Life imitates art?

CNN host S.E. Cupp has just copped to high anxiety as she comments on the news of the world.
This is her reality, but she mimics a character in my new novel, Press Card, that was just released.

Go to the sample chapter

The sample chapter on the website concerns a Philadelphia anchor who thinks he causes the news to happen. You can read the chapter, and order the book on the website.

1 thought on “Life imitates art?”

    Yo Pallie !!!
    YOU HAVE ARRIVED ! Back in the day when a person did a good thing, there would be a grandstand, a speech from the Mayor, and if you really did good, a parade.
    Today, you Stu, are shaking the rotten apples from the trees. You are locating the rat’s nests and telling the world. You are being justly rewarded. You, my friend, are being slandered. You are being electronically shut down. You are defragging your column of all of today’s nonsense.
    Yes my friend. You have been recognized by the ‘dark side’. They continue to try and shut you down, but you won’t hear of it ! We are all for the better because of your honesty, wit and wisdom.
    Fight on, pallie !

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