gone in January. And he can’t wait to be gone, as you may have heard.

The next, and 100th,  mayor will be either Republican David Oh, or Democrat Cherelle Parker.

Would either of them be willing to put out the welcome mat for your overflow?

Mayor Adams, I decided to help you out and ask them.


Asked if he would welcome New York’s overflow, Oh said, “No.”

I invited him to take as much space as he wanted, but he wanted to keep it simple and direct. Oh says no. In an earlier interview, when I asked about Philly being a Sanctuary City, Oh said he would not take action against the law-abiding illegals already here, but he would cooperate with the feds to find and deport the criminals among them. That was the city’s policy before Michael Nutter got stampeded into noncooperation by the Open Borders types.

As usual, Parker chose to not respond to questions from someone who has been a professional journalist in Philadelphia longer than she has been in elected office. Maybe she can’t talk because of all that mysterious dental surgery.

Mayor Adams, if you want a hand from Philly, better light a candle for Parker. But if she will actually bust our budget to fill our hotels with illegals, that’s an open question.

19 thoughts on “Mayor Adams: Can Philly help relieve your migrant mess?”

  1. Stu,
    1. Yes, that “dental surgery” story must be verified before the election. Simply come clean, if there is another story. We are understanding and forgiving in Philadelphia. However, do we really want a mayor elected without disclosure of issues, whatever they are?

    2. Voters I know, hope a coalition of the “financial manager candidates,” Rebecca, Brown and Domb will cobble together to run for mayor in November, somehow, someway. Please!

    We most urgently need a mayor who can manage each department in our city responsibly, efficiently and brilliantly. Is any department managed that way now?

    When our fiscal house is in order, then Philadelphia can be generous and humane for the social services also required. Without fiscal responsibility, maturity and wisdom at the top level, we could so easily spiral down into chaos, crime, and thousands of residents fleeing our city, as the irresponsible, immature and unwise, delusional, too, mayors of SF, Chicago, Portland and NYC have done to ruin their own cities.


    1. There has been a rash of “medical” excuses without explanation, such as the female Philly cop, and the N.J. Lt. Gov. The problem is medical privacy that makes it almost impossible for reporyers to find out.
      As to fiscal managers combining to run… not gonna happen.
      We took a big step toward financial sanity by rejecting Helen Gym. Next, Working Family party Council candidates must lose.

      1. We took a big,big step toward PERSONAL sanity by rejecting Helen Gym! Thank you, Jesus! That broad is seriously insane! No exaggeration intended, whatsoever. She belongs in handcuffs, a strait-jacket, and a locked, chained chest, just as they used to do with Harry Houdini.

      2. Right on target about the backward Working Party thinking that destroys cities.

        Recall that our single, and should be our last forever, WFP member in Council wanted to Tax the Wazoo off our wealthy families”?
        How very clever of her.

        Never a thought nor a care that the wealthy would move across the City Line to the burbs with their wealth and their large part of our city’s tax revenue. What a terrific strategy from the Working Party.

        Why not instead propose making our tax structure so thoughtful and our public schools so excellent that many more wealthy families move to Philadelphia bringing new wealth and new tax revenue?

        Was it other Working Party Council members and their similarly backward Bizarro World policies that destroyed SF, Chicago, Portland and NYC?

        1. Jamie Gunther and Kenda Brooks are both supported by the WFP, Kenda was in Chicago stomping for the new mayor when she should of been here for a budget vote
          The WFP intends to run a candidate to bust out the remaining Republicans

  2. Once again you praise Trump’s immigration policies without a mention of the cruel separation policy. COMPLICIT!

    1. “Miz Brownstein: thank you for your recent donation of your brain to science. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate it. Please advise. Cordially, etc. etc.”

    2. Dear Naomi Trafficking at the border is real, there are more families separated now than under Trump, do your homework. In fiscal year 2021, a record 122,000 children were taken into U.S. custody without their parents. The border is OVERWHELMED! Trumps policy of waiting in Mexico till their hearing WORKED and kept those families together. People sell their children in other countries also to traffickers

  3. As usual spot on on every point. If you stop punishing for a crime then that crime will increase. It is basic “physics”. During the pandemic we paid people not to work. Guess what, nobody wants to work, and since they are not working, they would like someone else to pay their student loans.

  4. New York STATE is a Sanctuary State, Those counties pushing back have an overlord who will prevent them for putting up road blocks, as for me I think we waited to long to get out of this decaying city, NJ isn’t an option they are also a Sanctuary State. Like they say *hit flows downstream

  5. That little light in the tunnel coming towards Philadephia is actually a trainwreck coming from NYC. Adams is the engineer and Parker is clearing the way, Maybe it ‘s time for a little OH No! People need to Vote for that though, so I guess it’s time to put out the Unwelcome mat and prepare for the worse.

    1. The dancing mayor is not going to put out an Unwelcome mat, and that train is coming faster than anyone thinks

  6. Most immigrants at our border aren’t Mexicans. According to RFK jr., they’re from: “. . Peru, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China and elsewhere . . . Border Patrol agents in the sector have encountered migrants from 117 nations in the last few years.”
    One way to stop immigrants, legal or not, is to stop crippling sanctions and embargoes on their home countries, stop killing union leaders for Chiquita Banana, stop instigating coups/assassinations when central and south Americans dare to elect a left-of-center leader (Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Nicaragua). Just recently in Peru we were compliant in the overthrow of a democratically elected leftist.
    There were Reagan’s Contras (right-wing death squads) in El Salvador when the farmers wanted land reform. They flee to our border and with typical American initiative, they formed the MS-13 gang.
    Obama’s State-Secretary Hillary supported the 2009 Honduras coup after they elected a leftist. As soon as (an always obedient to foreign investors) right-winger was installed, indigenous-rights’ and ecological (anti dam-building) advocates were murdered. Consequently, Hondurans would flee to OUR borders.
    We keep interfering in Haiti. They wanted to increase their minimum wage from $4.67 to 12.47 per day. But the U.S. (Hillary, once again) made sure that that motion was blocked in the Haitian legislature.
    Obama put sanctions on Venezuela calling it a “security threat.” Trump added more sanctions in addition to his failed Bay-Of-Piglets invasion. Biden has allowed the sanctions to continue. Many at our border are now Venezuelans.
    We’ve had sanctions/embargoes on Cuba since 1962 making their living conditions difficult. They get automatic American citizenship when they arrive here – and steal American jobs – though business owners (more likely to be Republicans) really don’t have much of a problem with legal/illegal, cheap labor.

    1. Bill, most of what you said is political claptrap.
      Let me fact check your final statement, Cubans DO NOT get automatic citizenship. They can get a green card in some cases, not citizenship.
      The bipartisan Cuban Adjustment Act, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 2, 1966, granted work authorization permits and lawful permanent residency (green card status) to any Cuban native or citizen who settled in the United States for at least one year.

      1. We create our own problems. There’d be fewer immigrants at our borders if we didn’t interfere, forcing our will onto weaker countries around the world.

        1. Truly simplistic progressive thinking. Blame America first.
          To immigrants, America IS the shining city on the hill. I ask only they respect our laws and come here legally.

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