Krasner’s victory was underwhelming

Pardon me while I scratch an itch.

With D.A. Larry Krasner under fire from a state committee, I keep reading or hearing he was “overwhelmingly re-elected” last year.

Larry Krasner. Not exactly the peoples’ choice. (Photo: CBS News)

I am underwhelmed. 

Here’s why: Turn ‘em Loose Larry did beat Republican opponent Chuck Peruto by 113,308 to 50,582, more than 2-1.

Impressive, but less so in a city in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by 7-1.

So while Peruto colorfully remarked that he got his ass kicked, he actually killed the point spread, getting a far larger percentage of the vote than the stats would have suggested.

But, yes, he still lost.

But was Krasner the overwhelming people’s favorite?

He got 113,308 votes out of slightly more than  1 million registered voters. The turnout in 2021, according to the city’s count, was a meager 23%. That means Krasner got about 13% of the vote of registered Philadelphians.

Yes, he won.

But “overwhelming”?

Not in my book. 

26 thoughts on “Krasner’s victory was underwhelming”

  1. well I know one voter.Proud to vote for Krasner with an absent ballot from her Canadian college.Why would you vote for Ramos?Because of the out of control crime I responded.Her hauntingly smug smack down was that this was something that would never affect me in my neighborhood.True there hasn’t been a crime committed in WestPhilly in about 40 years(save for that library book Mrs.Murphy still hasn’t returned).Since she is my friends daughter I had to grit my teeth.

  2. How can you be so anti-Krasner yet support Fetterman, Stu? I just can’t reconcile that. To me they represent the same values. I understand not wanting to vote for Oz, at least just abstain instead of voting for that loser Fetterman.

    1. Perhaps Stu will vote for Fetterman because his opponent a) is a quack doctor with no political experience whatsoever; b) is not a resident of PA; c) has proven ties to an autocratic strongman in Turkey; d) supports a lying, sack of sh!t insurrectionist who states with no evidence that the 2020 election was rigged and is a Qanon believer, i.e., is insane. Just spit-balling here’ but maybe that’s it.

  3. People’s voting apathy just amazes me. In our work as volunteers we ask folks why the don’t/didn’t vote and get the answer something to the effect that they just can’t get it done or it’s inconvenient or hard. Say what????? At least here in NC they could NOT make voting any easier, between absentee, mail in, a month of early voting and multiple polling locations that are open long hours. Unfortunately these people and their laziness and indifference results in the rest of us having to live with the results.

    1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
      Hope ‘Ian’ is missing you and went out to sea.
      A million years ago, we used to have a ‘phone tree’ for all of the elections. Plenty of volunteers back then. We would drive voters to the poll if needed.
      Moving to jersey in the ’70s, same thing. Plenty of volunteers, phone trees and offers of a ride.
      Today, the ‘mail in’ should be replacing all of those antiquities. Its time has come. The seniors don’t like leaving their homes to go out in the heat – forget the cold. Mostly, people don’t want to go into questionable neighborhoods at night, regardless of age or sex.
      If you research the percentage of voters against the know eligible list, you’ll see that rarely do we get 40% of the voters on any given election. Apathy you say ? I think that you’re taking the high road.

      1. They don’t have to go into sketchy neighborhoods here. You can vote in any precinct on Election Day (not in early voting though). You can also request absentee or mail in. We have scores of volunteers. My husband and I trained 10 last week and have 15 signed up for today — and 75 total heading toward Election Day. I did say lazy and indifferent. Those are a bit stronger than apathetic. What would you suggest we call them without resorting to obscenities?

        1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
          Disinterested works. On a good election day, we are lucky to see 40% of the eligible voters do their civic duty. Everybody has the same excuses. We could assign them all numbers. e,g, #1 don’t care, #2 not interested, #3 poor choice of candidates.
          In trying to have a conversation, I often add that in any event or project or election, the more people involved, the easier it is to accomplish that task. If you don’t like the choice of candidates, get involved at the local level where your voice is heard. Had enough people spoke out and up, maybe we wouldn’t be looking at the PA senate race as the lesser of two…..
          Just to clarify for those less interested. A POLL WORKER is one who is representing the county ( of residence ). It’s non political with duties enforcing the election law, as they assist the potential voters through the process. A POLL WATCHER is one who is appointed by their candidate or party, who duty – in part – is to ‘watch’ the process and possibly question the authenticity of a particular voter.

      1. That is spot in freeze. Fetterman is not the perfect candidate but better than that quack Oz.

  4. from 0630 hrs.
    HAPPY SUNDAY Donald Duck !!!
    Yo pallie !,
    Good thing you live on top of Liberty Place, with all of this flooding, not to mention the constant lousy spins that we get in political races.
    I’m pretty sure that ‘Let ’em loose Larry’ was the odds on favorite to win. Of course, I never did check out Vegas for the point spread.
    On a brighter note. Councilman David Oh is a possible mayoral candidate. This is a steadfast guy with great credentials. A man that could bridge the party lines. An  Army Veteran that proudly served. ( Are there any other council members that are Vets ? ) Here’s hoping !
    Keep working those legs pallie. 80 flights of stairs every day .

