Let’s end the confirmation farce

Is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson “soft on crime”?

Probably more so than I.

So what?

Sen. Graham pestering Judge Jackson

She is unquestionably qualified, but on the second day of grilling,  she showed the slightest bit of exasperation when Sen. Ted Cruz asked if she still drowned kittens.

To be fair, that was balanced when Sen. Richard Blumenthal asked her if she gets puckered skin on her feet when she walks on water.

Sen. Josh Hawley wanted to know if she adopted teenage pornographers to bring home to play “pictures” with her two daughters, while Sen. Mazie Hirono asked her — because she asks everyone (except Joe Biden) if they ever had harassed an employee.

Sen. Lindsey Graham also was porn-obsessed, and seemed to blame Jackson because his favorite judge didn’t get the nomination. 

It reminded me that no force on earth has the power of a dumb idea. 

Jackson was calm, dignified, lovely — and did you hear her proclaiming her love for America, the only place, as Barack Obama said, where such a story is possible?

Shouldn’t Republicans be over the moon? She sounds like them!

Ah, but politics has transformed Senate confirmation hearings from a dignified search for truth to a carnival of grandstanding, featuring a center-ring dog and pony show. Or donkey and elephant show.

We should end the farce where everyone on the judiciary  committee gets to preen and bloviate.

Remember the fun impeachment show trials? (For those with poor memories, that was Bill Clinton before Donald J. Trump.)

A handful of Honorables were selected to question the victim president.

I’d suggest something similar here. Let the Dems and Republicans each select a single interrogator  and get the process concluded in a single day.

I noticed a number of media commentators opine about the “grueling” sessions. I doubt if they have ever worked on a truck or in a warehouse. I have done both, and the warehouse was long before Amazon. In my warehouse I was the robot walking up and down long aisles selecting products.

A surgeon leading a team performing a heart transplant, that’s grueling.

The hearing reminded me of a deposition, and I had one of those not long ago.

Your attorney throws you a slow-pitch softball, while the opposing attorney pegs fastballs at your head.

It was tough for Jackon in at least one way.

As a judge, she is accustomed to asking questions, not answering them.

Ever been in court?

They say a ship’s captain is the last unquestioned dictator left on earth. 

No. They have officers who can mutiny.

Put someone in a black robe, and their power is unchecked.

Until their decisions are appealed, anyway.

So for more than two days, Judge Jackson had to sit through a “job interview” we all know she will get.

And should.

She is qualified, and elections have consequences. 

And in case you weren’t around for it, I said the same thing about Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, when Democrats ran the Inquisition, and Republicans complained of unfairness and bias.

Like I said, we could use a new system.

15 thoughts on “Let’s end the confirmation farce”

  1. Stu, your assessment is right on the money. She needs to be confirmed now.
    As far as the asinine questions you mentioned, well those are the type of questions, and comments, which ASSES make.

  2. I listened with total exasperation to some of the sideshow that passed for a confirmation hearing. The senators all made complete asses of themselves, asking stupid questions and then not listening to the answers. They have no shame, nor any respect for the American people in demonstrating their adolescent self-abasement. Do they even know how absurd they looked and sounded? Do they care?

    1. Wanda, you really answered your own questions. By seeing the fact that they have no shame proves they do not care about anyone or anything except themselves.

  3. Did anyone here see the speech made by NJ Senator Cory Booker? I listened to it and thought it was a breath of fresh air.

    1. I am referring to the speech he made during the third day of hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday.

    well Stu,
    Here we go again. Ringling Brothers etc has been replaced by the professional politicians ! Does anyone remember when we had statesmen ?
    There has been thorough investigations into the life of Judge Jackson. Has anyone here ever been ‘cleared’ for secret clearance or above ? The feds go door to door in your neighborhood(s), asking everyone about everything you ever did – or thought about doing. I guess, in my case, there was a lot of sympathy in my direction. “Give the kid a chance” was probably the phrase of the day. My point is this. Ketanji Brown Jackson was checked out long before her first seating on the bench. Every Senator on this committee should have volumes of material to read on Judge Jackson. More than likely, an aid flipped through the files and summarized the lady. If that’s not bad enough, a group of questions were probably passed around to the Senators. Ask her her shoe size. Find out where she vacations. All of these very important questions should be asked and valid answers should be heard. WHAT A DISGRACE !
    A nominee for a federal judge position, is well qualified in legal aspects. That person may not be recognized by either party because of the politics. When speaking of an Associate to the U.S. Supreme Court, the judicial committee should be looking at the most qualified and experienced legal minds that this country can put forth. Never mind the circus acts.

  5. I liked the way they did it in New England many years ago: strap the nominee in a chair and dunk him/her. If they don’t drown, they get the job. If they drown, get another nominee. Makes as much sense as the silliness of the present system.

  6. I didn’t watch the hearings- thank you, caught some of the news and opinion- same old, but like what you’ve written, especially your suggestion of one from each side. I bet they don’t change next time!

  7. As long as the proceedings are televised these “actors” will keep having these hearings.

  8. Theatre as reality TV direct to you from DC. Spot on assessment Stu. These mopes make Lady Liberty weep. By the way (BTW for you hipsters) I’m stealing the dumb idea line.

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