  5. Philadelphians, on the whole, are weird; they whine and bitch about crime, then reelect the idiots turning the criminals loose. As I said, weird.

    1. They are not ‘weird’. They are mindless sheep. 90% of the population has no business casting a vote.

  6. My sincere apologies to everyone here. SO SORRY. I’d like to blame it on post-Covid brain fog, but it’s just me getting in a hurry and my husband bellowing that our walking group was outside waiting for us. I skipped a word — “pre Election Day.” NC allows voters to vote outside of their precincts during the month of early voting. On Election Day you have to vote in your own precinct. Again, sorry for any confusion. We spend two weeks on vacation in Yosemite and Sequoia and came back with COVID despite masks and quadruple vaccinations. Luckily it was not a serious case so we thank the vaccines and Paloxivid for that.

  7. Larry Krasner is a true believer that his policies are working to prevent crime. He told a news reporter that homicides are down this year compared to last year. Earlier he stated their is no relationship between violent crime and possessing and carrying an illegal gun. Being released on one’s signature for illegal gun possession is a bad idea. Everyone knows the crime situation who lives in Philadelphia. We are a ship without a rudder. We hope things will get better without confronting the problem. Violent crime is out of control. Fear of crime is causing thousands of residents to leave our city. Those who don’t or refuse to confront the individuals committing these crimes need to resign from their elected office. That includes city council, mayor and the DA (Krasner). Is there a breaking point of no return for our city. Are we the next Detroit a bankrupt and unlivable city. Drastic measures have to be taken to save our city. Let’s remove Krasner from office.

    boys and girl,
    I got to hand it to moe, larry and curlene . If nothing else, they are consistent. Maybe one day the proverbial ‘hit in the head’ will come and help those three. ( and one is a ( sic ) retried professional )
    Doctor Mehmet Cengiz Oz is anything but a quack. You should be so lucky f and h and w. A well educated man in the medical field who has a proven track record as a surgeon. He still holds dual citizenship and will renounce Turkey when elected. For the narrow minded or no mind. Oz has family in Turkey. An aging mother to say the least, which requires his presence. You forgot to mention his holdings in his motherland f.
    True, Dr. Oz is no politician. He is a Muslim and I’m glad to see that you are not attacking his religion. His wife, however, is not Muslim. She is very wealthy on her own. Maybe that’s why he can see straight and has a backbone. Congress already has medical professionals serving. There happens to be a senator who specializes in eyes. Maybe we should allow you three to kick them all out and bring in some real ( useless) professional politicians. You know. The kind that don’t care about us as they stuff their pockets.
    And as always f. You three choose not to read or believe anything that has to do with President Trump. I have said it many times before. When the control of congress changes hands this January, There will be many millions spent proving that there was in fact a conspiracy. Nothing will come of it. No one will go off to jail. The republicans will just have the bragging rights to say, “I told you so”, and nobody will care. Meaningless waste of time and money.
    Having said that. I would like to see EVERY seat won by a REPUBLICAN ! Local, State and National ! You liberal socialist commie lov’n dimocrats are determine to destroy my beloved country. Shame on all of you !


  9. The one thing no one talks about in Philadelphia is the lack of quality candidates from the Republican Party. Peruto’s run lacked any meaningful support from the Republicans and he still outperformed.

    1. Phil,
      There is a lack of quality candidates from both parties across the country.
      Who, in their right mind, would subject not only themselves to personal attacks, but your family as well. If you are of questionable character ( me ) or of some persuasion other than STRAIGHT, by the book male or female with no skeletons in your closet, then you’re a perfect object for a suicide mission. That would be running for public office. My buddy is running for State Representative for the 74th district in Chester County. 95% of the politicking is good, but the other 5% does more than make up for their numbers. And that’s both parties.
      Question. Why is the word POLITICS such a dirty word ? It was never like this in the ’60s or ’70s. Then the tide turned and the crap hit the fan. Don’t run on YOUR merits. Attack the opponent with treachery and lies.

      1. As Mr. Clark asserts, imagine the muckrakers delving into one’s personal history and making even the smallest of sins public knowledge. Every one of us who participate in this wonderful forum of Stu’s has something embarrassing in his/her history that would be shaming and destructive if aired. The stone throwers (as in “Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone”) have made themselves history’s censors. And we, the people, are paying the price.

  10. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
    boys and girls,
    sidebar: ELECTIONS
    Pa. election 2022: How to serve as a poll worker on Nov. 8
    by Kate Huangpu of Spotlight PA | Sept. 26, 2022
    Here is a timely article for those interested in the process of ‘working the polls’. Philadelphia County is different from Chester County, but if you’re interested and available, delve a little deeper.
    If you have never been involved at this level, now is the perfect time .

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